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  1. Dungeon leavers

    I make my own party when then I see if the AP/CRT etc etc is too low compare to mine I leave (I am using LFG). Simply put my class is not meant to tank, I rather not have to deal with with tanking and taking care of the whole party. Also a lot of times I found in LFG low AP tend to stay afk a lot making you do all the work. I haven't used LFG now and honestly joining a group of making your own party with specific requirements doesn't take long and I have control who I want in my party.
  2. LOL FM does well in PVP. Looks look at 2016 3v3 arena matches on BnS. I barely see any teams with FM. Most teams have melees only (Summoner is even worse haven't seen a summoner in any team) in 1V1 you do some FM and Summoners but they aren't the best. But man poor WL. They are like not even in any PvP matches at all...... Most teams have a BM, BD and mix in a KFM, Desto or SF. You do see Sin in there as well.
  3. You know OP as a low level is pretty simple just ask them if they can slow down or kill the trash first. I did this with so many alts and I say over 90% of them time the so call high levels listens. The ones that want to speed run left the group. But I guess that's too much to ask from you. When I do low level dungeons on my main I tend to kill everything and wait for everyone before a boss fight. What I hate is people who takes their time, AFK for whatever reason or isn't keeping up. I kill all the trash so you have no issue. If I wait for a few mins and you aren't moving or near the boss I am going in. Report me if you like but don't think BnS cares. They can pull my chat logs and see I waited. Or you can leave if you found people aren't waiting for you. I have to do it on my alts and que again. No big deal is the daily you get in a group in seconds.
  4. Costumes & Market, is it just me....

    I farm a ton of outfits on my FM. It does take time but it felt great once you actually got it.
  5. Leave if they have lower AP then what they put in LFG I leave.
  6. Tag Match ARENA is unplayable

    When I do PvP if my team have a chance of winning then I will try. However if my team is losing I just let the other kill me when I am up. I am only there for the daily anyways so I want to get this over with ASAP.
  7. And join Pokemon Go! At least it gets people out of the house and enjoy some sunshine! I haven't logon for 4 days already. Even though I only used to play a few hours after work. Now I actually go out and meet other people at Pokemon Lures spots and they aren't jerks (like in BnS chat and dungeons). Less stressful too!
  8. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    by your logic if no one wants to spend 5mins waiting in the lobby why should people in your group waste 10mins or more because your dps was low to begin with? If no one wants to be carried then why complain about people in the lobby wanting a certain requirements for their group. Simply coz the OP and people who complain don't have AP for those require groups and can't join therefore they come here to complain. Again if I grind my way to 600AP why should I carry a 350 or even a 400AP person with me into the tougher dungeons, have a higher chance of wiping, takes longer so boss might enrage VS if I pick and run with people who have close to the same stats as I am so the run is faster, easier, more relax and most likely are more experience thus no need to explain mechanics and hope they don't cause a wipe. I watch youtube video ask people on fights in the start if I am not sure and learn it on my own. Why can't other's do the same then. Why do they need someone to explain to them how a boss fight work. It takes 5mins to search it up. People who posted high requirements in lobby is to avoid a lot of issue that comes with low AP. Low AP means your HP is mostly lowers might die if you miss that iframe or stand in AoE once, low crt and crt damage, low accuracy low perciing etc etc and of coz low AP sometimes even means bots and afkers. Again if have no plan to join those hight PA lobby party why does it bother you? The only reason it bothers you is becasue you want to jin them but got kick out. It doesn't other me when someone posted 700+AP Asura. I somply make my own that I think is fair requirements becasue I have no intention of joining the other group in the beginning.
  9. How much should we bid for Taikhan Husk?

    Not 100% sure but In 6 man I though it untrableable but in 4 man you can trade them. I would say for 6man maybe 200 to 400g depending other party members for 4man it could be as high as 600+g.
  10. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Here is an advice to the OP and all those complaining about people with high AP don't want to run with you "Run with people who have around the same AP as you and respect others who make group for higher AP" Make your own group someone will join. It may take longer but that's how we grind our equipment. Why should you get carry. when I put a requirement in LFG and you don't meet it, you get kick. Simple as that. Don't like it, again make your own group. Simple as that. Why should people carry you when they don't want to? Why should people spent an extra 10mins to carry or have to work extra work coz you die or don't have the AP, crt and accuracy to hit the boss. The community owe you nothing. If people want to carry you they will but that's their choice and is not because they are being *cricket* is because people want to finish the run faster and have an easier time. Don't like it then I suggest you quit playing all form of video game that requires a team coz every game is like. Is just a different system. D3 ppl look at your gear and your Parangole level and decide if it is worth to group with you, Leauge is the same thing, Overwatch same etc etc. So if you don't like this type of attitude I suggest you stick to single player offline game such as Mario or Sonic. You can die as many times as you like and it will not waste others people time. I don't carry people and I want to run with people who have decent AP so that my run is more smooth, more relax and I can finish it faster. I don't use LFR because 8/10 times I get undergear people, afkers, bots joining the group wasting everyone's time when there is a wipe. I try to be nice and try to help people but guess what? Doesn't work. Did a lair run with people's AP from 370lish to 400 can't even get pass the 2nd mini boss coz of the enrange timer. Wipe twice and I am done. If people can't put out the dps or doesn't know their, mechanics and keep dying why should I carry their weight? I don't login to wipe and die and waste my time.
  11. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Here is what I say to the OP run with people around your onw
  12. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    More AP in low level dungeons = faster run. You won't beleive how much faster it is for a 6man 550+AP doing blackram. Or 600+ doing Nerco. is much much faster. If you don't like it don't join their group.
  13. Class Changer Item

    I would use it. The way how this game punish alts is unreal. You have to grind everything from the beginnging. I have a ton of weapons/accessories.siren/priate emblems Mushin tower emblems on my main that I love to transfer it to my alt but I can/t. I do want to try to do more difficult dungeons with my alts but the grind to hear up is too hard. Is not just the materils and gold but also the breakthrough weapons/accessoires.
  14. Cobalt Widow Wig

    I farm mine during the event event. It was the last day and I keep buying the reset for cold storage and haven. Got it when i was about to give up.
  15. Baleful VS Seraph

    I got Seraph since I got the upgraded weapons on it. Kinda of wondering should I switch to the other one......