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  1. What happens to blocked name upon name change?

    It would be bad design to tie blocks to character names (1). The block should be tied to an account (or at least characters, not names). I'm not sure if blocks work that way in this game, though, I haven't tested it yet. However, I do believe adding friends is account based. (1) For example, if you change your character name, and someone else takes this name later on, a character name block would then block this other player. And this doesn't make sense, so blocks should at least be tied to characters (but preferably accounts), not names.
  2. Meliran's Complete Blade and Soul Levelling Guide

    Great job, I'm almost at max level, but this guide will come in handy for new players.
  3. Larger breasts size

    Some people have to deal with looking at characters with small or virtually no breasts, that must be a traumatic experience for them. Not to mention the disproportionate, huge, long legged characters that look like giants on stilts. And characters with red hair is so disgusting! I'm gonna suggest that they remove this ugly hair color, because I hate it. Yeah, all that stuff was sarcastic, but I hope you get my point :) I don't want to get dragged into a (off topic) discussion here, though, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. Larger breasts size

    They do move while you're running, this is easy to notice if your character has large breasts. Here's a link to a YouTube video for example (skip to 7:39): The breasts are not too large for some of the races, IMO. And not giving other people the option to have larger breasts because you think they're too large doesn't make sense, because nobody is forcing you to max out the boob sliders :)
  5. Larger breasts size

    My biggest issue is the unrealistic jiggling: The breasts jiggle as if they were filled with air, not meat and blood. My suggestion is to tune the "breast physics" simulation so that there's less breasts jiggle and deformation, particularly if the breasts are large. Larger breasts equals more mass, and the simulation should try to take that into account. I wouldn't mind if the breast slider allowed for larger breasts as well, particularly for some races.
  6. Unacceptable waiting times when starting game

    Still only one login server for both US and EU? Well, I hope they fix that soon, having only one login server doesn't sound like a good idea in the first place.
  7. Unacceptable waiting times when starting game

    I can assure you this has nothing to do with loading times. I experience the same problem the others have described, and I'm from EU as well: After entering my PIN code, it usually takes a few seconds before the EULA shows up. About 10 minutes ago it took 2-3 mins. Then it took another 1-2 mins before the lobby was shown. Before (about a week ago), the lobby appeared almost immediately. Although a few minutes of waiting to get into the game is still tolerable for me, the game should give you an estimate of how long you need to wait. I also think the game should give you more feedback and be more informative in these situations: Instead of watching the intro screen while nothing happens, there should be a message saying something like: "Please wait, you're in queue. Estimated waiting time: X mins".
  8. Cash Shop Costume Schedule?

    Yeah, I was actually hoping for more costumes on launch, so I'd be curious about how often they plan to roll out new costumes. Since costumes appear to be popular items, it would make sense to have a big selection of costumes to encourage sales. I'd be happy to spend my NCoins on cool costumes :) (I disagree about the costumes being expensive though, I think the price is just fine. I don't want to start an off-topic discussion about prices here though)
  9. Hongmoon Soup not applying Buffs

    I've tested this on update 10 and can confirm that you do get the buff (it may have worked before update 10, I didn't test it in earlier updates). To verify this yourself, do the following: - Do not apply the buff, but kill a monster first. Make note of the XP you got. - Apply the buff. Hover your mouse over the green XP bar at the bottom of your screen. It should state something like "220% XP buff". - Kill the same monster again (wait for respawn or find another nearby). Make note of the XP you got. It should be 2.2 times (220%) the XP you got before you applied the buff. I'm not sure if the buff stacks though: That is, if you apply several one after another, do they replace each other or do the buff timer stack? For example: I apply buff, then wait 3 seconds, then apply another buff. Will my buff last 60 minutes (2 x 30 min) or 30 minutes? Unfortunately, the XP bar doesn't say anything about the buff's remaining time.
  10. Where can I find patch/update notes?

    Today I downloaded update 10, but I can't find any description of what this update actually does. It would be nice to know, for example, if some bugs have been fixed. Are update notes being released at all?
  11. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    Costume prices are fine. And given the fact that there's no subscription fee, I have no problems paying a small sum for a costume that I really like (1). If you feel the costumes are too expensive, and you really, really want a specific costume, perhaps you should change your priorities in terms of what (else) you spend your money on. (1) It actually costs money to keep this game up and running (to develop it further, add new content, maintain the servers, etc.), so the game store (with the costumes, QoL items, etc.) is an important source of income. Sometimes I'm left with the impression that some people want everything for free (or as cheaply as possible), and if the company charges real life money for costumes, QoL items, etc. (which are ultimately optional), they're unfairly being accused of greediness. Besides, I believe many in-game items can be obtained using in-game currency instead of real-life money (via the currency exchange). So if you're really not willing to spend money on the game, spend more time playing it, and you'll eventually be able to afford that costume you want so badly.
  12. Game becomes unresponsive

    This is still an issue for EU players:
  13. Are you sure we have an EU server?

    I've selected EU in game-launcher (of course, since I'm from EU), and all of the IP addresses (both authentication and game servers) are actually from the US (same as the OPs). So it looks like (some or all?) EU players don't actually connect to the EU servers in CBT5 (didn't test this in CBT4). This may explain the more common disconnections I've had in CBT5. I hear some of you're saying that there are B&S game servers in EU (and I hope you're correct, because release is only about 1 month away), but at least I'm not being connected to them in CBT5. EDIT: Looks like this issue has still not been resolved:
  14. Game becomes unresponsive

    BTW, there are four connections (playing from EU): (login server?) 206.127.149.X (three different connections: game servers?) All servers are located in Austin, Texas, NA. I think EU players will connect to servers in EU when the game is released. EDIT: And yes, I've chosen EU in the game launcher :)
  15. Game becomes unresponsive

    You can also use the Resource Monitor (via Task Manager) and monitor the network activity for the B&S client (client.exe). Look at the Send/Receive columns, as well as the TCP Connections window (it shows latency, IPs for the NCsoft servers, packet loss, etc.) If you have two monitors, you can run B&S on your main monitor, while running the resource monitor on your second monitor, for easier in-game network checks.