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    Actually... NCSoft themselves admitted (albeit not full out) that there was a flaw in their security system in the forums. In fact, there was an entire post on the forums by a player essentially explaining the security flaws. This included 2-factor identification. While I am not saying the OP has been perfect in terms of security, it has been proven that there is an inherent flaw with the security itself. So rather than waste the time typing up a post to blame OP, why not just provide your final line, in terms of reaching out for support.
  2. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    And you are....? A top 50 WL? Regardless of your "git gud" option/opinion, I will argue your point of "Warlock is one of the easiest classes." If that were the case, in all regions, we would see several more higher ranked Warlocks. Easy is a relative term, especially when you give no comparison.
  3. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    Honestly, pure convenience in Ragnarok Online. You could summon your spouse to you which was really useful. But I see where in general, the point is lost. I don't think it's a horrendous idea. It doesn't deter from others experience, and increases the experience for others.
  4. Pirate Coins - Subtle NcSoft

    The bug affects considerably more than just Warlock. One is a large scale bug. One is a smaller scale. Some bugs require them to wait a while from Korea. Some of them are bugs they can fix without getting Korea involved. You need to understand the scope of the problem to even get a gist of how long it could potentially take.
  5. Summoner Without Flower Power

    I know that form 1 tier 3 (4 w/ the skillbook) can also be viable in a single target perspective. This build would require you to build a lot of crit though, as the damage itself relies on you getting a crit on each subsequent cast. The biggest issue you'll face is that you will not have any big AoEs without the sunflower, and it might be considerably more tedious to play PvE content. It's still possible of course, just not ideal. Best of luck.
  6. Mobs Reseting

    This mob is the worst I have seen so far. I personally had him reset 5 times before I was able to kill him. Anytime I used SS he would reset.
  7. It was available during CBT 2. So it definitely exists. More so being patient for them to release it!
  8. new daily dash......

    The spinner only has numbers 1-6. It is impossible for it to role 0, because it is not an option on the spinner. If your indicator isn't moving, try reloading the game. If that does not work, I would consider contacting support and submitting a ticket personally.
  9. no more raids for me

    They did infact mention it on the livestream. The reason it was implemented the way it was... Is because that is how it is on every other region. They also said if it continues to be an issue that it is something they will look into.
  10. Level cap in other regions?

    50 HM20 is the current cap in Korea.
  11. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Unsure as to why the Lover Boy Bow Tie cannot be transferred... In fact, it cannot be stored in the Wardrobe at all. Considering it's a bundled item I would hope it could be transferred. Also: I paid NCoin for the Black Padded Coat (by buying boxes). Are there any plans on making that account bound?
  12. Lower population might be better for the Grand Harvest. A lot of the 50 end game content does require groups though. All the dungeons can be done with cross-server.
  13. Chi Master Item

    If I recall from an earlier statement on the Razors... It's just easier for them to implement them now than later. And if anything it has its own benefits for those who hope to level them!
  14. Hello Im NEW to game

    They can easily do so by reading any of the forum posts on the first page of any forum. So rather than dragging outside forum posts into their thread, you could continue to post your comments in previously made threads for that reason :) Also OP, Blade Master or Destroyer would be my recommendations for you. Good luck.
  15. Hello Im NEW to game

    OP never asked for opinions on spending money. They asked for help regarding classes to pick. These type of negative posts make the community worse.