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  1. So what if one class takes more time to master than another? That's almost necessarily always going to be the case for video games. Are you jealous of the fact that another class can find success faster than you? If that's what you care about, play the easy class, get easy rating, and enjoy yourself. If you want to play a more difficult class because you feel rewarded by putting effort in and seeing results, then play your more difficult class, work on getting better over time, and enjoy yourself. People concern themselves so much with everyone else's experience. So Blade Dancer and Summoner are easy. Ask yourself why that matters to you. If you absolutely cannot deal with someone else being a higher rating without putting as much time into the game as you, then I don't know how you'll ever be happy in any game.
  2. Yes, Jaesung could destroy people with any class. However, that alone should tell you something about how skill factors into this game. Especially in a 1v1 balanced game, pointing to someone who is succeeding and say "Look, it's possible, now get out there and achieve" is, I think, perfectly legitimate. The fact that it isn't legitimate to say "Look what skill can do" in a game people complain is supposed to be about skill but isn't because of OP is, in my opinion, really disheartening. I love gaming, and I fear for the future of it if this is the mentality that is prevalent among gamers. People have had idols to help inspire them to greatness since forever, whether it's sports, music, etc. Why can't that happen in a game, too? Why don't we care about how much skillful players can wreck in this game?
  3. That analogy applies if people are complaining about the regulation size/shape/dimensions of the football to the NFL. If you ask them to change because you (the general 'you') can't throw very well in your intramural league, that's the analogy to asking NCSoft to rebalance the game because you haven't yet acquired the skill to use the classes at a competitive level. Why would they listen to you if you haven't put the time and effort in to master the game/train yourself to throw a football well?
  4. I have yet to see 75% of my health bar disappear in one combo, which suggests to me that in order to do something like that, you need to pull off a long sequence of moves that probably involves something like tech chasing or other skillful play to keep the chain going despite the other player's actions (as I don't think I'm at a very skillful rating right now). I'm not saying it can't be done, but if I haven't seen it, I'm guessing you have to reach a certain level of play in order to do it. And isn't that sort of what people wanted? A game that required skill to pull things off? I'll grant you, typically while you're in these combos you can't control your character, but it makes me question what people think skilled play involves. Two people spamming their highest DPS rotation at one another until one falls over? Throwing one CC out, which can be countered by a trinket so you never lose control of your character? In a 1v1 situation, what are people looking for? Now don't get me wrong, I think you're correct. Taking it one step further, I don't think Western audiences are capable of handling a competitive 1v1 MMO en masse. I think this was going to be a niche game from the start, with a crowd thinking it was what they wanted and realizing it isn't. And I think that's OK. Niche games are wonderful, because everyone has different tastes, and it often means a group's individual tastes are satisfied much better than a lowest common denominator game like WoW could ever achieve. The only unfortunate thing, imo, is how people are going out of their way to trash the game on their way out because they don't like it. That's just bad show.
  5. Why are BM so crap in Arena?

    It sounds like if you level BM, you might be in for frustration and a tough road ahead. However, if players are reaching top 10 on the class, it obviously has potential to excel. You just have to really put the effort in, and if you find that rewarding, then I think you should still level BM. Honestly, the "wait until 50" mantra is something I don't condone, because all it does is support the "Things Get Better" mentality of waiting for the game to change for you. I can't say that I know exactly what changes at 50 with other HM skills, but you'll still have to deal with many fundamental mechanics people are complaining about, so I say find a playstyle you like and stick with it.
  6. I'm tickled pink at the fact that basically nothing changed in the game, but now Destroyers aren't the "spin2win" imba they used to be only a few weeks ago. If only people would realize this scenario as a lesson when complaining about a game. I'm not saying Destroyers are weak or strong, but it almost seems like people figured out how to beat their "meta" build, and now collectively Destroyers need to move away from what they have been doing and find something else that works. People are just more likely to abandon a bandwagon class than actually try to make it work.
  7. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    I actually agree this is the best way to do it, but I'm not sure BnS designed their systems from the ground up to support something like this. I don't see why they couldn't, or wouldn't necessarily because it's an important feature for MMOs, but if they have no way to force a character to channel any abilities despite current state, they're a bit SOL. I think Aion might have been better prepared because the Z-axis was a well-traveled thing with actual flying. You can't hover and cast in BnS, so they might not have the actual systems in place to support it. Unfortunately.
  8. Actually, my biggest complaint right now is not being able to collect/turn in my quests because Ceru is farming all of our NPCs on every channel. It's difficult enough completing the quests, why does it have to be sometimes impossible to pick them up/turn them in, too? And if your (general 'you', not you specifically, @Whargoul) answer is "PvP game" or "clear them out of your base with your faction", I question how much PvP is happening because I'm waiting on the tower to collect my quests instead of being out around the area doing them. And my faction is basically a ghost that can barely muster a half-defense of one channel when someone tries really hard to organize them, so that's also simply out.
  9. Destroyer's VS Assassin is a bad joke.

