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  1. Nope, my standards are well within accordance of what game has offered us up to this point. So nope, it's just you having low standards for rewards. Because RNG is a thing. Don't let your luck diminish other people's rights to be legitimately salty.
  2. Desolate Tomb Guide

    Some Assassins themselves included. :p
  3. Sentinel Coast?

    It must be one of those Windstride points that are only accessible when wearing the proper faction outfit, in this case, either Bamboo or Blackram.
  4. That's having low standards in your case and nobody cares for that. Rewards do seem to be pretty lousy for the dungeon's supposed difficulty if the reports and screenshots are anything to go by. It's so counterproductive to even try to overcomplicate and argue otherwise, frankly. A few Moonstones in there would go a long way in making this dungeon more rewarding. Not being limited to SSP, WWV or Naksun (and I only do the latter... sometimes) to get them would be swell.
  5. Make naryu coins stack to 10,000 please

    Alternatively, you can mail the excess Naryu Coins to any alts you may happen to have within the same server group if you don't really need Naryu Silver. Both are account-bound, so mailing works for them.
  6. Survey - Pet Droprate

    I only saw 1 blue pet drop. Gloomdross Incursion, not sure if it was 6-man. Not even outfits/adornments are THAT rare.
  7. Desolate Tomb Guide

    The 'only problem' with anyone's arguments for skipping mobs in certain stages (namely Masts, Asura and, from what some people say, Desolate) is precisely when they come up with these 'only problem' caveats. That alone is enough to convince me not to take chances and just kill everything if mobs aren't that easily skippable, especially when you may have to backtrack for whatever reason. A little delay to kill some mobs beats a longer delay from eventual deaths. Being 'possible' to skip mobs won't always mean it's 'easy' for everyone to skip them. I don't care about the minor EXP gain from these mobs or any durability loss from them, risking dying to them is always worse. You won't die if you kill them first when you can't be too use everyone will skip them efficiently.
  8. Higher the limit!

    Especially if you throw faction/24-man quests into the mix.
  9. Suggestion(account bount items)

    I agree with the idea on principle. Account-bound items helps making things more alt-friendly. Doing that to the Siren/Pirate Emblems is a start, but that can be extended to other things, yes.
  10. Desolate Tomb Guide

    Thanks for this. Freedomplays' guide is also good, but I like this one more as it's a bit less wordy while being about as detailed, probably even more.
  11. Exactly. Companies tend to paint themselves in a bad light in the long run and it's so much easier to accentuate the negatives, but at least make sure they are actually true before reinforcing them. Give them credit or shit where they are truly due by getting your facts straight.
  12. Why i quit this game

    I presume you're at legendaries then, yes? Good for you, still not strictly needed for any dungeon. It's a whole another can of worms on its own anyway, with the crafting premium stones having a risk of failure from what I heard, in which case, well, good luck because it must suck spending this much gold on RNG to upgrade. I'll give it to you in that case. Besides that, though, my point still stands.
  13. They did not. It's been established well before you posted before reading. Topic has been rendered dumb, null and void. There's nothing to theorycraft in here like you're doing right now. Move on and quit replying. Seriously, it's getting stupider the more you reply.
  14. Why i quit this game

    That may make sense with the later 4-man I mentioned before, but not with everything else. It's just not necessary besides trying to finish dungeons faster, even considering bad latency in NA/EU forcing some to get higher AP to compensate.
  15. Just cut out the 'calm down' replies. You didn't earn your right to pull that crap in here the moment you posted before reading the whole topic. It has nothing to do with game itself. It's just you doing stupid bandwagoning just because you can. I know NCsoft is at fault for some things, but let's try to be fair and have some actual legit basis for it. This topic fails at that due to overlooking a pretty relevant detail (the premium membership) and your bandwagoning without realizing it isn't helping in the slightest.
  16. That's the thing: they did NOT do that. Anyone who read the topic properly will notice this and it's proper netiquette to do that so you don't make foolish posts. You wouldn't be posting here if you had actually done it. You clearly did not, so spare me your "calm down, everyone has their right" BS talk when you can't even do proper netiquette in a forum topic to begin with.
  17. Why i quit this game

    Depends on how 'sub' you're talking about. Speaking from experience, 550+ AP is good enough for almost anything other than 4-man Masts/Asura/Desolate. Lower values do restrict your options a fair bit more, yes. Besides that, though, I don't have that many issues when making my own party. People will have lots of varying ideas of what P2W actualy implies, some more incorrect than others. I quite like yours, actually. But really, generally speaking, every other definition about P2W that isn't your own is incorrect... or so is the impression I get. Yes, this applies to me as much as to everyone else. Best not to bother arguing the definition, it's an exercise in futility as it's pretty much certain it will go nowhere.
  18. Why i quit this game

    Then you either have incredibly shitty luck with the parties you find/make or you don't really know your percentages.
  19. Why i quit this game

    Or are too lazy to farm dungeon dailies as they should be doing to make use of lowered prices instead of whining.
  20. @DeadlyCode: Don't bother posting if you aren't going to read rest of topic to notice OP was a dumbass for not noticing premium membership expired. Gold rewards haven't changed. *cricket* this community...
  21. IIRC, that value for Mandate is a bit higher. Other than that, you're correct. I do recall that Lair's daily has always had that reward value for non-premium players.
  22. Why i quit this game

    Given that RNG is basic fake longevity feature by design when it comes to game like this, anyone who claims RNG to be fun can't possibly be more wrong. It's really not, it ends up being frustrating more than anything else. I can see it being a reason to quit playing. Then again, many other games have RNG and not all are MMOs, so make of that what you will. At least I can say it doesn't feel as bad in BNS as it did in some of my previous MMOs.
  23. Desolate Tomb with PUG Impossible?

    I don't. Not with this community. But it's good to know that my current stats are good enough for it. All I need is time to do runs with clanmates to learn. It's one thing to just read, but quite another to get it done first-hand.
  24. PVE Build since patch?

    Same as before, with the difference I got Mighty Cleave this time. Should provide a decent DPS boost for more stationary bosses. Now I actually want to unlock the HM tier to boost even more its damage. I just dunno if the new Long Division skill is better than anicanceling (especially when you can Wrath) when an enemy is restrained, though. I mean, each hit can do a lot of damage but it's a 2-3 second wait between each hit. Anyone has any idea of which one offers the better DPS? Longer cooldown on most stages of Grab is a tad frustrating, but I'll live and only really affects me for party play. Stage 1 is arguably better for Tower anyway. I was worried about Typhoon's nerfs, but that's because I misinterpreted the patch notes saying that Stage 2 no longer stuns. Instead, it just no longer stuns the double CC enemies, which isn't that big a deal to me, since my main use of it is on regular mobs.
  25. New rosethorn bugged?

    Bee spec works better the closer you're to the target and it's always been like this to my knowledge. Rest is likely a matter of timing, latency or both.