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  1. Ebon Hall actually seems quite balanced. Some channels are occupied by more crimsons, others by more ceruleans. Both factions have been able to kill the blackwyrm on a daily basis. Just that the crimson people seem more douchebaggy (ganking on you, attacking all the time, and their chat is generally more douchebaggy) coming from someone that has a character in both factions. But yeah it doesn't seem like there's an overly dominant faction, just sometimes more crims sometimes more ceruleans.
  2. Yeah plus about 20 soulstones from faction dailies which are 35s each on average. Should be another 7 gold.
  3. They're going to make the faction/regional chat level 10+, so it should atleast be harder for bots to spam for now. So hey, atleast they listened to us about something!
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