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  1. by daily quests there is one quest you get when loging in. Maybe they meant that quest and the dungeons daily quests.
  2. dont think so. from the way they were talking "season of fury" is the green ones we get now. So for the blue it would be 12 more weeks (6 weeks each of the 3 mini seasons).
  3. heh kinda glad i screwed up and accidentally uninstalled the launcher which is forcing me to re download the entire game again -.-'
  4. yeah this change was really silly. I feel that it puts newer players that much farther behind since they already have to grind for so much gold for gear to catch up (and yes i know its less than we had to get but still) and now they have to farm gold for buying primers. I've also noticed items like fusion powder is now worthless to sale (was fairly cheap to begin with now it doesn't even sale). I could understand it if they changed the way/time it takes to craft the crafted primers but since they didn't its really silly and annoying. Your just going to see more and more players with basic
  5. I loged in to notice my fm's disappeared as well... luckly it was only the mats for a cinderlands axe
  6. I think it was their answer to wwv issues but idk why they thought this was a fix lol
  7. ah right I forgot about E removing debuffs thanks! Generally get the sleep issue when you cant use E. Only got the bleed for the first time last night.
  8. this and the ones that put bleed on it and it keeps you in combat even after you respawn -.-'
  9. I was wondering this same thing. Figured yay I can finally get the solo yeti achievement now that they lowered the HP but his regain is insane. Asked a friend how to combat that he said to stack bleeds...we can't do that now =/
  10. Once per account and the person already opened it on their main. So they want the gems to be account bound so they can mail it to their alt.
  11. I have ping issues as well. My guild had them lastnight as well. =/
  12. wow that's actually pretty impressive.
  13. I've seen one pink penguin drop in cs.
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