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  1. And the "you mailed it to your alt mushin" and "you put it on market" parts?
  2. Does anyone else feel the same as I do?

    For which part? I mean, what did they emphasize? I see no ground for a warning.
  3. I somehow only got ogong so far. But I must ask, what you consider hard with him specifically? He is basically doing all the standard boss-like things, except the non-telegraphed stick attac - which you avoid with SS, for example. Rest of moves are telegraphed and you just move from the aoe and continue. It's rinse and repeat until he dies. Now, I didn't encounter any other boss so far, so I can't exactly comment, maybe I'll find dokumo easier than ogong, but I am curious as to what did you find challenging with ogong. Only dangerous thing that he does, that is not standard, is the mentioned stick attack with no telegraph (which you start to recognize very quickly, as it's a specific animation).
  4. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    You are very "hard-coded" and I think that's unfair. I don't dabble into the owpvp aspect too much and I am getting ganked, ambushed etc. but isn't your view of how things should be exactly what owpvp isn't about? I mean, arena, yes, sparring, yes, but the warring factions with uniforms? Doesn't that emulate the two warring sides in a neverending skirmish in a pretty much lawless world? You even have uniforms for flagging (it's a uniform like a soldier's uniform), quest hub that are near the opposing faction quest hub, quests that require you to meet other faction, quest that require you to group, spontaneously or with friends etc. I see your post as extremely one-sided and unfair, as I am not a douchebag, I don't do these things listed, others do them to me, and I disagree with you. Your post doesn't leave place for another opinion, for example, mine. Your sentences are very matter-of-fact while you are talking about your perception of how morally or commonly an aspect of the game should be regarded. I see an owpvp with warring faction as an absolutely purposefully gritty aspect that is unfair by design. I see myself as not doing it as I should be, actually. -I don't attack first (why not? it's the other faction member? Am I playing the game or pretending that I'm playing the game? Why wouldn't my character want to thin the numbers and hinder the efforts of members of opposing faction? That is pretty nonsensical) -I don't gang-bang (again, why not? Sun Tzu would be facepalming at me not doing that. It's not a boxing match, it's a simulated war/skirmish) I respectfully strongly disagree with you, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot or a douchebag. You are EXTREMELY quick to make binary judgments based on personal preferences. For me, if I get ganked like there's no tomorrow, that means that the enemy faction is doing a good job of deterring me from working for my faction. It is very unnatural, if you think about it, for bunch of fantasy "medieval" lawless soldiers to meet outnumbered enemy soldiers in their "work uniform" and NOT engage them. The game world emulates a lot of things, it's not a one-shot match type of game (except arena), it emulates lawless setting with warring factions. You disagree, of course, as seen from your post, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude, snarky and bash people who disagree, while also automatically assuming that the reason they disagree is because they are douchebags or I don't know, have inferiority complex or are sociopaths or jerks etc. I don't do any of the things you deem "disrespectful", yet it saddens me when I see owpvp becoming a place of agreement and fairness - that means that a very valuable aspect the game is trying to emulate, is ignored. Some of us want to feel anxiety while walking around in their faction uniforms, we like even to be ganked, as it provides a sense of, well, FACTION WARFARE. Why would they spare me, we aren't playing tennis so it's silly to go 5v1, they want me dead. If they don't want me dead, they shouldn't be in a faction. Again, feel free to disagree, but don't automatically go for snarkiness and personal frustration and namecalling without even reading others' line of reasoning. It just makes you look unable to approach things like an adult. I hope your future posts won't be like this one in their arrogance. Pretty rude of you.
  5. You can also consult this
  6. Which is why everybody is commenting and giving feedback, no? I mean, what are you trying to convey exactly?
  7. I never have luck with friends and being interested at the same games at the same times lol. I have one friend playing bns and he's lvl25 so far (started at the beginning), so yeah:) As for clans, I was never a clan person - a reason I went to bns as it was (kinda) advertised as "only sky is the limit" even for loners, with mushin tower, cross server lfg etc. So I am a bit jaded looking at organized clans lol. And not only because organization helps so much, but because there are very significant clan perks (talk about upgrades and crafting) - which is fine, but again, I rushed to bns precisely because it advertised all the playstyles (solo, pve, pvp), but in the end, it's not that different from any other mmorpg in that regard:(
  8. While I assumed a bit it was like that - and of course, there's nothing wrong with that - I was amazed at the speed too and wanted to hear the answer. If you say "me" or "I", it's not incorrect, but it is a bit misleading, because one automatically assumes that you log in and go do dailies, through cross-server or solo or other similar means. If you said "we", I wouldn't be surprised at the 1hour mark:)
  9. Mushin Tower Floor 7 Boss as a Destroyer [VIDEO]

