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Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

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But you are disregarding the mechanisms in place that prevent abuse.



-you can stand in a group of 1000 people of the opposite faction in neutral outfit without worries (this is a big one in my opinion, with one click you are magically making a pvp threat nonexistent).


-if you want to do faction quests, you need to put on the outfit. Which has its implications which are very clear. I walk around in my neutral farmed costumes like 97% of the time. If I see an opportunity to do faction dailies or something, I put on the faction outfit. It's a tremendous power, being able to decide things on a whim like that. People forget that this is, after all, a setting (yes, a game, but also a setting. There are MUCH more punishing games out there that emulate real world consequences). I am trying to say that bns is on a very forgiving side when it comes to pvp - and the game is lauded for its pvp. And it has opposing factions. I mean, I think we need to include the broader aspect when discussing this, bns isn't in some sort of vacuum. "Unforgiving pvp" needs to be related to something, a trend, other games etc. And I fail to see how bns manages to even scratch that notion, with its many systems of "protection".


-"resurrect in another uniform" option when being killed while wearing potentially hostile outfit. If all of the above isn't enough (and you have to admit that pretty much is - I mean, ok, everything is relative, but you literally can control the world around you with a mouse button click - a world that includes others - hence, standing in front of 1000 members of other faction and doing emotes with no consequences if you are in one of the dozens of non-faction outfits). You can't be ganked and grieved. I've been ganked until I realized that the res option changed to a contextual one. In WoW, one of the more user friendly games out there (granted, you can pick a pve server, though I might argue that it kinda defeats the point when you see a troll and a gnome picking flowers together) you can be ganked and your tools for solving that are: 1-call friends or 2-log off, come later.


-channel switching. Not all games have channels in the first place. If you desperately need faction dailies done and it seems that you're not going to any time soon because there are like seventy reds all over the place, try switching channels, chances are that the situation is reversed in another channel.


-trying at a different time. Not an in-game specific feature, but a perfectly valid one. It's a consistent, ongoing multiplayer setting there. I understand people have limited windows of time, but as much as the point of the game isn't for you to not be able to do things, it also isn't for you to be able to bypass any instance of interference from other players. Hey, I am a solo player, I kinda like sandboxy singleplayer rpg's that feel like mmo's but are there for me to play and customize etc. I like those more than mmo's. But when I play a mmo, I know that there will be people who play the market godly which I can't do, who go in large groups and clean areas with mobs so I have to wait for respawns and so on and so forth... Yes, games are for having fun, but a reasonable amount of that fun lies in not having fun all the time - not the best choice of words, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. When I play basketball, I sometimes get wrecked so hard I can't walk for a week because somebody's knee decided to have a love affair with my thigh:) But in the end, I enjoy playing basketball and accept that things happen.




I am saying that bns has A LOT of "single player game" features in order to give those with various affinities a lot of power over deciding about pvp engagements. Can someone be annoyed by some situations and scenarios that potentially might happen? Of course. But isn't that part of the course? I mean, come on, honestly, can we really talk about THIS game in particular in that fashion? As a game that needs to protect people from ganking and grieving more than it already is? I was genuinely surprised when the "res with another outfit" popped up.


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Guessing you're a crim that cant kill anyone without help.

So griefing is allowed in this game? What's the fun in ganging up on a low lvl other than farm points? Shouldn't you be trying to take on a max lvl+geared player rather than farm someone half your lvl

I can't believe in a game where you can choose not to PVP at all there are still professional victims who use the word "ganking" and "griefing". Take the uniform off and live your care bear life man.

The point is still lost :/  


It is natural for people play the game and WANT the coolest stuff or the best stuff.  That is why they are playing, to have fun, gear up, and be awesome.  *cough* we have so many outfits to collect.. why do we need them??? We don't but we WANT them.  


Each post in here just says take off the outfit and you're ok.  I am fairly confident that everyone gets that.. You put it on, PVP time can happen anywhere so deal with it.  It is the griefing.   You're not responding to any posts to take this into account, you are just saying take off the outfit.


Not everyone has as much free time as they want, if I have 2 hours to play tonight and I start my dailies, but I get killed, np I'll try again.  Crap killed again, switch channels try again, wow it's the same person that killed me all 3 times, are they stalking me across channels?  Maybe try again in a different channel.. wow same person again.  Regardless of my actual needing to get the dailies done, I WANT to get them done otherwise I will be missing out or it will take a lot longer for me to get that cool gear or whatever it is I am going for.  If this happens too many times, it stops becoming a game that is fun to play to a game that I don't log into.  


As I said earlier in the thread, it is too easy for someone to not care one bit that there is actually a person behind an avatar that they are griefing because they have no direct interaction with them and anonymity enables them to do that.  Is it really that hard to not grief people?  PVP griefing kills every game that has both PVP and PVE.  If the game was 100% PVP, you PVP every quest, you PVP the story line, you PVP for crafting, you PVP for any and everything it would die because the company would lose too much money on building the game and not get enough back because the player base was too small.  If you drive away the PVE folks, the game will die.


One thing to add... Do the Asian specific servers / player base have this problem?  Do they grief or do they have civilized PVP?  If they don't grief.. why is NA so different?  



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I've written quite lengthy post and I've addressed the points you claimed aren't addressed. I even specifically mentioned griefing and having limited time to play - using MYSELF as an example of that. Myself that played ~3 hours in the cbt although I had it from the day one.


I mean, you don't have to agree, I respect your views and I don't just say it for the sake of saying it. But please don't belittle my cognitive abilities by saying that the point is lost and then say "grieving", while I've mentioned grieving several times in my post and pretty much taken into consideration grieving, playeres/avatars, spawn-camping, denying dailies etc.

It would have better if you told me to f-ck off than that the point is lost with me (among others, I'd assume).


Again, I respect your views regardless of whether I agree with them or not. And I see where you are coming from. I disagree with stances on certain points and also disagree with the notion about abundance of grieving. And I guess it's fine if you think I am an idiot - which I don't know if you do or don't, but please don't tell me that I didn't get the point of what you are saying. It's very condescending, it sounds as if I didn't get the point because if I did, well, I must have had agreed with you. You can call me a vane person, but I see myself as a person who tries to approach things from various angles and form a conclusion that might be against my own interests, which I find is a good trait.

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Wait, is there blues overwheling every server or something? On mine the reds seem to be trying to take control (even number of faction members on both sides supposedly).


But, if you need to do your pvp dailys..and someone is stalking you.......do them with a PARTY. Not solo.

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