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  1. I don't know if this would work, but wouldn't a major part of everyone's problems be fixed if all the skills were client-side? I guess all basic skills are client-side, or they just are affected way less by the ping (I don't even know if it's considered client-side, i'm kinda of a layperson on this subject). In the end, what I mean is: Why are all basic skills affected way less by the ping? What about the other skills? It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  2. It's always been like this after major patches. The best you can do is wait.
  3. Yea, same issue here. My ping becomes really unstable early in the evening (it happens every single day). Of course I've already tested other games during at that time, and I had no issues. I verify my instability through Pingzapper, which shows my ping oscillating alot during that time. But given a few hours (2-3h), the instability completely disappears. It just normalizes. Btw, I play on the NA server, not EU.
  4. Hi guys, I have two questions, is it possible to send a Sealed Soul (by using those brilliant soul sealing charms) to another character on the same account through mail? Just making sure, before I spend money on those charms. Also, how many charms do I need to seal an Awakened Hongmon Energy/Awakened Ascending Soul? I really appreciate any help!
  5. I've been getting the same issue as well. It all started with the Gunner update last month. Before that patch, I didn't have any lag spike issue (My ISP's still the same, my computer's the same, same router, everything's the same).
  6. Hi guys, Does port forwarding help with BnS at all? I don't any problem while opening the game client as well as with the game itself, I just seem to have random lag spikes during bosses fight. Would port forwarding help with those spikes? I mean, since I can play the game, doesn't it mean they're already opened? I look forward to seeing an answer.
  7. For some reason, I only have this issue when I long in without a VPN. Whenever I play while my vpn (pingzapper) is on, the daily dash window opens up right away after just 1 click. I've tested it several times, and it always opens up right away when I'm using a VPN. Without a VPN, I have click on the button like a hundred times till the window pops up.
  8. Hi guys, For some reason, whenever I start attacking any boss (mainly in F8, cross server), my overall ping increases and I also get some random lag spikes during the fight, but at the exact moment the fight is over (cuz boss is dead lel), my ping goes back to normal (I keep spamming my atk skills to see my ping). It also happens during BT, my overral ping increases by 40-50ms. Why does my ping increases at the exact moment I start a boss fight in a dungeon? Does it have something to do with packet loss? Thanks in advance.
  9. You know they won't do s**t. I also don't have lag in any other games which servers are also located in USA, it's just in BnS. I sent a ticket and they, of course, said: It's your fuc***g ISP. NCSoft, won't you say something about? For fuc*s sake...
  10. Exactly, the game is running fine, and boom, out of nowhere, 400-300ms and then it goes back to normal. It's been like this since after the Gunner update. I also play Global MapleStory, which servers are also located in California, and I have no latency spikes.
  11. Exactly, I also noticed it. My flicker skill got WAAAAY smoother after that patch. I'm wondering why they didn't do the same with Dragontonge or honed slash, our main atking skill.
  12. Same here. Since the last update, I've been playing with at least 30-60% more latency than I'd normally get b4 the update.
  13. Well, I'm lagging massively right now. Impossible to play.
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