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  1. Yeah, you generally wanna avoid using root/snare skills on boss. You might want to save that root for AFTER the jump, when you're absolutely sure boss is lined up in a way zombies will get bound by the seed. Or, if you really wanna play safe, don't root/snare boss at all. I've had one run where a Summoner would root boss right before the jump to the bait. You don't do that, at least not after a binding seed was summoned. Such skills really even aren't needed anyway since boss already moves so little, besides the moments when farthest person needs to play bait, ofc.
  2. I haven't done Gloomdross Incursion outside 540+ AP premades, but it's less mechanically punishing than Shattered Masts nor is it much harder than Necropolis also mechanics-wise , for what it's worth. Mobs do hit you hard, however, particularly the ones you have to deal with when rescuing NPCs to defend first orb/core. It's not so bad when dealing with a single one if you keep CCing them, but having to deal with 4 at the same time on your own can be overwhelming if you don't have the stats to overcome them before they beat you. Spiders don't seem to be quite as powerful, though, pl
  3. I'll just say that I rarely am the highest AP guy when using my Destroyer in dungeons... so in the rare event where I do happen to get aggro on bosses, I begin to worry for my party, since my aggro more often than not means they are underperforming rather than me simply having the highest AP. Yes, I know how to anicancel and yes, latency/FPS lag keeps me from pulling it off as efficiently as I'd like on occasion, but that's not my point. My point is player skill with a given class is a factor to consider when making these questions. Theorycrafting only helps so much.
  4. Wish that animation on the video was smoother. It's like there's some FPS lag going on there. :P
  5. I have to disagree. You can make a 'love to hate' kind of character without having to dumb down either said character or your own for the sake of the narrative. Said narrative is weakened when it relies on people being uncharacteristically stupid... nor do I have to like them if being stupid and not thinking things through actually fit with their character. Being intentionally unlikeable is double-edged like that. Also take note I never said I dislike Jinsoyun, which I don't. Luckily, we do have at least one character who comes close to that lvl of competence besides her while also
  6. My favorites are those who are softspoken badasses that are polite and kind to your character. So Dochun, easily. Closely followed by Junghado for similar reasons. Hard to go wrong with such a strong introduction in Act III and actually living up to it in Tower 7F. Having the least bad of all VA changes in Act IV doesn't hurt (although still a noticeable downgrade). Heck, you can add the rest of the Talus royalty + bodyguards quartet too (Yunma Fei, Yunma Kahn and Yu Chun), they're all likeable enough. Yunma Fei especially, for basically being the antithesis of Namsoslu
  7. Not only does it suck, but it's also pretty much a death sentence for whoever rushed to do it in later Heroic dungeons, like Bloodshade Harbor. It forces the rushers to die and let others catch up and THEN start over, basically wasting weapon durability for no real reason by dying when they could have simply waited. It's not as much of an issue in easier dungeons like Tomb of the Exiles if it's, say, a couple of high lvls doing it and they can actually beat the boss. Unless they engage the boss RIGHT when you're at a point where the firewall of death shows up. That's frankly asinine.
  8. This too. All these things work as incentives for some to be as cutthroat as possible if they feel they can get away with it.
  9. It doesn't. It would only lead to more griefing due to said impatient players trying to get loot for themselves. So yeah, not a good idea. Not an option unless it's an offline player. A better idea tbh, but probably won't be an option anyway due to fear of it being abused, which, let's face it, is a very plausible scenario if majority in a party is dickish to the one(s) they wanna kick.
  10. This. All of it. Just leave me alone to kill NPCs. I don't care about quests requiring to kill other players.
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