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  1. 64-Bit problems so far.

    Slow loading time even for 750TI GPU and 12 RAM PC. Doesn't show client.exe on Task manager at all and is all hidden while consume RAM. Moving items in inventory make mouse invisible. It does crash firefox x64 It get stuck into the process of Windows and worst it doesn't allow us to to pick from shutdown menu: logoff/restart/shutdown/sleep only allowing for the default status. I will update with anything new I find
  2. What is going on with EU Server ?

    I would agree to that but the problem is you still able to ping NA server, so what you say doesn't make sense since NA was getting ddos as well.
  3. So yah first of all, why the server is so lagging after last update from my ping bounce from stable in game ping 160ms to 220ms. And second , why not responding to ping trace no longer after last update? What if I want to trace my ping ? what should i do and the lag problem will be fixed soon ?
  4. What is going on with EU Server ?

    Best thing, the lag getting worst and worst everyday while in same i can't test my shit ping on their server because something wrong with their server ip. Worst game server and worst communication as well.
  5. What is going on with EU Server ?

    Got to say i love the lag spikes of tonight :)
  6. What is going on with EU Server ?

    Seem like it general problem and I think it appear on their network side for eu since we can't ping trace their server no more
  7. Yah same, it just my ping from 160ms to 220ms now since that patch -.-
  8. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    You forgot the broken aircombo that every ranged classes on the top of them gunner, wl and summoner benefit from special in arena. And don't forgot how fm, summoner and sf heal break down the tag match add to them some gunner damage to finish enemy in one skill shot even if they have 3 escapes ready.
  9. air combos in pvp

    And that cause this game developer have no vision they added many skills, edit, classes and crap without even minding the status of arena that is complete broken, Want to see a broken gunner ? Just grab a gunner with bd or any easy click aircombo class in tag match you win no matter if your enemy have like 3 escapes ready to cast. And worst part when you play against classes that keep healing endless and in same time have tons of damage on their side, all of that due to broken game status . 48k HP destroyer that suppose to be the highest pool of hp and defense in game yet get rekt by 50% of their hp by gunner combo add to it aircombo and pretty much 100-0 without even able to use escape, in same time other classes like summoner, sf and fm can stall forever with their heal and iframe. This game just dead and unbalance like hell.
  10. So yes since yesterday update and it seem like sometime game freeze my pc, I think it happen due to the anti cheat trying to scan my system cause it tend to freeze when it loading and always notice when it loading the pc just complete freeze forcing me to restart.
  11. Same here, me and all my friends have almost same lag problem at late night/evening special in f8
  12. like really I play pvp match and I almost win against that player after 2 rounds but because he disconnect/ crashed/whatever I get this ? So I wasted about 10 mins of my time plus the time that was wasted into queue for that ? Because he quit or disconnect or whatever?! nice thing of you, this game just make me feel like I waste my time in everything for nothing I know some will say you got xp and zen beans, But yah wasted ranking points while that player was gold and i could got jumped in ranking :/
  13. Best EU servers

    Disconnect error without number so it tell alot special with alot of lag popping spikes there and here in arena match, thank you so much for this amazing servers. and sure tomorrow will be extend 4 hours for EU players like every week to try to fix this stupid servers
  14. Does the game designer have vision for anything or they blinding add/remove/edit skills without mind set? And I'm not here to talk about the gunner busted damage but to talk about old 3 classes busted as hell. (I'm destroyer ) First warlock: So I had this amazing match against that warlock who i had to face him like 7 times in a row, where he just eat my hp from 100-50 in one aircombo while 50-20 on land while I with 400% increase defense spin. Like when you did make that amazing class, did you even think for a moment about other classes escape skill ? Like it complete useless all of their damage is busted and their cc is aircombo that you can't escape or they just can keep attack you from range while they are in their yellow zone or maybe even using immune and with thrall busting your hp. Like the 7 times I tried to escape before he throw me up but no use of that and I was throwing away dead in air due to fact that my E and Tab escape both are useless and slow to cast beside his fast cast. Second BM : Now let's talk abut the most tankey class by the hp pool and defensive status yet having the most amazing block, Iframe amounts from defensive to offensive Iframe, immune and not to forgot their HM Z that just pull you to death while they having the best damage in this game. With all of this defensive status and tanky power they able to finish you in 5 seconds if you made one mistake. Third FM : The stalling master of all , spam able impact that you can't bypass while it block most of your attacks and keep pushing you back while on other hand the chill stack that ruin your chance to even catch them between the small is wasted untill they got the right chance to grab you on their fire floor that make nice damage enough to 100-75 atleast or they just can go aggressive and throw you in air with their fire combo or maybe even like warlock they just can wall bang youendless. Anyway thank this game for ruining destroyer and keep busting every class
  15. That is my point , I not talking about special class. I talking about dead skill called "escape skill" that suppose to escape you from any cc(except air combos -.-) or brust damage while gunner, wl, summoner, fm, bd and sf anything with good aircombo damage will just bypass that escape skill role. And worst things about that most of this classes already " busted ranged damage" on the head of the gunner who if you saw two of them bust inside tag match you are pretty much damage although you could have saved "escape" the only way to avoid that is 5 second immune which won't be active if you are aircomboed. While on other hand if two destroyer or two kfm or 2 any melee classes need to make a good cc to burst you in tag match which you can escape with "saved escape"
  16. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    Haha true! Like how FM never want to admit that their class is "op" because that stupid thing called "wallbang" as they can spam it and harsh your hp down without just a bugging wallbang while in same time impact any melee classes with chill and put nice gap Like I saw 10% of FM admit that impact and wallbang is op but yet the rest will never admit it op stuff, cause they winning by stalling using impact and wallbang only.
  17. That what I'm telling, aircombo combos for summoner, wl and gunner are just pain like this classes already have a "Decent op" ranged damage that you hardly try to avoid them and run away from their damage in closed zone like arena while in 6v6 it not of problem since you can freely. And worst part since they can "poke " damage you harshly without costing alot of focus like many "melee" classes do, once you get into aircombo you mostly will die or end with 30% hp left. Like the ranged classes know to be "Squishy " and have harsh damage but adding to them a "CC" that you can't even escape that is just blah.
  18. Duel Rank gold or superior

