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  1. From now on, they should just make events like these gear capped.
  2. iframe or not, 5 stacks from punches = instant death.
  3. That was unlimited iframes for 3 seconds.
  4. Blade Dancers party guard was never 5 hits.
  5. Believe me I am no white knight and what I suggested is helping them. If you don't want to deal with mechs then play a different game, simple as that.
  6. Go play a different game with brain dead bosses.
  7. Meh, you just have to time when to hit them which is pretty easy tbh.
  8. You must be confusing maelstrom ( f ) with guardian tempest ( z ). The z skill has 5 resist for 5 sec, maelstrom is either 2 sec iframe or 3 second party iframe depending on what you have selected.
  9. Bosses can recover hp, that's where bleed debuff comes in handy.
  10. Stage 10 to Raven 1 is the cheapest way. If you're already Stage 10 - 12, go Raven.
  11. Void frags are used for upgrading soul to a certain point, and it's also used for upgrading stage 10 weapon to raven 1 or stage 11 weapon to raven 2. But don't go stage 11, go straight to Raven 1 as it's cheaper.
  12. It's obviously not rift cause then he wouldn't hide his UI. And at the end when he enables his UI you can see that he has gear buffs which you can't get in rift.
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