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  1. Destroyer vs Warlock like wtf?

    I personally never have trouble with warlocks really, I don't see why people have that much of an issue with it. I take def spin and have HM emberstomp. Honestly, destroyer is more about punishing, and knowing how to use your cc optimally. Also, deflect can be used for more things than you think, just takes a lot of knowledge and skill. And that requires excellent knowledge of other classes, which a lot of destroyers greatly underestimate. And people whine a lot about destroyer counters. I personally don't think destroyer has any hard counters. I'm rank 21 destroyer on EU, I'm not great, but I consider myself a decent destroyer.
  2. The adventures of doing heroics on alts

    They don't have to carry you, you're a lv.49 and I assume you have a true profane. They spent a lot of time grinding on their mains to get that kind of gear, it's not like they should just carry a random person that brings nothing to the party. If you want to be carried as a 354 ap, join a clan and ask them for help, but being so severely undergeared and then whining on the forum about it, really? Also, yes we've all been there, but I doubt many of us decided to go into lv.50 dungeons without getting gear, go do the lv.45 ones, gear up, or run with a clan.
  3. A question for Korean players

    Not saying summoners are op, but let's totally ignore the fact that they can go up to HM20 and have far more HM skills unlocked which makes a huge difference for classes like Blade Master.
  4. Buying HM pellet, Just write down price.
  5. Group fury?

    A lot of classes have some kind of buff or group safe, Destroyer has neither right now. If there's fighting spirit being group buff, why is there no fury group buff? Would it be too op? It would certainly make destroyers more wanted in the current state of the game. I know this probably will never happen though :(
  6. Hoongmoon Energy Soul

    Necropolis takes a lot longer to run, so few people run it. Lots of people running lair for the recipe, and Yeti for the 100 4-man achievement for the +7 AP
  7. Another balance tread

    Yeah but it's the same as Fury, we have to give up fury if we want to take persistence. I'm just showing that every class has certain strengths. While this person is trying to point out the strengths of certain classes, and just leaves other classes out, calling the classes he named the strengths of ''imbalanced''
  8. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    I know right #DESRights
  9. Another balance tread

    Let's disregard all advantages KFM have, an on -demand counter, a stunlock that can 100-0 someone without having to give up your escape like DES has to. (No persistence). An easy to trigger 6 second evasion passive. KFM is one of the strongest classes and has a ton of tools, same for the other classes you didn't mention, SUM, and BM that is steadily getting stronger and stronger with every update. FM you can certainly use gapclosers, they can't just freezelock. They do have two escapes but since they don't have that much cc and one shot potential they're not a threat to get close to. Yes every class has some advantage. but in my opinion it balances out pretty well, every class is represented on the rankings and no class is straight out broken.
  10. Another balance tread

    FM. Use your gapclosers, they have nothing to block melee skills coming right into their face. They have a low amount of I-frames to compensate for their mobility. Also, their hard cc requires a lot of setup. They're very squishy overall. Sins. Honestly a pretty tough matchup for KFM I agree, not as much as 10% though, you need to wait for them to strike and punish them, for example, you can easily I-frame their place swap and punish them for it. KFM has a lot of blocks and should use those to their advantage. Des. Are you serious? this is a purely skillbased matchup. KFM can also change the tides in 4 seconds after blowing a tab with his 3RF. His spin gives you free agility stacks, you can stay distance and block till you can kick him in the face. 2nd escape? he has to give up his FURY to do so, and then he won't be able to nuke you, so I don't understand how he can change the tides in 4 seconds? either he takes his 2nd escape or he takes his dmg nuke, he can't take both. Warlock, are you seriously complaining about warlock? they're the weakest PvP class right now. KFM shouldn't have too hard of a time against them if you spec right. They also don't totally dominate Blade Dancers, the only class they really dominate is Destroyer.
  11. Another balance tread

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Sincerely A diamond player on EU.
  12. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    Honestly, I've ran Yeti 4-man with a BD, SUM & another DES as a DES myself, the BD and summoner both had 450 AP, the other destroyer 490 and I had 519. We had about a minute left. Yeti is by no means a hard boss if you know the mechanics. 3 of these classes are sadly often excluded, including me (533 ap now, mastered a lot of tricks such as getting the first miniboss yeti from the pillar by jumping off the pillar) so when I'm looking for teams, getting kicked just for being a destroyer sucks.
  13. Class discrimination - can we please not do this?

    I doubt that's the problem in dungeons like Yeti... considering the amount of gold you need to upgrade relatively to the amount of chance your weapon drops. I've already seen my weapon drop more than 20 times, and people that can pay 1000g for a weapon upgrade can pay 15g for a hongmoon key if they are really that unlucky. Which I highly doubt. In endgame dungeons this is not the case in 99.99% of the cases.
  14. I'm seeing it more and more. ''FM/WL/Sum only, we only want ranged classes! 500+ FM/WL only! I'm alright with the ap restriction, but constantly seeing your class being unwanted yet you add a lot to the table is pretty frustrating.