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  1. @Xenosaga why do you enter every topic about server issues (even some random topic about vpn server issuse, lol) just to tell us there is another topic about this. Are you mod/cm or something?
  2. Wait, so there are people who actually want those ugly decorations to come back? O.o
  3. Same thing happens in Zaiwei, Merchant Square (west side) - Yangyang talking with Zaiwei Commoner (who is male with female voice).
  4. Iirc one of Old Man Cho quests required item from faction npc (red arrow?) and it was hidden unless you equipped faction outfit. Maybe try equipping it and check faction quests.
  5. Yes, please. Let me disable this annoying smoke/mist effect. It cause fps drops for me since naryu lab (maybe even earlier, but now I can't remember where it was). Many locations have it - basin, Shoguns Lament...
  6. Fill ticket to support, I had same situation in DKV and they gave me back quest rewards.
  7. Have you tried entering Zaiwei ruins from sky gate location (it's in moonwater plains -> brigstone occupation) or from zaiwei?
  8. It's not only example of getting one item in few different ways that cost different amounts. You can transmute three penta gems (each worth one hongmoon powder) plus four powders into one hexa gem. Or... you can get hexa gem for four powders in dragon trade. Seven powders (and transmute cost - 4,8 gold) versus four powders. You get same item but you pay almost twice the price of it using one option. Wtf?
  9. @RavTH isn't there something missing in this video? Like the part where crimsons are toxic towards you because you are cerulean? What I see now is few afk players and you complaining about crimsons. Idk what is the reason they are acting like this, but the one who is factionist in this video is you. :P
  10. Stop whining about whining already!!!
  11. Can we have option to disable that smoke/mist that shows when boss appears? It really hurts fps.
  12. I guess some dead dungeon that nobody cares about anymore with no good rewards (like tainted lab).
  13. If I remember correctly weapon you get from salvaging old hm weapon have lowered level requirements compared to weapon from wheel. And also - main qest should give you enough exp and mats without doing low level dungeons. Just ask someone to carry you in blackran axe and tomb of exiles to get weapon that will carry you for a while.
  14. Like in the title. I'm stuck with in-game timer like this: Which is pretty annoying. Earlier I was able to fix it by changing my time zone but now this setting is gone. Is it intentional or just bug?
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