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  1. Game is already put to sleep for most, just do the same and forget it existed. For the people who still somehow find this game interesting, just let them carry on until they eventually realize it's crap and quit too.
  2. This game is the biggest disappointment for me since Archeage, I'm not buying into this crap anymore in the future. MMOs are a dead genre to me now, I won't ever buy a "Founder" pack type thing again in ANY game. - Faction Imbalances - Ridiculous Costume Prices - Wardrobe isn't account wide - Gutted and Gated content to maximize profit regardless of how boring current state of game is or how it destroys the game. - Horrid communication from NCSoft, especially on forums. - Currency Exchange and Gear leveling system is 110% P2W, you can almost achieve all late game max gear with
  3. I disagree with all the white knights claiming that people don't know what pay to win is. I'm sorry, but a lot falls under the p2w umbrella not just items with stats on it. Anything that gives you a significant advantage in end game etc. is p2w in my book and this game is 110% p2w. And who cares about Arena, it was suppose to be the best part of the game and it's a complete bust. 9/10 players are summoners, the rest are playing KFMs/Des/LBM. All the combo setups are the same predicable garbage, almost every match is played just as expected. I still find it hilarious as hell that people t
  4. 24mans and dailys are garbage time sinks, the game is getting boring.. population is dying faster then i would have ever thought, pretty depressing but tbh i'm not that upset after all the other mmos that disappointed before.. game won't be much after 6 months unfortunately, time to move on from this genre.
  5. Yea I'm not buying an item that allows me to remove it from one characters wardrobe and put it in anothers, that's such an backhand to the face of players. They should be working on a 1 time item that makes your entire wardrobe account wide, PERIOD. This game is really getting shady, it just goes to show no matter how much passion people have for a beautiful and amazing product, corporate greed will always ruin it.
  6. owpvp is dead in this game already. too many streamers spread the word to join blue and became the very cancer they claimed to be trying to counter. just forget about it and let it go because ncsoft isn't going to do anything about it. game is pve and arena from here on out.
  7. I kinda feel like OP made this thread just to get a reaction, I haven't heard of many people being displeased with this game at all. Even if it did go south in a year and a half or two it will have been a fun couple years.
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