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  1. It would be bad design to tie blocks to character names (1). The block should be tied to an account (or at least characters, not names). I'm not sure if blocks work that way in this game, though, I haven't tested it yet. However, I do believe adding friends is account based. (1) For example, if you change your character name, and someone else takes this name later on, a character name block would then block this other player. And this doesn't make sense, so blocks should at least be tied to characters (but preferably accounts), not names.
  2. Great job, I'm almost at max level, but this guide will come in handy for new players.
  3. Some people have to deal with looking at characters with small or virtually no breasts, that must be a traumatic experience for them. Not to mention the disproportionate, huge, long legged characters that look like giants on stilts. And characters with red hair is so disgusting! I'm gonna suggest that they remove this ugly hair color, because I hate it. Yeah, all that stuff was sarcastic, but I hope you get my point :) I don't want to get dragged into a (off topic) discussion here, though, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. They do move while you're running, this is easy to notice if your character has large breasts. Here's a link to a YouTube video for example (skip to 7:39): The breasts are not too large for some of the races, IMO. And not giving other people the option to have larger breasts because you think they're too large doesn't make sense, because nobody is forcing you to max out the boob sliders :)
  5. My biggest issue is the unrealistic jiggling: The breasts jiggle as if they were filled with air, not meat and blood. My suggestion is to tune the "breast physics" simulation so that there's less breasts jiggle and deformation, particularly if the breasts are large. Larger breasts equals more mass, and the simulation should try to take that into account. I wouldn't mind if the breast slider allowed for larger breasts as well, particularly for some races.
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