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  1. New and infatuated

    I let go long ago. Doesn't mean I can't lurk forums to stay up to date on how the game is failing, I'm also helping others move on from this disaster.
  2. Nope. It could have been the best PVP MMO but it's not. Even WoW's arena system is better then this game, sorry. And I originally played the game for PvP, it's trash.
  3. New and infatuated

    Don't worry the Honeymoon will be short and bittersweet. It's a really cool game that has been completely fumbled by an inept company like their past titles. Don't fall too in-love because you will end up heartbroken, it's better to move on asap. Don't listen to the guys who suggest not reading the forums and ignoring these warnings, they're in too deep and make excuses for the disaster at hand because they simply haven't learned to let go.
  4. Game is already put to sleep for most, just do the same and forget it existed. For the people who still somehow find this game interesting, just let them carry on until they eventually realize it's crap and quit too.
  5. please read the truth about ncsoft

    Regardless of how much sense any of you make in regards to how bad this game has been mis-managed and how bad the bot/hacking issue is, there will always be that small army of supreme douchebags that defends the game until the servers are taken down. That low level lifeform mouth breather crowed that's more focused on leaving low effort replies focused on criticizing your grammar rather then processing the issues at hand. Those who's logic is so twisted they're convinced that because some other games have or have had bots, that this somehow is the norm and justifies current game for having bots. You can't reason with these individuals, they're the type that love being taken advantage of and thrive off ignorance and stupidity. They surround themselves with other mouth breathing fedora knights and live in their dirty little circle jerk bubble patting each other on the back reassuring themselves that the game doesn't have problems. Just do yourself a favor and get off the game and go play something worth your money. Sooner or later regardless of how inept they are, it's only a matter of time before something doesn't go their way and they realize what garbage this game has become. Let them rot here convincing themselves that the game is 'good' just like the kids that still play Wildstar who stand around wondering why nobody else plays. "Can I haz your stuff" Hurr Durr *drools on self*
  6. Letter to NCSoft - Mend the Broken

    It's too late for this game unfortunately, RIP.
  7. Why everyone is quiting

    It's over for this game, the only people sticking around are the diehards that will play regardless of all the issues.
  8. Letter to NC

    While I agree with what you've said the mere fact that you feel compelled to create such a thread should feel rather reminiscent in relation to failed MMOs of the past. Archeage, Wildstar, the list goes on. You, just as I and other experienced MMO players know that this pattern will not be corrected and it doesn't matter how much potential the game has/had. Half a year to a year from now everyone will be griping about how great the game could have been just like every other mis-handled MMO. The sooner you move on the better.
  9. As someone who mained Sin, I'm sorry but ForceMaster completely destroys an Assassin regardless of skill. If you're a FM having issues with Assassin then you have A LOT to learn. Stop complaining and go practice, as soon as you get it down you'll eat Sins for free wins most of the time.
  10. Disable Trading of Gold

    I don't agree that the game has a healthy population of "human" players, I think there's more bots then people that play the game. As "one of those people" who's played MMOs for about 20 years and has seen what "Healthy" and "Dead" games look like, this game is dying a horrible death. The forums are a barren wasteland compared to what a healthy community looks like. I don't care of the trade off of B2P vs F2P, account stealing etc. is nowhere near as much of a rampant issue as bots etc. I'm sure you and others disagree with my point of view and that's fine, this is how I personally feel and why I quit the game 3 weeks ago. It's also why I won't play anymore F2P games, and why I jump ship as soon as things go south rather then sinking with Titanic as I have in the past. It's simply not worth it, "I assure you she will sink". Anyway, cheers.
  11. Disable Trading of Gold

    It should be B2P, F2P is absolute trash. Yea, we all know it's nice and convenient to be able to jump into a game but.. Look what happens to every F2P MMO, always the same issues and the game always dies fast. I still don't understand why any game should be free in the first place, why people have problems paying for things.
  12. Disable Trading of Gold

    I don't know what's going on in runescape so I can't comment on that, but this game is already "murdered" and "dead". It's only getting worse, do you really think it will kill it any faster? I dunno.
  13. Game is almost completely ruined...

    Lol "Almost" ruined? This game is dead. Haven't you already seen the motions of a dying game, how it happens.. How people deny it and act like everything is ok? Same crap happened to Wildstar, in fact there's STILL people on the Wildstar forums that will reply with crap like "Oh great another game dead post, game is fine I'm loving it". Find something new to play if you're not happy here, just about everyone else is that's why there's hardly any real people in game and the message boards are stale.
  14. Disable Trading of Gold

    Trading should be disabled period, of ANYTHING unless it's account bound. Sure it kinda sucks but it would get rid of bots entirely and the game would much different.
  15. qutting main mmo over this one

    Do -NOT- quit FFXIV for this game you will be seriously disappointed within weeks. This game is not in a good place and it's only getting worse. There are plenty of things to like about this game, especially the feel of combat however it doesn't take long for that to get old. The main aspect of the game here is the cash shop, then dailies and arena which are a side show. Stay on Final Fantasy.
  16. Game dying or just unpopulated server?

