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  1. I would agree to that but the problem is you still able to ping NA server, so what you say doesn't make sense since NA was getting ddos as well.
  2. Best thing, the lag getting worst and worst everyday while in same i can't test my shit ping on their server because something wrong with their server ip. Worst game server and worst communication as well.
  3. Got to say i love the lag spikes of tonight :)
  4. Seem like it general problem and I think it appear on their network side for eu since we can't ping trace their server no more
  5. Yah same, it just my ping from 160ms to 220ms now since that patch -.-
  6. So yah first of all, why the server is so lagging after last update from my ping bounce from stable in game ping 160ms to 220ms. And second , why icmp.eu.ncwest.com not responding to ping trace no longer after last update? What if I want to trace my ping ? what should i do and the lag problem will be fixed soon ?
  7. You forgot the broken aircombo that every ranged classes on the top of them gunner, wl and summoner benefit from special in arena. And don't forgot how fm, summoner and sf heal break down the tag match add to them some gunner damage to finish enemy in one skill shot even if they have 3 escapes ready.
  8. And that cause this game developer have no vision they added many skills, edit, classes and crap without even minding the status of arena that is complete broken, Want to see a broken gunner ? Just grab a gunner with bd or any easy click aircombo class in tag match you win no matter if your enemy have like 3 escapes ready to cast. And worst part when you play against classes that keep healing endless and in same time have tons of damage on their side, all of that due to broken game status . 48k HP destroyer that suppose to be the highest pool of hp and defense in game yet
  9. So yes since yesterday update and it seem like sometime game freeze my pc, I think it happen due to the anti cheat trying to scan my system cause it tend to freeze when it loading and always notice when it loading the pc just complete freeze forcing me to restart.
  10. Same here, me and all my friends have almost same lag problem at late night/evening special in f8
  11. like really I play pvp match and I almost win against that player after 2 rounds but because he disconnect/ crashed/whatever I get this ? So I wasted about 10 mins of my time plus the time that was wasted into queue for that ? Because he quit or disconnect or whatever?! nice thing of you, this game just make me feel like I waste my time in everything for nothing I know some will say you got xp and zen beans, But yah wasted ranking points while that player was gold and i could got jumped in ranking :/
  12. Disconnect error without number so it tell alot special with alot of lag popping spikes there and here in arena match, thank you so much for this amazing servers. and sure tomorrow will be extend 4 hours for EU players like every week to try to fix this stupid servers
  13. That is my point , I not talking about special class. I talking about dead skill called "escape skill" that suppose to escape you from any cc(except air combos -.-) or brust damage while gunner, wl, summoner, fm, bd and sf anything with good aircombo damage will just bypass that escape skill role. And worst things about that most of this classes already " busted ranged damage" on the head of the gunner who if you saw two of them bust inside tag match you are pretty much damage although you could have saved "escape" the only way to avoid that is 5 second immune which won't be a
  14. Haha true! Like how FM never want to admit that their class is "op" because that stupid thing called "wallbang" as they can spam it and harsh your hp down without just a bugging wallbang while in same time impact any melee classes with chill and put nice gap Like I saw 10% of FM admit that impact and wallbang is op but yet the rest will never admit it op stuff, cause they winning by stalling using impact and wallbang only.
  15. That what I'm telling, aircombo combos for summoner, wl and gunner are just pain like this classes already have a "Decent op" ranged damage that you hardly try to avoid them and run away from their damage in closed zone like arena while in 6v6 it not of problem since you can freely. And worst part since they can "poke " damage you harshly without costing alot of focus like many "melee" classes do, once you get into aircombo you mostly will die or end with 30% hp left. Like the ranged classes know to be "Squishy " and have harsh damage but adding to them a "CC" that you can't e
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