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  1. I made a thread on this some time ago and they completely ignored it. I sent them I don't know how many tickets, at first they said it was my problem, then in the end they said they are aware and working on it. This was a few months ago and it's safe to assume they don't want to fix it. It's probably too expensive so they chose to not give a damn. I also posted this (it's still the same even now) to show the difference from another game, and even BnS itself but from other region. I am from EU and NA has more stable connection for me. This is beyond ridiculous. P.S.
  2. This is how my group does it: - everyone takes a camp and starts defending - whoever is at Snapjaw kills the Lycan once it is right next to the camp (he moves there by himself) - that's it You can even 3 man it without any extra waiting time this way, just need an experienced person on Snapjaw.
  3. You need to grab an enemy (one-handed grab, else it doesn't work), then you can: 1. press Tab = spin with the enemy in your hand 2. press C = spin once then throw the enemy (I think this is the one you want)
  4. It basically goes like this: survive their burst, kill them afterwards. That means I use T3/4 S2 Hurricane (defense) and T4 S2 Persistence (defense). Sometimes I even spec T4 S3 Stone Shield (lower cd and defense).
  5. I think you might want to reroll Gon. If those boobs won't satisfy you, I can't imagine what will.
  6. I just want to clear up something here. Ports only need to be opened on the server and have to not be blocked by the ISP. If a port is closed, a connection can't be made at all, which means if you can connect, you have no blocked ports. There's not half-measure. That being said, they do have issues with their servers. I posted before a screenshot of PingPlotter showing that the lag spikes happen on NCSoft servers. Support can't do anything about it, since I already raised this issue in 2 tickets. They told me to post it on the forums... like anyone from their tech department actual
  7. Of course, there's nothing else good on these forums xD
  8. Are we debating if arena is balanced or not at lvl 22 ? Really ?! As others said, you can rotate your camera with middle mouse click while rooted.
  9. I had a weird experience with BnS, I'm not sure if it was by chance or if it's really the game, but here it goes: Some time ago, my PC used to crash when playing this game, both complete PC freezes with green vertical lines and plain crash reports. At first I thought "well, it happens", so I ignored it. I started getting more of the dark green vertical line freezes until one time the PC didn't boot the OS anymore (powered on but complete dark screen). That's when my video card died :/ Well, I had no choice but to get a new video card, so I did. After this, I had no more
  10. I don't know what's causing low fps and the "feeling" of low fps even when you have over 60, but it's annoying as hell. One day the game works fine, next day it's barely playable. Same dungeon, same people in the party... I mean seriously, why does my fps drop by half from one day to the other ? Then something very mysterious that I still can't understand is why does the game show 60-80 fps, but it feels like playing at 20 ? It's even hard for me to explain. I guess there's only one explanation: spaghetti code. It's very sad that the only ones able to use th
  11. I'm not sure about that, a guild mate who's BD said I grabbed his mob from him and lost the cd (I'm destro). He has high ping though. Anyway, BDs are fine, I didn't hear of anyone not wanting them in a party. Yeah, they are annoying if they pick up mobs and run away, but destros can do that, too.
  12. @AmberVici I agree, their grab is kinda iffy, you have to hit the BD itself even if the boss they grabbed is further away. If you try to grab a mob at the same time, one of you will fail and have the skill put on cooldown, which is sad :/ This is an issue with skills, not necessarily BD related.
  13. I don't know what you're talking about, all BDs I've seen have awesome damage, unless there's a FM in the party, they have the aggro most of the time. I know you said to put PvP aside, but this "hate" is directly translated to PvE. The way their skills work just make you want to throw yourself out the window when you fight against them. Then you see one in PvE and remember what happened and your blood start boiling again... Well, I might exaggerate a bit, but this is basically how I see it. I don't hate them though.
  14. I'm not sure if it's related, but I had the opposite. My settings didn't save properly and I was always seeing all the effects of everyone on max (or at least that's what I think, because I could see stuff I normally don't with the settings I use - other player character effects set to 1). The game was unplayable unless I turned everyone off (the difference in fps was 15 -> 70 on 6 man dungeons). I got mad, formatted everything, reinstalled the operating system, re-downloaded the game. It works fine now, but people shouldn't have to resort to something so extreme for
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