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  1. Getting back into the game LF Ceru Clan!

    Hey CJ. Hongmoon Dynasty is rebuilding. We are a clan from the beginning of BnS NA and we'd be happy to have you.
  2. Good afternoon, one and all. I'm Roxysox, the founder and Clan Leader of Hongmoon Dynasty. I created HMD back at the release of the NA version of Blade and Soul, and we were a competitive force to those who remember us, or a home for those who were with us. That being said, after a lengthy hiatus, the clan falling apart, and PvP being broken due to bots and other reasons, we decided to hang up our weapons and call it a day. Now, I return with fire in my eyes ready to rebuild the foundation that was Hongmoon Dynasty into a competitive clan for the eSports scene here in Blade and Soul. If you're interested in information, or you want to know a little more about my vision, I ask you to PM me in-game at RoxyTerra, or hit me up on Discord at Yukari#8848. I'd write here, but it's often ignored, so if you're interested in joining one of the oldest, and quite likely nearly the first clan in BnS NA, feel free to give me a whisper.
  3. PvP is balanced.

    I would absolutely love to discuss the inner-workings and thought process of PvP with you in a better environment. I've been thinking about running a YouTube series about this kind of thing for a while now to address what NCSoft won't. Would this potentially be something you'd be interested in?
  4. PvP is balanced.

    Sorry, allow me to elaborate. You are correct for what you've said, because I agree. The game is balanced, a specific point. Anything past that point is immediately unbalanced. Now, keep in mind that when I talk about this, I'm in no way salty about it, because I understand it does take timing and skill, but in my humble opinion, the animation cancelling makes matches absolutely unfair. I mean, look at Destro's ani-cancel. You can't get out of it. You have to ride out the damage as a Warlock and hope you don't die to it before you can SS out of their range only to have them jump back onto you. KFM? They can ani-cancel you to death before you're able to get away because their 3RF is far too quick. Essentially, what I'm saying is that the bug made feature turned out to be far more unfair and imbalanced than the devs initially thought, but they probably just ran with it, because it's easier to call a bug a feature than to spend a ridiculous amount to fix it, am I right? So, to sum up, the game is absolutely balanced, but that balance stops dead at animation cancelling.
  5. PvP is balanced.

    Gold isn't a milestone. Too many bots to claim Gold is hard to reach. Nice try at a trolling attempt though.
  6. WL vs Sin - What penetrates Decoy?

    Our knockdown will work, as I've busted a sin's whole combo because I knocked him down during decoy ani. They don't expect it, because we're still a relatively new class.
  7. Fighting VS. Blade Dancers in Arena

    So into BD's Dragoncall is the better spec? Helix isn't worth the points? I'm guessing it's due to the penetration that Call gives over Helix?
  8. So, I'm able to beat just about every class now, but Blade Cancers get the best of me. Any tips on fighting against them? Before anyone says anything, I've been back and forth between 1895 and 1844 for the last day or two, and really looking to hit Plat. Just need some advice for those pesky Garen wannabe's.
  9. Allow me to shed some light on the hate you're receiving. You're getting hated on for getting plat with Summoner because Summoner is currently not a class that people can beat easily. It's relatively overpowered. I mean, you can successfully immobilize most classes with 2 skills, and have your cat do all the work, while you sit back and laugh. It's not a fair fight. It's essentially 2v1 in the arena. With warlocks, it's a little different. Our pet is on a timer, so we're not in the easy boat, especially since our skills mostly require us to stand still and hope we don't get knocked down, or taken out of the skill cast. Summoners can too easily abuse the targeting system by staying behind (or on top of) their pet while dishing out more than enough damage to kill someone quickly. It's not that they hate you, it's that they hate your class, and most people are right. For Summoner, Platinum isn't a reward, and it's not something to be congratulated on. Good job and all, but it's too easy to do for you. Your class is LITERALLY the top class in arenas, because you can sit in arenas and out of 10 matches, you'll most likely win 9. Honestly, I'm going to say congratulations for hitting plat, but shoot for Diamond. Shut your rude ass clan up. I'm salty because your class is bullshit, but congratulations anyways.
  10. I would agree with you here, aside from the fact that I climbed from 1300 to 1649 with 17 wins, and I will most likely be hitting plat soon. Warlock is exceptionally viable in PvP, so unless you're Diamond on Warlock (provide proof with screenshots), don't tell people that it's not viable. Learn the class, and see what you can do before you say it's useless in a certain area.
  11. Can we have a report bot button

    I am going to agree with this. I'm not going to intentionally get locked up and beat down by a destroyer bot and lose just to try to report it. They don't stop, so during a match, neither can we. Even if (as a sin or summ) we stealth, we can't stay away from them due to the targeting the bots use.
  12. Balance Patch?

    It's not so much a balance patch at 50 as it is the allowance of a ton of skills many classes are missing. I mean, the 50 patch will bring skills we can't use yet, like for Assassin, Shunpo.
  13. Tag key.

    Check your keybindings, and try to rebind it to a key you don't use. Mine is bound to one of the buttons on my Razer Naga Epic.
  14. asas vs blade dancer

    If you're looking for countering their skills, you're playing the wrong game my friend. A lot of what Assassin does outside of our basic combos and advanced combos is staying away from anything that could potentially kill us, hence why you will see many either stunlock, daze lock, etc anything like BD, Des, KFM or they will play the coward game and just run away all match.
  15. Help!! How to anicancel using macro mouse?

    Good luck macroing an animation cancel on assassin. I mean, if you figure out how, you'll be ridiculed in the community if you use it in PvP (Most Assassins with balls in PvP do everything without macros).