    If you get knocked up once, isn't that enough until you actually give birth? #pregnancyjokes #i'llbehereallweek #i'llseemyselfout
  10. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    Recounted my tale of earlier to an old friend of mine, and he mentioned that you can't use the unstuck/escape command in WoW unless you haven't taken damage for roughly 30 seconds or so. I think that's also an appropriate solution.
  11. Based on the forums, I would assume Blade Dancers spam spin while Destroyers spam Spin, and whoever spins the other to death first wins the match-up. Is that not how the game actually plays?
  12. "Practically"? After Cerus gang-jump me, one of them almost always whispers me now to ask me if I want to kill trade. I always respond with an affirmative, that I'll be right back there, then I intentionally never show up.
  13. BnS P2W now?

    If you aren't winning without your HM skill right now, you aren't going to win with it. For FM, it is the difference between your Inferno auto-critting on a stunned/dazed opponent, and your Inferno maybe critting on a stunned/dazed opponent. Then again, I don't think it's P2W for PvE either, because you don't win anything. You just finish your gear-up journey faster, and all PvE is in most games is the journey. If anything you're spending money to sell yourself short. Any competition in PvE is imagined, really, so it's only P2W if you make it your business to be the most geared person on the server.
  14. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    I'd be intrigued to know if this is something they can actually determine in-game, as in if they keep track of your combat state relative to who is in combat with you directly. I would assume there's some sort of connection, but it's one of the more reasonable suggestions I've seen, personally. If they don't already have structure in place to keep track of who you're in combat with, they might have to design a framework for it, in which case I don't think it's a very viable option.
  15. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    As much as I don't think it's a good thing to be able to instantly escape, I'll admit I used it today in my favorite way possible. I was sneaking a Waido kill amidst a sea of Cerulean channels on Poharan, and an FM came and tried to kill me when Waido was at half health. Not to be discouraged, I dropped some Divine Veil, kept focusing Waido. Was thrown a few times, but just kept focusing Waido. After a second Divine Veil, I was able to kill Waido, then pop Frost Sheath, throw out a choice childish capitalized insult, then Escape back to the tent. After having to deal with barely being able to even accept my quests to start doing them, this made me incredibly happy. I think this needs some sort of change, but until it IS changed, I'm going to make the most of it.
  16. How does the system work?

