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  1. I let go long ago. Doesn't mean I can't lurk forums to stay up to date on how the game is failing, I'm also helping others move on from this disaster.
  2. Nope. It could have been the best PVP MMO but it's not. Even WoW's arena system is better then this game, sorry. And I originally played the game for PvP, it's trash.
  3. Don't worry the Honeymoon will be short and bittersweet. It's a really cool game that has been completely fumbled by an inept company like their past titles. Don't fall too in-love because you will end up heartbroken, it's better to move on asap. Don't listen to the guys who suggest not reading the forums and ignoring these warnings, they're in too deep and make excuses for the disaster at hand because they simply haven't learned to let go.
  4. Game is already put to sleep for most, just do the same and forget it existed. For the people who still somehow find this game interesting, just let them carry on until they eventually realize it's crap and quit too.
  5. Regardless of how much sense any of you make in regards to how bad this game has been mis-managed and how bad the bot/hacking issue is, there will always be that small army of supreme douchebags that defends the game until the servers are taken down. That low level lifeform mouth breather crowed that's more focused on leaving low effort replies focused on criticizing your grammar rather then processing the issues at hand. Those who's logic is so twisted they're convinced that because some other games have or have had bots, that this somehow is the norm and justifies current game for having b
  6. It's too late for this game unfortunately, RIP.
  7. It's over for this game, the only people sticking around are the diehards that will play regardless of all the issues.
  8. While I agree with what you've said the mere fact that you feel compelled to create such a thread should feel rather reminiscent in relation to failed MMOs of the past. Archeage, Wildstar, the list goes on. You, just as I and other experienced MMO players know that this pattern will not be corrected and it doesn't matter how much potential the game has/had. Half a year to a year from now everyone will be griping about how great the game could have been just like every other mis-handled MMO. The sooner you move on the better.
  9. As someone who mained Sin, I'm sorry but ForceMaster completely destroys an Assassin regardless of skill. If you're a FM having issues with Assassin then you have A LOT to learn. Stop complaining and go practice, as soon as you get it down you'll eat Sins for free wins most of the time.
  10. I don't agree that the game has a healthy population of "human" players, I think there's more bots then people that play the game. As "one of those people" who's played MMOs for about 20 years and has seen what "Healthy" and "Dead" games look like, this game is dying a horrible death. The forums are a barren wasteland compared to what a healthy community looks like. I don't care of the trade off of B2P vs F2P, account stealing etc. is nowhere near as much of a rampant issue as bots etc. I'm sure you and others disagree with my point of view and that's fine, this is how I personally feel
  11. It should be B2P, F2P is absolute trash. Yea, we all know it's nice and convenient to be able to jump into a game but.. Look what happens to every F2P MMO, always the same issues and the game always dies fast. I still don't understand why any game should be free in the first place, why people have problems paying for things.
  12. I don't know what's going on in runescape so I can't comment on that, but this game is already "murdered" and "dead". It's only getting worse, do you really think it will kill it any faster? I dunno.
  13. Lol "Almost" ruined? This game is dead. Haven't you already seen the motions of a dying game, how it happens.. How people deny it and act like everything is ok? Same crap happened to Wildstar, in fact there's STILL people on the Wildstar forums that will reply with crap like "Oh great another game dead post, game is fine I'm loving it". Find something new to play if you're not happy here, just about everyone else is that's why there's hardly any real people in game and the message boards are stale.
  14. Trading should be disabled period, of ANYTHING unless it's account bound. Sure it kinda sucks but it would get rid of bots entirely and the game would much different.
  15. Do -NOT- quit FFXIV for this game you will be seriously disappointed within weeks. This game is not in a good place and it's only getting worse. There are plenty of things to like about this game, especially the feel of combat however it doesn't take long for that to get old. The main aspect of the game here is the cash shop, then dailies and arena which are a side show. Stay on Final Fantasy.
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