    Just wait few weeks till everyone rank up to their normal rank and you will be back there, no worries
  19. Still see pro destroyer in solo match against pro bm or fm or wl or gunner then you will see how they got many ways to play around destroyer special if they are pve players
  20. Finally some people who understand, I never talked about if it easy/hard to play WL or if it op in term of skills or what. I talking about a useless skill called "escape " skill that doesn't help you to avoid the much brust of wl dps and don't tell me you need to escape in that little miliseconds after their knockdown/daze so I don't get aircombed. As you said a little delay could miss that small window to escape not to mention it just very small window, like a good ping wl can just aircombo you easily before you could react. And why I mention escape skill, but every other class play around messing your escape skill so they can finish you while WL can just ignore that fact and keep brust damage even if he failed to aircombo you he still would be able to dps you from 100-60 atleast before he touch his reset skills and try for second time. I talking about aircombos being a op thing in this game special now they did release gunner, which is worst version of wl and both of them just brust damage insane and it get worst if you got cc or aircombod that mean you won't be able to react to their huge damage. Atleast CC can be escape but aircombo, rip after that special in BG and you know that. But whatever, this game know nothing about balance and it will never know.
  21. It used to do that but now it ignore everything so FM can yolo fire powers with chill stacks plus impossible endless counter called impact
  22. Still WL is busted in damage and sadly they can aircombo you easily without even give you a chance to escape before that aircombo. that is the problem it cast so fast and it just ruin you easily, escape skills is useless against them. And yes wallbang is a shit thing really, worst part as you said fm can spam it and can 100-40 atleast if made right while they can stall forever with impact that is spam able and worst part it make a big gap between them and other melee classes that got chill who can't chase them after :/ I know that still most of time , BM can escape with their many stall powers and on other hand you still got a grab escape which can boost your damage, you many offensive iframe with your side q, e and ss iframe not to mention the speed buff and knockdown that pretty work against spins.
  23. That sure in a real sure or you just go along my words ? And as for BM vs Destroyer , I never did fight a bm who keep their block up so I can knee them or break their knockdown easily so at high levels you can't say brainless ways to ruin theblock else it will result in losing more cc trying to break the block. And play against 1 escape class ? I play against 1 escape class like KFM and they don't 1 button damage you to death like BM do. Cause they are hard to master, but if it got master they will stall and kill you easily. That mean if you got a two players against each other and both got the full experience mastery of their class, BM and FM would have the upper hand. Not to mention you talking about EU/Na only, Look at other last years tournament you won't find destroyer class in them while BM on the top of the players in their tournament.
  24. Got to say this, I really love how they make things and take decision without thinking at all. First of all, The queue on EU servers during peak time is crazy and hell why you did make a damn server merge at first place ? because you thought dead servers can't make raids ? Welp you did give us a 12man raid now after like a month of that server merge so it useless otherwise you did merge server for other selfish reasons of your own. Second thing, The stupid trove that you did launch that no one use and I mean it no one use it except the paying players because no one putting a damn ncoin no more in the currency exchange at all. So it like a paying player trying their lovely rng luck while free players can't do shit, and if they did try their seasons reward ncoins on trove they almost get nothing because of stupid rng luck e.e Anyhow, Keep the good work till you kill the game by your decisions that doesn't care about anything.
  25. Are you on NA? Cause EU currency seem like it not moving at all, or maybe you in EU and you the only player who buy gold. Yah same, EU f9 is not giving anything useful no more