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  1. Too much work. Server transfer passes were suppose to be out already but the dev team i having issues. ncwest said on one of the live streams that it might come out by the end of the summer for kr. Not sure how long for na / eu. I blame under staffing.
  2. Easy if you spam CS with a premade. he probably also had aot of exp charms left over from past p2w events
  3. BNS has amazing combat. thats really the core reason why it blew up over the years. the games combat loop is just satisfying & fun and theres so many diverse classes to exercise this fun in. regardless of how shitty the game runs, how bad ncsoft manages the game there will always be a large number of hardcore players that cant break away from the game because its simply too fun lol No mmo out there has combat as tight & fun as bns. there are only some similar but its way more shallow.
  4. Good thing transmuting gems isnt really necessary lol.. the amount of money & time you will invest into the process is no where near worth the dps you get out of it. its a epeen carrot on a stick trick to artificially extend your play time and consumtion of the game. no one should really waste their time with them especially if you consider getting legendary gear.
  5. Hips definitely are not a bad thing. There are far to many chars i run into on mushin that are literally sticks. really tall, really skinny and somehow have big breasts lol.. its very awkward to look at. Like the chars are sick or something. Usually its yun's that are the most poorly designed but i rarely see evenly proportioned jins or gons either. Almost always way to big hands way to big feet, tall & skinny but some how have big boobs lol
  6. lmao bsh is like 350 content. and there is this thing called x server. people need to stop pretending they need insane ap to do easy content.
  7. Also suddenly busted in alot of ways. My fps are down from usual and my characters facial animations are broken again. i dont see any of the idle blinking or mouth movements. every char i look at including my own is back to stone face stares like weeks ago -_-
  8. Ark gets it. way to much stylized hair for that kind of neon pink. Would be better if a dark blue or green or something was the hair.
  9. I vote the first one. that hair style is too sophisticated for loud bright pink hair imo. Darker hair tone would fit better.
  10. Wow im sorry so many are having issues now :( i feel like my issue wasnt nearly as bad. first the market & now this. I hope the dev team can get a hotfix out soon to stabilize things.
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