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  1. For you BMs out there, this is good news for you. I recently got full set of legendary Starblade Soul Shield ( for BladeMasters ) from Midnight Skypetal Plains and this is how it looks like: And I'd like to share you guys some things about this soul shield. At 3 set effect, you will start to see a significant increase in your Flicker damage, especially when you're using Fire build. You will deal 115% Flicker damage once you get 3 pieces of this soul shield. Lets say without the soul shield 3 set effect, you deal 5000 flicker damage at 100% With
  2. Get the Blood Shade Soul Shields ( Purple Graded ) full set from Nightshade Harbor ( 24 man ) or Bloodshade Harbor ( 6/4 man ) And find the good critical soul shields around the area of Nightshade/Bloodshade for you to fuse. My Critical chance is now 56% and Crit damage at 660 ( stat ) although I haven't fuse full crit on the BSSS ( Purple Graded ). Make sure your weapon is at least around True Profane Weapon ( Level 10 ), Awakened Infernal Accessories ( Level 10 ) too + Siren Belt ( Level 5 ). I recommend you upgrading your Awakened Infernal Ring to Awakened Siren Ring bec
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