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  1. I made a thread on this some time ago and they completely ignored it. I sent them I don't know how many tickets, at first they said it was my problem, then in the end they said they are aware and working on it. This was a few months ago and it's safe to assume they don't want to fix it. It's probably too expensive so they chose to not give a damn. I also posted this (it's still the same even now) to show the difference from another game, and even BnS itself but from other region. I am from EU and NA has more stable connection for me. This is beyond ridiculous. P.S.
  2. He was top KFM on NA, then he was called in the army or something like that. Now he's back and pretty much everyone forgot about him xD Anyway, only top players and those who used to watch twitch know him. How about Endahlol, who still remembers him ? Probably not many. He also quit cause something happened that made him unable / unwilling to play. I don't know much about these people and I don't care either, but the bottom line is, NCSoft is not doing very well to keep their players happy.
  3. I'll just say this from my perspective, I don't get mad when I lose, but I do get mad when the game lags - even if I win - and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people in this case. It's even more frustrating when you know you should have ~40 ms ping - same as all the other EU games. But no, NCSoft must be a special snowflake. Now I'm just waiting for them to fix their shit so I can start playing again, whenever (if) that will happen... Anyway, I'm sad to see another top player leave, and even though I didn't quite like him, Mosh was at least adding up to the BnS commu
  4. I also quit the game. I know nobody cares, but the point is they are losing players because they are not willing to fix stuff that people complain about for a very long time now. For me, it's lag spikes. This is an issue that more people from my old guild had which made most of them quit, too. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to brag about it and I actually want to come back and play, but right now it's impossible to have a decent experience. I also want to point out that no matter how many times I contacted support, they just blamed someone else and they
  5. This is how my group does it: - everyone takes a camp and starts defending - whoever is at Snapjaw kills the Lycan once it is right next to the camp (he moves there by himself) - that's it You can even 3 man it without any extra waiting time this way, just need an experienced person on Snapjaw.
  6. They'll most likely say "it's working as intended, derp..." What you can do is try to hit the sin in the beginning, then stay on the wall and let him come to you. Since he uses this crap tactic, you should, too.
  7. Riot Games (League of Legends) has this program where they work together with ISPs to customize the network routes so players get the best experience. NCSoft could do the same, but they don't. They rather say "it's not our fault" and ignore it. I don't understand why, since this is very much in their interest... or maybe they need to lose more players first before it is worth it for them? :/
  8. I rarely see KFMs using couter against me (Destro). I think they don't want to be grabbed or something. Either way, I find it a hard matchup from Destro point of view. You want to know what's a bullshit skill ? The BM deflect that stuns you while you're getting off the ground and you're supposedly immune.
  9. It is funny and I think it's ok to have these kind of posts from time to time in between all the whining. I'd like to see a post that you consider useful. P.S. Your comment is also a waste. As is mine.
  10. I set the MTU according to what tutorials say it's the best and there's no difference. I guess this tweak didn't do anything because nothing was broken in the first place. I only have these lag spikes on NCSoft servers.
  11. You can "catch" the lag spikes better with lower interval (with 2.5 sec, a lot of the lag spikes don't show up because they happen in between pings). Anyway, you have the same issue as me - high ping spikes on NCSoft server itself. The graph should never go up in the red zone, but it does. And yet they say it's our or our ISP's fault... I'm getting really tired of this crap.
  12. Do you know what's weird ? The fact that other servers I tested from Germany work fine, but not the NCSoft one. How do they explain that ? Actually, I don't even want to know the explanation, words won't make the connection better. I just want them to fix it already.
  13. Reasons why it is like this: - supply and demand (easier to farm gold vs more stuff to buy) - money > time (in this case) As much as I hate this exchange ratio, it is set by people and it will go even lower.
  14. Yes, that's the IP you connect to within the game, but that IP can't be pinged, so it's impossible to know if the ping loss from previous nodes carry over.
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