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  1. For you BMs out there, this is good news for you. I recently got full set of legendary Starblade Soul Shield ( for BladeMasters ) from Midnight Skypetal Plains and this is how it looks like: And I'd like to share you guys some things about this soul shield. At 3 set effect, you will start to see a significant increase in your Flicker damage, especially when you're using Fire build. You will deal 115% Flicker damage once you get 3 pieces of this soul shield. Lets say without the soul shield 3 set effect, you deal 5000 flicker damage at 100% With
  2. Download BnS Taiwan now You can get Temptation outfit for free at HMCoin section of F10. Have a nice day every one. Inb4 removed.
  3. Summoners go bees? F you guys. Summoners will use hornets instead.
  4. Well if you go by logic there. 7m is really a long distance. I could understand if it's ranged attack but melee... Close Quarters.. 7m distance MELEE. Wow man even my pee pee little elephant trunk couldn't grow up to 1/4 of it.
  5. Keep in mind that from Desolate Tomb onward, these kind of Dungeons will have this new mechanic called "Marking". Beware... It goes on from Desolate Tomb to Ebondrake Citadel to Hell Furnace to Naryu Sanctum. Good luck. So yeah. Elitist, here's a big f you.
  6. Relax plebs, this game isn't going anywhere. All you need to do are dailies and some casual farming dungeons and open world with clan members ( if you even have one in the first place o.O ) They're not gonna release new content that quickly.
  7. I could own most summoners. Maybe not in NA, but in TW. Cause ping matters :)
  8. Guys please, aside from being bored after maxing out your gear and having all those wonderful gems why don't you go do something else? Like farming for achievement points or having a casual chat with random people in open world. I already achieved my main goal of getting to Baleful weapon and residing in the safe zone of 678 AP hurr durr. Just bear in mind that I'll tell you guys something, I grind my ass all the way to get that AP and other important factors for my gear without dropping a single dime on this game. Really... this game isn't going anywhere just take y
  9. LOL why did I never think of that XD?
  10. Go and prepare 125 moonstones, 500 soulstones, 120 stingers and 250g basic fee ( also don't forget 12 STS ) You might at least get 1 or 2, maximum 5 if you're one lucky god.
  11. Also after you use dragontongue, immediately press E and spam LMB and RMB, to back into Draw stance and repeat.
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