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Do people still run blackram?


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There are not very many that do so on my server. I think its because its considered "old content" and it doesn't give the perfumes. Parties for 6man are even slowing down in how fast they pop. The same goes for harbor 24man (not so sure about 6man as all parties seem to want to skip mobs and I end up lagging so badly to try to do so).

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On occasion, yes, largely because of the decent EXP and currency rewards it offers at lvl, but admittedly obsolete now and lower priority for me for many reasons:


- Doing 6-man versions for the Gun Oil (calling it Perfume is stupid because it's NOT what it is). Same goes for Harbor and its Machismos.

- Silverfrost blue dungeons dailies gives decent amount of silvers in relatively faster runs.

- Farming Labyrinth to get Soul and its SS as my alternate set, especially now that I'm more confident I can pull my weight there.

- Silverfrost heroic dungeons are new darlings due to darts to upgrade gears and having some of the current best Soul Shields available at this time. Still too early to farm those more consistently, as my gears could use a little more upgrading first.


Worst it happened to me in E. Fleet Supply Chain was having to duo the Chef with a Warlock for pretty much the entire duration of the fight, mostly because it took forever, but it was a good experience to learn her attack patterns.


People really should know by now that NOT killing bosses in Moonwater 24-man is dumb because Poharan won't spawn until you do that enough times. It's one thing to postpone that for a bit to do other dailies once you did the 3 bosses one, but to AFK and not assist with killing any of the main bosses with too few other people at any given time to help is the least helpful thing you can do.

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