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  1. Hips definitely are not a bad thing. There are far to many chars i run into on mushin that are literally sticks. really tall, really skinny and somehow have big breasts lol.. its very awkward to look at. Like the chars are sick or something. Usually its yun's that are the most poorly designed but i rarely see evenly proportioned jins or gons either. Almost always way to big hands way to big feet, tall & skinny but some how have big boobs lol
  2. Yep. North American gaming community doesnt know shit about economics on average. That's why the currency exchange is in shambles. This system works fine on other regions because people arent stupid about it and dont ridiculously undercut all the time lol they understand that EVERYONE can profit if EVERYONE plays it the right way. same goes for auction. People put stuff for higher prices & keep them there. under cutting isnt crazy common or dramatic.
  3. blocked off? lol stop exaggerating. what they are suppose to make every item obtainable in low level dungeons? basically every mmo does this. lots of new things even cosmetics get put in the recent content all the time...
  4. Broken friends list, broken idle animations, broken dialogue, worse optimization since the CN launch of bns.. i dont understand why west is getting treated this way *sigh* they made almost 20 million dollars off of us already is that not enough to hire some more people & get this stuff sorted out? its been months... of things breaking and not hardly any info on why things are like this..
  5. Also noticed this... we really need word on whats up with this. our friends list is broken with no mention, features disabled and animations missing from idle poses! -__- how much more shafted is bns na going to get lol the game is years old and we have the worse running & buggies build of all time.
  6. sadly wont happen any time soon if ever. has been this way forever in kr with no word from the devs. Its largely speculated by people who have messed with bns code that it, like many other bugs are the result of them using UE3 on a freaking MMO and DX9 lol its caused so many issues with bns as a game largely noticable is the poor optimization. I always say this, but the only thing that rivals bns amazing enjoyability as a game is its insanely poor build design.
  7. I already do that in real life though lol You just proved my point and the point is that wanting a simple feature in a game doesnt automatically mean someone has no life. that is where you fail and why your huge logic leaps are so insulting. You are so narrow minded that you see someone want something and your brain defaults to an insulting view on the person which is incredibly stupid. Wanting a feature in the game does not automatically mean someone is lacking those experiences in the real world and / or is a basement dwelling lonely person. If anything its you that needs to
  8. People like you fail so hard its crazy. You always jump to wild conclusions because people want a certain feature in. Why not stop taking huge leaps in logic and jumping to insult people you dont even know? Seriously. How does wanting a feature like this automatically brand someone as not living life?
  9. Weapon skins already hide the identity of a weapon though... so this point doesnt make sense oxo
  10. Yep. this is the answer. The game is free, therefore all kinds of no lifes trolls & weirdos with nothing better to do can get on and waste more of their lives acting stupid on a game. Just in the same way its so easy for bots to keep flooding in cause there is no barrier of entry. This too. no real punishments anywhere =/
  11. Wow thats very odd.. did they lock all topics before the site overhaul? unfortunate =P
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