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Windwalking issues in dungeons.


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The ones that actually require air dash in particular give me the most trouble.


Fairly often one of the following will happen.


1) I will get stuck in combat and be unable to dash at all.

2) i will be dashing and clearly press space before i reach the edge, but suddenly i get warped back to the ground and then fall off the edge instead of jumping.  for most required air dashes this gets me killed (the first one in BSC you can air sprint to safety, but that's the only one that's really recoverable that way)


I suspect number 1 is caused by stance issues or people skipping enemies, but i have no idea what to do about number 2.  any tips? "jump farther from the edge" is not always an option.


to clear up, here's what's supposed to happen (bottom line is ground)

               _(glide here)

            /   ---__

          /            ----____

____ /


here's what happens instead





______/   _






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Welll what kills me is rubberbanding mostly lol.


The combat bug happens quite often in dungeons. One person gets sort of glitched and keeps everyone in combat. When that person uses escape everyone else gets out of combat instantly :P

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That glitch has happened to me so many times.  From experimenting it appears that the glitch mainly happens when you jump like exactly at the edge.  If you jump a little bit before (like 2 meters) then it most likely won't happen.....

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