    Thanks. I used similar build, only I didn't go for as much cc and went for upgraded stomp on grabbed instead. My equipment is significantly worse, though. I am at profane with not exactly great gems... Maybe I don't do anything wrong, but simply fail a dps check? Bah, I need money/soulstones/moonwater stones to upgrade the weapon further and soulstones are needed for gem transmutation... decisions, decisions...:)
  10. Mushin Tower Floor 7 Boss as a Destroyer [VIDEO]

    I am having trouble dpsing him before the enrage, I usually die at 10-50k of his hp. Which equipment do you use? I see you don't manage to do "silent" ani-cancel and also you do quite a bit of longish grabbing, so I'm wondering how exactly did you do it while not optimizing the dps aspect? I tried with both crit'd moonwater and purple poh - granted, they weren't godly crit'd, but decently so. I also have above 110% accuracy. I am at true profane. What are your builds? Thanks in advance for the answers:)
  11. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    Yes it does. It might not for them. Or for me (I don't attack others, too much of a time sink at the moment for me). I have been ganked numerous times as well. But BY DESIGN they do wave that sign. Objectively, they do. How they FEEL about it or how THEY SEE it is something else. The game sees it otherwise and people are free to see it as that too.
  12. You don't understand. I myself have little time windows to play the game. But MMORPG has to be a time sink by definition. Even if devs were most altruistic bunch to the point of self-destruction, it would STILL have to be a huge time sink. The point is, the game area or whatever we should call it, of a mmorpg is ONGOING. That means that at any given time, there needs to be a minimum number of players CIRCULATING through the game world. That is something other games don't worry about, as their gameplay consists of small fragmented instanced matches, so all they need is a large playerbase of which only one small part is online at any given time and MM will do the rest. MMORPG needs players who craft, run dungeons, do dailies, hunt field bosses, run around ambushing others etc. in order for the system to work. A spontaneous field boss fight is possible because bunch of people are farming that boss and are forced to farm it for xyz amount of time. So that when you go there to farm too, they help you with their numbers even though you aren't partied or anything. The same goes for you. Those who did their "sentence" move on and new players arrive, while you are in the middle and still being with ~10 people even though they aren't the same 10 people. But it's enough to reliably down the boss and grind efficiently even though you aren't an organized clan etc. That's why materials, outfits and weapons are strategically placed in areas which players need to repeatedly frequent. For example, tomb of exiles, which you'll do on lvl45 again because you would need materials from it. Or soulstones, which you need from faction dailies, thus keeping lots of people around a faction camp area, which in turn produces inevitable skirmishes and RETENTION of players in that PARTICULAR AREA - which keeps the area CONSISTENTLY POPULATED - which is important for a game with a setting in the form of a game world and not in the form of the main menu. It's the most important thing to have in a mmorpg. Also, those players who prefer the economy side, they will sit in towns all day and buy/sell. And so on and so forth, there needs to be a population (in a real sense, not in a one-shot match based game) for the game to even exist. I understand the frustration, but you are asking for a paradox. Something like quake or lol or battlefield etc, that doesn't require any of these things. MMORPG's require you to BE THERE consistently and for as long as possible, to be one of those people who run around and do things IN THE GAME WORLD. That's why you have something as daily dash for example.
  13. @Zakusho I disagree it's a poor wording or an abuse of a system. You might say that system is bad, but not that it doesn't work or that it's bugged. System works as intended (requirement - dokumo, that's what it says on the tooltip). Maybe it's a bad system, but that's beside the point, you are talking about bugs. If you said that you think the implemented system is poor thought of, ok, that's cool, but glitch, bug? There's no room for that. The tooltip matches the mechanics at place, there aren't poor wordings. Perhaps they should change it, but that's beside the point. Also, why dokumo? Dokumo is the first lvl45 weapon, along with the moonwater baotite, before the awakened siren. My guess is that they wanted to ensure that you have a lvl45 weapon equipped.
  14. Don't give them ideas, maybe "mushin's tower" sounds too phallic or something
  15. With that I can agree. But he seems to have difficulties with the mechanics, not the gear - as he is only on f4. ie - he needs guidance, not gear. Now, he might have been obnoxious with this thread, that is correct, but if we look past that, why not give him pointers? "Go do poharan" doesn't do much - this game isn't exactly open to its players - by that I mean that at the time, I had to google and youtube about animation canceling and bunch of stuff.