    I hope he can discover the joy in measured attacking instead it being like every other MMO where you slam your buttons constantly. The biggest thing to learn as FM against BD/BM/KFM/Assassin/Destroyer/Summoner is to not spam your abilities. Attacks need to be purposeful and timed, even simple RMB/LMBs. I went into the arena at the start using my abilities freely (PvE muscle memory), and I would get caned by people because everything I did was easy to anticipate. Once you step back and don't attack, you'll notice some people spamming things like Counter, and you realize that it's the key to their success against you. Take that away and the dynamic instantly changes. Also, if he wants to practice a few things just out in PvE, I highly recommend practicing Chill/Freeze management. If you start with something as simple as: 1. Freeze target. 2. At 1 stack of Chill while Target frozen, RMB->LMB->Impact->RMB->LMB. 3. RMB->LMB to get 1 stack of chill again, repeat step 2. When I'm in Mushin's Tower, I use 1F to practice watching Chill stacks. Most of the fight against the melee contenders is just me bouncing them around the arena, permafrozen, while standing behind them. I'm not doing max damage, but it's a matter of getting a feel for automatically recognizing what you need to do next when the target is at X chill stacks to combo them up. Also, I very highly recommend going to Settings -> Targeting -> Target Status Effects and changing it to "Display Icons". Maybe it's because I'm over 6 feet away from my TV when I play the game, but noticing 2 little blue orbs for Chill stacks is much easier than reading a "1" vs a "2" at a glance. Good luck out there!
  17. Worry less about the Summoner class and more about yourself. Maybe you'll improve.
  18. And remember folks, you don't have to do 100% ultra-fine tuning for every class. Pick a few things that you find are useful against one class but not another (for example Tab breaking out of Grip, or an ability that can be spec'd to break Defensive abilities or Offensive-Defensive abilities, but not both at once), and switch between those first. Get a feel for it, then expand slowly. No need to eat the whole cake in one bite, Booster style. If anyone even gets that reference, I'll give you a standing ovation in my apartment.
  19. It makes sense to me. In our < 2 month stint, players do not have enough experience to overcome the challenges present in the game, nor the patience to see their practice through to reward. As a result, classes that are "easier" still have the advantage, because those that require more in the way of practice/execution aren't seeing the time investment they need. I just don't see why that's such a bad thing? And by the way I: 1) Play FM. 2) Never played BnS in a foreign version, nor in any of the betas. 3) Figure everyone else has the same < 2 month experience as myself. Did anyone play Soul Caliber 2? I remember two specific scenarios in that game: one, Raphael had a three-hit combo where the 2nd hit broke your block, and it happened in rapid succession. I specifically remember having no idea what to do against that move being spammed. Also, I had spent hours practicing combos and generally working on mechanics for one of the characters (I forget, I think Talim?), then I played a friend who used Nightmare and just did wide-swath attacks that swept around. I had no idea how to get close to him and I was furious. And that was a fighting game. What do people think fighting games are? Quintessential "every fighter is balanced" games where you never get frustrated at tactics that feel cheesy when you're learning the game? Whatever the expectation that this game would be, the fact that each class has representation in the top 50/20/10(?) shows that skill, in the end, is the most impactful factor. You just need to go out and claim that skill through time and effort, neither of which people care to contribute, really. Also, if I recall, fighting games have always been niche communities that aren't nearly as big as other games, like LoL/DOTA 2. They're niche because their evolution really requires someone to find a strategy that works well, use it to be as cheesy as possible, and force everyone to figure out a way to beat it. Once they figure out how to beat it, the cycle continues. You just need that stubborn mindset, instead of falling back on the developer fixing all of your issues to muscle through.

    Actually, trying to spam is what is probably killing most FMs. Just last night I fought a Destro who literally just spammed spin as we circle strafed each other, and I ruined him two rounds in a row. I personally like how those spammable abilities make you stop and think about what you're doing. Maybe it's because I play the class that is forced to stop and think while other classes feel they can get away with spamming, but I'm very appreciative of how melee classes can spam block/counter/spins/etc.
  21. I'm glad you will at least see that core mechanics probably aren't changing, so the main thing that changes is giving classes more abilities/flexibility. If people want to stay though, they're going to need to learn how to counter these things. And if you don't like the style, you're probably better off leaving than hoping everything magically changes at 50. Balance is highly subjective around here, but if you don't like/hate how the game is balanced, I'd definitely advise looking elsewhere for entertainment. EDIT - I'd also argue the PvP in this game is designed better than any MMO I've ever played in the past 10 years, but again, design is a highly subjective topic.
  22. Not liking the game is fine, getting frustrated is fine too. But hoping and wishing that the game dies when others might enjoy it even with its faults, just because you got angry a bit and threw your money at it before making sure it was something you wanted to enjoy playing for a longer period of time? I can't think of anything more pathetically childish than wishing ill on a video game just because you didn't feel you got your money's worth, or didn't enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Goodbye forever, you won't be missed, and may no MMO released in the future ever make you happy. (Do you see how silly that sounds?)
  23. 5 reasons to stop playing bns

    I'd really love to know what went through your head when you read my post, step by step, because you landed on ragey insults somehow when I didn't even remotely insinuate anything about the game's balance. Check yourself.
  24. Easy ways to balance skewed factions

    I really like the idea of providing a few choice metrics for each channel when we select them. They can show up on the confirmation screen for convenience sake, even if that probably isn't the most efficient/UX friendly way to do it. At least that way, at the very very least, you don't stand on top of the tower waiting for your channel cooldown just to hope the next is OK.
  25. @people complaining about lag

    All I'm saying is, if the problem exists at a point between your computer and their server, what do you want them to do about it? If two people are connecting to their same arena server, and one doesn't have any issues while the other does, what do you want them to do about it? At that point, whatever needs to be done is going to take internal discussions, analysis, and time. It probably isn't as simple as "upgrade servers", as you eloquently put it. And I don't agree that you choosing to throw money at their free game allows you a pass on respect. NCSoft actually isn't obligated to do anything. I bet in their Terms of Service, they can turn everything off on a whim and no one can do anything about it. They might ruin their reputation forever, but this "customer is always right" attitude kills me inside. If you've spent any time in any service industry working with people, you'll know that mutual respect goes way, way further than yelling demands.