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  1. I pay for 1 year sub already but in other regions of BnS this funtion is free. But in NA and EU is only for pay sub. I think that's a bit unfair
  2. How come female lyn have no breast at all? I mean it doesn't have to be super gain watermelons but still great if they have some.......
  3. I am behind the pack. Mainly due to using my main to farm what I can for the mats and breakthrough items. Purchase what I need. If you want to level fast you either be ahead of the pack so you get all the mobs or go slower again to avoid the groups of people. I opt for the later since I want to farm on my main as well.
  4. he is not that hard. Just kite him in circle. When you see him spinning SS backards. Alos use your Q and E when he does his front attack(also in red). When you low in HP use TAB. Try this build https://bnstree.com/FM?build=460000025532256413813126533394312501138031106332513323932237222432141011 I don't think you need DV for this fight.
  5. Female lyn should have bigger breast. Other than the hairstyle the male and female lyn looks the same.... Oh and make the butt bigger.
  6. Just luck for the wolfskin outfit I must have kill the boss over 50 times still no outfit. Went to the market place and purchase 200 essence and I have only 20 essence left till I got the full outfit........
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