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Community-driven Matchup Chart


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When discussing matchups, you'll hear differeng views from very opinionated people, so why not poll everyone to see what everyone thinks?


Feel free to elaborate on your views on particular matchups, or discuss why the general opinion should change.

Remember, consider ONLY high-level play, ie. Diamond, not a general level of play. Otherwise, relatively low skill floor classes, like Summoner, will be rated stronger than they should be, and relatively high skill floor classes, like Kung Fu Master, will be rated weaker.


Disclaimer: Because of the open nature of the polls, the resulting matchup chart may not necessarily be accurate, so serious decisions should not be made based upon these results. They'll (attempt to) merely represent the general opinion of the community.


So finally, here are the polls. They're separated by class to avoid having a ridiculous 42-item survey.


Assassin Matchups

Blade Dancer Matchups

Blade Master Matchups

Destroyer Matchups

Force Master Matchups

Kung Fu Master Matchups

Summoner Matchups


Here's the overall matchup chart

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46 minutes ago, Gamemako said:

You didn't need 42 questions. Half of these are duplicates; for example, you have KFM vs. Summoner and Summoner vs. KFM. You only need 21. Will be quite a laugh to see how identical questions vary, though.

You don't get it ?

It not duplicates lol, He take the vote from every class point of view.

Like you go to destroyer link if you destroyer and vote but if you summoner you go to summoner page and vote

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