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  1. CTRL+F is not working

    uh, there was a button on that esc menu.. lol, i'm so blind.. thank you
  2. CTRL+F is not working

    Hello there. I've recently heard that ctrl+f is hiding your party members in combat and as i said in title, IS NOT WORKING and i really need that setting. Can anyone tell me why is not working or if is there any other option to hide them (don't tell about ctrl+x bcs that is hiding the ui). I'm watching back for any help, thanks.
  3. Chapter 7 bug

    nvm, i fixed it.
  4. Chapter 7 bug

    Hello. I just got the game and bought the Student Bundle to can play without waiting and after a short time i've got stuck in Chapter 7 when this NPC is repeating the same task over and over again, even if i've done it. Usually he should go to the Proving Grounds and i should fallow him (after i finished the dummy quests). I tried almost everything i could do (and i was beta tester for many games, i know some ways to fix it but doesn't work). There are the pics with the bug: http://imgur.com/a/w6jSG , please help :|