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  1. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    System is working as intended. 6v6=gear fest, so best geared players get the moonstones and either craft or sell and everyone else who wants to craft has to buy. The entire point of crystals is you can't change them back ever, so that will never change.
  2. The issue is is current form it's both a mechanics AND a ping check. even with decent mechanics, if the party members aren't doing optimal DPS you fail the enrage. this double whammy is the problem. we NEVER had the difficult version of vent mechanic ever in the USA, so NO ONE knows how to do it, and i know fo no obvious cue for the timing.
  3. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    The level mechanic is ridiculously obtuse and very unforgiving. and the enrage timer is ridiculous. either nerf one or the other a bit. I understand makign people do mechanics. but even with mechanics right it's barely possible if all members have optimal rotation and decent ping to do it with. suggestions. 1) move back to double cc bar 2) make vent mechanic insta wipe if failed. 3) take off 1 million health so people can beat the enrage timer if they get the mechanics.
  4. Suggestion update obsolete item

    gem hammers are 100% useless. every class can solo story with no gems until they get scaleburn weapon, and get the mats for the baleful/seraph weapon from the story. You only have to stop once for blue quests, unless there's an exp event then you don't need to stop at all. No point adding slots to a weapon you aren't even going to upgrade. you have to keep swapping in new ones as you level, wasting any slots you added through gem hammers. back when you upgraded hongmoon weapons, gem hammers had a point.
  5. Old Mats transition into Draken Core?

    Current tokens will become antiques, and you will exchange them using antique management. For those who did the 100/100/50 token quest, this will guarantee them at least one legendary, and possibly more depending on mats they have.
  6. Dear Asura Ember:

    Not everyone has the twitch reflexes required to pvp. and without winning awards are now very low. back when i had to grind the zen bean, awards for loss were much greater. There is no practical pve method to get many of those skills. the 10 skills one was one of the few that was actually doable, and now it's changed so the achievement is meaningless. They have the capability to place items behind an achievement lock and require 100 or 500 completed runs before you can buy it. Why can't they do it? I'm sure it won't destroy the economy to let someone who has ran soguns lament 500 times finally get a guaranteed ember. (I'm not exaggerating here)
  7. Dear Asura Ember:

    I have no evidence that it has ever dropped, except that they are on the marketplace for more gold then i will ever have. OMG. Just put the darn thing at some merchant locked behind a 100 asura kills achievement gateway and be done with it.
  8. So the fact that it shows three slots in the preview is wrong? I thought i was just lucky.
  9. Umm when you go to riftwalk/raven/aransu it's another slot reroll regardless,as i recall.
  10. Game doesn't quite explain enough about itself

    Not everyone can get it within the first 3 tries, even with a guide. Some mechanics simply have a higher reflex threshold than others, and require more practice. For a fairly large number of mechanics, the guide is enough to get it. As long as you have the knowledge the mechanic is easy. Examples. 1) Wait for the summoner to taunt the two adds before DPSing the second boss in shattered mast so they die and there's no enrage from the minions. 2) When you see a blue add in iruga aim at it and press tab to insta kill it with your cat. 3) Pulling a vent in Pohran fight. 4) kill adds and chuck poison balls at golden vipercap 5) most of the 9-15 mechanics in Mushin's TOwer. they are easy when you know wha tto do. 6) press space when a timing bar enters the green. On the other side we have mechanics that require very good timing, and without a certain basic level of twitch reflexes that NOT EVERY PLAYER HAS take a lot of practice to get right. You are expected to know them in f8, or at least be able to stay out of the way and not interfere with the people who are doing the right stuff. Not everyone can put the time into a guild to get tutorial invites. practicing and wipes do have a repair bill. What are people who have nothing BUT cross server to learn dungeons on supposed to do? give up and quit? CHange class just to avoid having to be the one to do that machanic that you just can't seem to get down even wen you know what it is?
  11. as someone who played that dungeon before silverfrost, i will probably have fun there.
  12. Sogun´s Lament Belt Q

    wow. sl is doable in story gear now. even pretty sure first boss can be cheesed with all on one side. just don't KD. second boss. just make sure people can double cc the adds to get the shields if dps isnt' high enough to ignore this. asura. with a group fresh out of story gear, this can still be a challenge. 1) grab at start for unloading of restraint skills. 2) block/counter/parry/etc orbs. 3) call back cat/thrall to make sure it doesn't get marked and lure the swords to a bad spot. 4) everyone group by dragonblood when boss goes to center to aim the orbs 5) marker must lure fire swords away from party (this is what usually causes wipes there now, they hit HARD) 6) if flowers do spawn take them with iframes. spread out who takes them if you must. 7) iframe the vacumm he rarely even gets to summon flowers now except in the worst of pugs.
  13. Game doesn't quite explain enough about itself

    Fairly often the game is not only cryptic, but intentionally so. "Bukka rolls his shoulders" anyone? I agree the decent guides are nice. and while some do show up even they do not have the whole story. for example we know that you are supposed to stealth the party during certain mechanics, only because guides say so. the game doe snot even hint at the mechanic in any fashion. Not only that but you are expected to already know how to time it, and there's no way to practice. Training room? you will never be able to trigger the mechanic requiring it in the first place unless your DPS is so godly you no longer need the dungeon in the first place. So the only option is to get the group killed while you try and practice, and have the rest of the group leave, and when the word gets out you start getting kicked out early. Other times the game is nice and helpful and gives you a timing bar to help you use the skill when you need it. Is there something i do not know about the training room dungeon section? I think that at a certain point there should be a boss mechanic training section so people who can't learn from anything but doing it themselves can git gud. And for all of you people who know how to do something just from reading a guide or watching a video, i request that ncsoft humble them by adding a mechanic where the boss marks someone for 30 seconds, then wipes the party unless that person has been marked five times by that boss over the life of the character. Furthermore, have it always mark the same player in the group. Furthermore have this mechanic not be present in the korean version, so it won't be in the guides. See how they like the shoe being on the other foot.
  14. As summoner i have tab STUN instead. but i agree escape skills should't activate cc on boss if it messes up a mechanic. There is a fix for this. Make it so that escape CC cannot be used as a joint attack. Problem solved. This allows them to function as designed in PVP without them messing up PVE mechanics.
  15. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    They never should have merged orb and scale. Here are some suggested solutions. 1) spawn a dynamic quest for the person who uses the orb only. Make it give a feather and a loot chest. Solved. No more arguments on my orb. Optionalyl allow other people to use their orbs too and get the quest. that wold be the NICE thing to do. 2) remove that stupid orb requirement, and have them for cold storage second boss only. That said, the major thing poeple used feathers for is no longer even needed thanks to free solak soul.