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  1. Game dying?

    There is way too much grind per content now. You have to do everything 40+ times before you "progress". Before the ratio of grind to content was much better and you could start a new class if you got bored. Now I don't even think about leveling my other classes because of the 45-50 grind AND Hongmoon levels, not to mention the equipment grind.
  2. Low population? Come mushin server NA !

    No one is going to start over from level 1. There's way too much grinding to be done from scratch. We've been asking for server transfer for a very long time now. The server population everywhere outside of Mushin has dropped like a rock.
  3. "This Game is P2W smh"

    This game is pay2win but only for open world PvP. I used to dislike this very much, but I've gotten used to not doing anything in Misty Woods anymore since bots are making soulstone quests not the top money making activity anymore and my computer can't handle blackwyrm lag, not to mention my server is dying. Hongmoon skill books are now cheap enough that you can farm them in a few weeks and supposedly they will be easier to get after the next patch. You don't need blackwyrm rings or even awakened pirate to comfortably do naru lab 4. Look at the bright side of the currency exchange. In Black Desert Online, there are pay2win items such as the ghillie suit and it costs $30. There is no way to get it without paying cash for it.
  4. I'm about to hit level 45 on my warlock, but the silverfrost update is apparently coming out on wednesday making siren and pirate weapons useless, and those tokens are only awarded after maintenance :(
  5. It looks like they disabled gameguard again and now blade and soul is lag free again. I guess the culprit really was gameguard. I hope NCSoft can kill the bots and hackers without making us lag.
  6. +1 for afk fishing lol. Actually I think it would be easier for bdo to get rid of xigncode since you can't trade to other players in that game anyway.
  7. The reason why this isn't done is because people ran out of marketplace slots. If you ask ncsoft to remove the marketplace slots from premium then there wouldn't be this issue.
  8. Merry Potter Secret Technique Value

    The profit you make from premium tempered refiner is almost nothing now so no one cares about it anymore. Moonwater tears are skyrocketing so people are solo farming brightstone and so the supplies goes up.
  9. hm never mind the stutters are back
  10. I had the same issue, using a gtx 660. I solved it today by closing a program that was using up only 1 core (when I had 8) and all the stutters went away.
  11. Gameguard, Bot's, Spamming

    Why was poharan's perfume 1s? Why were radiant ring secret addendums 2s? When useless items gets discovered by a patch or announcement, they instantly gain value. With your proposal it will take a week for an item to rise to its true value, and meanwhile there will be almost no one selling the item. A lot of people make moonwater transformation stones and that right there is over 50g. I don't have 5 accounts, but I have 3, and it is really easy to use them as mules or use them to sell items on the marketplace if I run out of the ridiculously low 10 slots for the day. I am not grinding them all to 45 to do dailies. It takes 1.5 hours to get to 16. Lol and why would anyone with multiple accounts want this hassle and to only be able to trade once a day? And do you really think ncsoft wants to vet thousands of accounts every day for this? I don't want to GIVE THEM AWAY. I want to SELL them and people sell these things all the time.
  12. So maybe this might work for you, but I had a program running in the background that used up a core, which normally shouldn't be an issue because I have 8 cores and BNS only uses 1 as well. But after I closed the other program the freezes stopped. I am guessing gameguard is somehow causing the freezes by scanning processes using significant cpu.
  13. Gameguard, Bot's, Spamming

    Most of these ideas are horrible and/or don't even solve the issues. So it would become impossible to trade blackwyrm rings, skill books, or even sell a day's worth of moonwater transformation stones? This is a nice idea but it doesn't eliminate the need to send gold to alts. I have multiple accounts for more character slots/wheel rolls/marketplace slots and I bet many other people do too. And most legit players use this method to transfer gold to their alts cross server. And this will make the market really slow and bad. If an item sold for 1g and everyone knows it is worth 400g, who is going to be the sucker that sells their item for 10g, 20g, 30g, etc...? It won't be me. If you want to shut down bots, detect bot behavior directly. Check out how much often they zone in and out of an instance. Check how much gold they farmed from quests and mobs. See if they are sitting on the same coordinates. See how many hours a day they are fighting and not idling.
  14. Does anyone know if this is allowed?