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  1. Honestly, pure convenience in Ragnarok Online. You could summon your spouse to you which was really useful. But I see where in general, the point is lost. I don't think it's a horrendous idea. It doesn't deter from others experience, and increases the experience for others.
  2. Unsure as to why the Lover Boy Bow Tie cannot be transferred... In fact, it cannot be stored in the Wardrobe at all. Considering it's a bundled item I would hope it could be transferred. Also: I paid NCoin for the Black Padded Coat (by buying boxes). Are there any plans on making that account bound?
  3. You need to be a certain rank to receive quests in Misty Woods. I don't remember offhand what rank that is though.
  4. Some of the new skins/my favourite ones.
  5. Standard 'predicting death of the game even though it's only been out for 72 hours approximately' post. Wouldn't be a launch without them.
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