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  1. Look what's coming next week.

    Appreciate the's about something useful like telling us wtf this lag is all about ☺
  2. Max Zoom of 300? Pfft. How about 99,999?

    Careful, some may view this as hax
  3. Blue sucks

    They moved it to pvp section where it belongs. Why would they want to hide it, the players create this problem noone else. It is the same in every game players band wagon to the strongest side NC cant change that.....but hey keep blameing them for everything
  4. Bai Bai

    Simple, attention *cricket*.... end if story
  5. Forcing us to pvp ...

    Its people like this that make me laugh, show me the pvp in this game at the moment...the bot filled arena???? It is the pve keeping this game alive. Sad but true