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  1. Isnt that great? you can afk a bit, take a break , have a cup of coffee and come back with boss died and you still get the reward.
  2. Grand Harvest Festival. you only need 15 min to get it.
  3. login reward exp charm, upgrade them to 5mil exp charm.
  4. The crafted Diamond is bind on equipped. They are not Hongmoon Gem, so they cannot be salvage and upgrade. it is what it is. So far, I never get a Ap one all defense. each gem has more than 1k def.
  5. It is all about gears not skills. Start collecting the fleeting badges now, you can use it as you needed and there are variety of them to use.
  6. Get the Mystic badge first, the one with 50 lunar flower Enigma which increase your iron shoulder by 390% after success breeze kick. your full msp ss with give you 100% damage extra of iron shoulder plus Enigma badge it will stack up huge. Most importantly, you can reduce your breeze kick cd to 4 sec in move 1 or 2 cant remember but you can do iron shoulder 4 to 5 times in 45 sec. the pulse mytic badge (50 FEATHERS ONE) only give burst to your 'V' after 'Z' which only happen very 45 sec.(SB dont count). In term of your focus running out fast in frost build is becaus
  7. Always find this skill prevent me from healing in arena and toi. How could I switch to healing or disable this skill? anyone know?
  8. I always has this problem. when tag in, my camera is all the way zoom in and I cannot see the opponent. By the time I zoom out, I was cc all the way to death. Is there a way to fix the camera zooming setting?
  9. I believe baleful weapon has a high chance to reset V, so don't know is it worth it.
  10. awakened necropolis is a good memory.....
  11. Frost is fast but damage is low compare to earth. Earth is slow but hit hard. Earth is like tank build and solo target fight. frost right punch can be aoe target and chill(freeze) over time so for multiple targets is good using frost build.
  12. if it is not because of the badge, I wont do TOI at all because it is about gears and you cant beat the bots. the moment you escape from cc until you hit a key is about 0.5 sec for good ping and fast response. 0.5 sec is dam long for bots to conduct multiple skills. thats why I always say I felt I am retarded in TOI.
  13. Passel


    I would suggest you to do MSP1-3 first as a beginner. When you get inside msp just follow the crowd and you will be able to finish your quests. If you cant finish the mites quest, just do multi-run. MSP1-3 is just a monkey see, monkey do raid, dont worry about it. :D
  14. I am playing sf and when asura bracer drop, fm bid for it and I asked him why he bid since you cant use nor sell it. He said "I know you need it and I am holding you ransom"
  15. I observed there are two dungeons likely to have afker, gloom and lair. gloom is too boring ("dam you snapjaw, activate the demon seal core") and lair too easy for some high lvl players such as hm13 and 14. but surprisingly they came to live when looting. lol
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