    And others such as myself can't stand people who act coy and ignorant to the facts playing down their significance. This has nothing to do with being spoiled or challenging content. There isn't anything groundbreaking about the content overseas that has yet to come to NA and when it arrives it will change nothing about how repetitive & hollow BNS is. Quitting has nothing to do with being a "winner" or "loser" but rather having interest in investing time into better things that can't be had here. Good for you, stick around if settling for what this game has to offer is good to you, nobody cares.
  17. The only REAL solution is to quit playing and stop investing time into games run by companies that aren't willing to fund proper methods to combat these issues. The F2P model itself is atrocious and welcomes the cancer in from the start, it would take the hiring of GMs to police the servers actively banning 24/7 to ever really be effective. The truth is regardless of what any community manager or employee at NCSoft will say, they're not willing to spend money on such things because it takes away from profit. Their only interest is minimizing staff and spending money of any kind and to keep everything automated. Most efforts will only come in the form of cash shop and methods to entice customers to spend as much money as possible until the life is sucked out of the game. They just don't care, you can argue about it and deny it all you want but that's the truth and the customer is the one who loses in the end. Sooner you get out, the better.
  18. Game dying or just unpopulated server?

    Definitely dying, it's no secret this game has been going downhill for a while. Sad, I was really excited for it and had a lot of fun for the first couple of weeks too. It's over boys, only those in denial or that are still into the PvP (why?) and actually think there will be a serious Esport (it wont and esl community cup is nothing serious) community will continue to stick around. But hey, if you're still having fun don't worry about those things. Play until you're not having fun anymore.
  19. Lol some people will never stop making excuses. Not everyone is playing Warlock, a new class shouldn't have much if any effect on queue times, people still do dailies on their mains and pvp. The game has been dying and dying fast, stop being in denial. Titanic is here. I really loved this game but it's the damn truth.
  20. why i see less and less everyday?

    No its not, and those of us being realistic are tired of shit like yours as well. "Game is still packed, game isn't dying, all my friends are still here". No it's not and no they're not. Stop making up crap, the game is losing players like crazy. Being in denial doesn't change reality, bns is a sinking ship. Get mad all you want but that's the facts.
  21. Why you quit?

    This game is the biggest disappointment for me since Archeage, I'm not buying into this crap anymore in the future. MMOs are a dead genre to me now, I won't ever buy a "Founder" pack type thing again in ANY game. - Faction Imbalances - Ridiculous Costume Prices - Wardrobe isn't account wide - Gutted and Gated content to maximize profit regardless of how boring current state of game is or how it destroys the game. - Horrid communication from NCSoft, especially on forums. - Currency Exchange and Gear leveling system is 110% P2W, you can almost achieve all late game max gear with real money. - Priority Focus and game changes always on Cash Shop first, what RNG boxes can we get away with and how much can we rotate/charge for costumes. - End game is nothing but daily CHORES, none of it is fun after 1-2 days, huge time-sink for little reward. - Arena balance is a complete bust, almost everyone has re-rolled summoner for e z wins. Good players constantly tank rating to go back up ladder farming soulstone pouches. - Bots Gone Wild - Forums are a Ghost Town, there's more bot spam then there are posts. - Toxic community full of swipe lords who defend every NCSoft move, 9/10 people aren't helpful or kind to others just here for the lel trolls. There's a LOT to complain about and sadly it's not just NCSoft or this game. The MMO genre and community itself is tired and need to go away for a few years until the approach has been completely revamped and someone is able to take a innovative fresh approach. We also need to get past the current F2P/P2W Cash Grab business model, it's cancer. Too many game companies will burn their game to the ground just to make a bunch of money upfront instead of making much more in the long run, it's sad and bad business. In regards to the community, it's not just the mmo or gaming community that's toxic.. It's people in the internet in general. Most people think sitting in front of their computer is a license to be a complete piece of garbage with no empathy for others. Some people don't even understand how to communicate without being a troll, it's very sad when you take a step back and think about it, it needs to change. We've all had those moments and at times its funny but currently the entire internet has become one huge troll. I look forward to things changing sometime and I hope some company finally gets it right with another MMO, not only being able to produce a good product but also communicate properly with their customers and realize that none of us need the game nor company.. The Company needs us. Warlock isn't going to save this game, nor is it going to add more then a couple weeks to its longevity. The class should have been available on launch, so should have level 50 content. Too little, too late.
  22. BNS Became P2W !

    I disagree with all the white knights claiming that people don't know what pay to win is. I'm sorry, but a lot falls under the p2w umbrella not just items with stats on it. Anything that gives you a significant advantage in end game etc. is p2w in my book and this game is 110% p2w. And who cares about Arena, it was suppose to be the best part of the game and it's a complete bust. 9/10 players are summoners, the rest are playing KFMs/Des/LBM. All the combo setups are the same predicable garbage, almost every match is played just as expected. I still find it hilarious as hell that people think this game is really going to become a legit esport in NA/EU, sorry but Asian markets are far more tolerable of BS. Most you're gonna get is dumpster ESL open community runs with the same 5 people winning and boring imperial bns with cringe worthy hosts.
  23. Nah I'm done spending money here.
  24. why i see less and less everyday?

    Bro these forums are dead as shit, games that are alive and kicking don't have the same 2 reply topics up for a week. Hardly anyone posts here at all, maybe the game you came from was worse but still. This place is a ghost town and it's only getting worse daily.
  25. Seeing that most people who are still playing the game agree with the concept of the Exchange Market and "Pay to Progress" system, I see no reason to not have this feature. By trading NCoin for gold, the only steps required in maxing end-game weapons and accessories to max is having to buy mats off the in-game marketplace and hit the craft button. I'd like to have even more convenience so that I don't have to do that, can't I just buy True Pirate from the cash shop directly to save me time? Thanks.