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  1. If they keep running, you technically can't win due to the mechanics. Most players on these servers won't do that, though. I use the HM Rumblebees 1 form and them knock them up into the air and spam Rumblebees anytime I can and I use V to knock them down in stealth when they get too close and spam E when that's on cooldown. I also switch my roots to the DoT version to inflict the most damage. Your cat needs to be constantly beckoned and curled during the fight and you only need to use it when they have used up Decoy. Once again, this only works on aggressive players. The ones that run away are
  2. You should have just quit the party when that happened.
  3. Let me guess, you're single? I think I know why.
  4. Yup, that person looks like they play too much because of the level 5 soul on top of being a big spender because of the immediately maxed weapon (with a Yeti shield), which would have completely wiped the marketplace clean and required mats from a large amount of Treasure Troves to complete. Also, to the people unable to understand what pay to win is and try to use the logic of "if you can get it in game, it's not pay to win", think about this: you cannot obtain that much progress, which gives a better advantage, without spending money, meaning it meets your requirement of "cannot be obtained
  5. Crit Rate = (97 * critical)/(3578 + critical) That?
  6. Generally, competing for a reward just to sell it is considered rude because it is greedy. The outfit is meant to show participation, not that you just bought it. There's also no way of knowing if the code is account bound or already used...
  7. asdasfas asfasffsfs aasfasfaga hdfhsfhsag asasfasfasfa I actually just hit my keyboard, but two of those might be right. Wonder if I'll get a warning for blindly tapping my keyboard.
  8. This doesn't effect you, you would have upgraded anyways, you'll have a larger pool of people that can go to the instance with you, and you want compensation for playing/paying like you have no life? I deserve compensation for reading your faulty logic.
  9. 40 of the top 50 summoners are bots on NA servers.
  10. Basically, yes. A new character could be maxed within a week or two if a person spent enough money now (and played well). They can also stock up on exp charms and level quickly now or later when Hongmoon levels are increased, which gives an advantage even in equalized arena. The point I was trying to make is that a person who would do this would have a much larger return in the game because not as many people would have as much gold, materials, levels, etc when the cap gets increased again. It's how life works outside the virtual world too. I just don't like it when people don't admit things.
  11. There's a market to compete in, which can get you mats to upgrade later if you get enough gold. This event can get you gold super quick and way more than normal when you charge for coins. Soon, 6v6 will be a thing, meaning they'll have an advantage in PvP there, on top of having enough money to instantly upgrade gear and make the most amount of money before prices settle because they will have an easier time. If you don't get it, I'll make a graph I guess.
  12. Did you save your credit information? Because it seems like you did. Anyways, you are loosing everything on your account due to their policy. Start calling your bank and reversing all purchases you can, because you might as well.
  13. Noted. Doing so did give me more than I had, though. Tried a new account. Nothing changed. I'll reinstall later and check.
  14. Just to be sure, could this issue have anything to do with disabling metro to have real admin permission? I did that years ago because I couldn't run certain programs as the admin because "I didn't have admin permissions." (Also, I have little idea about computers past googling solutions for bypassing restrictions)
  15. AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 8 GB (800 MHz), W8.1. I have a frame rate constantly of 12-18...which is low. It used to be higher until the last update. It stutters when I go to a new area for a while, takes forever for loading screen, and nearly crashes me in the Harvest event.
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