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  1. Hate to be that guy but... quantity =/= quality. Starts happening in the 2.3k+ range. 3v3 is where it becomes a nightmare in particular.
  2. If you'd like for me to stream it, I can when I get off work. I'd probably have to climb a little again since I relieved myself of that headache earlier.
  3. If you sat in 20 minute queues during peak hours, you'd want to derank too... Also, I'm not going to create another character just to climb and be in the same position again.
  4. New type of hacks came out

    Can confirm this happens in diamond and is the reason I stop queueing after I got it back.
  5. "diamond" players

    @Hoopla, you might want to note that as of this post, there are 31 Blade Dancers and 31 Kung Fu Masters in diamond. Hmm... wonder how that happened. Git gud.
  6. So I've noticed players (particularly in higher ranks for 3v3) creating groups specifically made to farm each other for zen beans. They do this during off-peak hours so they ONLY run into each other, and basically trade wins in a matter of seconds. This nets them obscene amounts of zen beans, which they then obviously turn into soulstones. Also worth noting these are not derankers. Is this how 3v3 was meant to be used? P.S. As someone that legitimately farms zen beans, yes, this makes me very salty.
  7. Warlock info from a WL player

    I don't need FOTM. I'm in the top 25 for my class. I clearly know how to play it. This guy probably isn't even top 200 for his class. How long you played the class has no clout if you can't back it up with performance. Am I saying he's wrong? No, but he'd have more credibility if he were a better warlock. EDIT: In case there was a misunderstanding, I could care less about overall rank. That's obviously going to be saturated with FOTM (in this case, summoner). Your class ranking truly tells your skill with that particular class.
  8. Warlock info from a WL player

    So can someone please explain why we should listen to this guy? I saw the silver/gold medal and instantly stopped the video.
  9. Well it was fun for a month

    The amount of exaggeration the OP made is godlike... This game is clearly too much work for you. Good luck in your other MMOs.
  10. It was just released hours ago and hasn't stabilized yet... the rate is set by the players. Chill.
  11. Luckily, open world is just a numbers game. :P Good gear won't save you from roaming death squads.
  12. You do you realize you'd still have to pay a large sum to do that. Even so, it just gives you superior gear, not superior skill. This is a good thing. If some shmuck wants to drop $500 to max out his gear, let him do it. That's less money the normal consumers have to pay to keep NCSOFT's lights on.
  13. This is different from other MMOs how?
  14. He made an investment and it flopped. No one's fault but his. NCSOFT owes you nothing for following standard protocol. You should feel happy you even got the apology. They didn't even owe you that.
  15. For someone with a life and job, you sure are delusional...