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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    Doing it wrong though. I only have 3-4 hours a day to play, so I dont even do dailies and make more then you with just my crafters each day. Though I am a master pack owner, so I have all 8 character slots and they all craft sellable items.
  2. New 50 lvl big update

    You're on the pirate path, so you're fine. Once on the pirate path you stay on it. So you will still have to go true pirate, then you go True Breeze. So as long as anyone makes it onto the pirate path (by at least getting awakened pirate) before the patch they will save a ton in material costs.
  3. New 50 lvl big update

    You are doing it wrong then, I play 3-4 hours a day at most and am on awakened pirate on my new warlock.
  4. New 50 lvl big update

    It was never, ever set for the 6th of april. Just a bunch of people Assumed that due to when the daily dash is set to end. Once again IT WAS NEVER SET FOR APRIL 6th. That being said I am both happy, and unhappy about this date, as my warlock is only in awakened pirate weapon, and true infernal accessories. O.o
  5. Probably at some point, but who knows when. I would expect it to be a few months probably.
  6. New update tomorrow, I just have a question

    The difference is I don't give a shit. ;p
  7. New update tomorrow, I just have a question

    Been answered on twitter multiple times even for those who didn't understand it. So I will say again for you who can't speak/read English properly. Yes your *cricket*ing new warlock gets the rewards.
  8. New update tomorrow, I just have a question

    They spell it out just fine let me spell it out for you since you fail at reading comp. If you make a new character tomorrow, they will be less then lvl 10, flagging them as eligible for the event. Then if you get said character to lvl 45 before the 23rd you get rewards for that character. I really kinda want to verbally abuse your lack of reading skill further, but that is just being petty on my part...
  9. New update tomorrow, I just have a question

    What part of lvl 10 or under did you not get? It doesnt matter when they were made, they just have to be level 10 or under at the start of the event. (or if made after the start of the event, since I know you are probably gonna ask that)
  10. Scheduled maint when???

    They said on the bladeandsoulops twitter they are still finallizing the time for this one. Likely to be posted tomorrow evening was the response I got from them on twitter.
  11. WTB Dragoncall-Volume II (Jiwan server)

    Current market value for those books is close to 400g. You will be waiting a long time for that price you are asking for. A LONG TIME.
  12. Ruby useless?

    KR players with years of experience seem to not agree. As they use the damage ruby. Food for thought.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    I dont remember the name of it, but its not available in NA or EU yet. Those screen shots are from one of the asian servers.