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  1. thinking about giving blade and soul another shot , i quit right before or right after i cant remember Temple of Eluvium was released, did much change? currently at endgame BT gear with max raven weapon and accesories, and some solid badges to my Main is Assasssin
  2. Thinking about coming back to Blade & Soul giving it another go , i quit right after Temple of Eluvium(i think that is what it's called??) and my gear was up to date then,, how is it now tho? will i have to face an endless grind to catch up a fair bit ? or spend alot of $$?
  3. the 'best' class is the one that you enjoy playing most
  4. imho nothing in this game is worth spending RL money on atm.
  5. so the celestial basin pouch DOES still give evolved stones your rng just sucks edit: afaik the rng was always bad for Celestial basin pouches
  6. rng will be rng , if you cry about spending 200 keys don't do it on day 1 , wait a week until people have spend their keys and ask for the droprates either way you should still know its a total scam 'event'
  7. don't forget the purple quests
  8. as a long time shadow sin pve'r i agree on this - tho i have heard that in the future shadow will recieve a buff something like after 5 succesful dark strikes you can hold rmb for 5 secs it will have the same/faster speed than the holding rmb bracelet. i hope they change it to something like: after 5 succesful dark strikes you can hold F(dark strike) and it will be really fast, like .. most dps comes from dark strike not rmb they also need to lower lightning rods CD in dark from 12 to 10 seconds as sometimes i find myself waiting a good second before i can pop it to get out of stealth, make
  9. oh look another person who bought RNG boxes and didn't get what they want , are you new to bns?
  10. if u ask me its too OP for pvp, especially 1v1 arena, its fine the way it is + its not a full 3 sec more like 1-1.5 maybe 2
  11. lol, just no. maybe if you like RPing
  12. if u left then because of being bored and grinding and trying to keep up, 99% it will happen to you again - the grind is pretty much the same. 1. imho yes and yes 2. they do good burst(fire) and nice sustain(shadow) in pve damage, in pvp they can be annoying but once you get caught youre dead 3. play what you like everything is nice
  13. i went in with my alt bm at nearly 1k ap and we did it with other guild members who knew mechanics , fast and clean run - idk why everyone complain?
  14. i would use the 6-slot stage 1, stage 1-9 baleful is cheap af atm .. or if you can get rift/dawn fast keep the stage 6 and upgrade it and pray to rngesus
  15. i main a sin , i have always wondered why they gave such a beautiful feature to a class like soul fighter/summoner where it clearly doesn't belong
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