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  1. Faction Rework. and my point of view on it.

    1. To relate this game (that you can leave at anytime, or switch channels, or go do dungeons etc) to an abusive parent is mind-boggling. 2. Being a clan leader doesnt exempt you from making stupid posts. 3. Being from the USA has no correlation to playing ANY game. 4. the fact that you are getting heated cause someone told you do something about an issue that you are having just points to the fact that you know that person is right. I am attempting to help, but it doesnt seem to be getting thru. If your mind is that made up that it is everyone elses fault that you are getting stomped on in OWPVP, then no one will be able to help you. EDIT: Someone who is disagreeing with you is in NO way harassment btw.
  2. Faction Rework. and my point of view on it.

    There is ONE problem that could EASILY be fixed. Instead of people coming onto the forums, and yelling at how this and that is unbalanced cause they are having an issue with something, they COULD just spend the time IN-GAME and get a group of like-minded individuals together to FORCE the other players to stop doing it. THIS IS A PVP GAME. Get used to it. There is ALWAYS going to be an imbalance REGARDLESS of anything that you do, or anything anyone else does. Instead of whining about it, do something within the game proactively to FIX IT. These posts about how this and that needs to be fixed with OWPVP, and how unbalanced it is, and how everything needs to be reworked is getting REALLY tiresome and honestly, bogging down the OWPVP forum. Take a leaf out of your own book, and do something to solve the problem, rather than just whine about it.
  3. Just as the title says!!! We are a Brand new guild hell-bent on killing all crimson that we come across. No quarter will be given if the other person has their PVP uniform on. We have a teamspeak server up and running. We love to PVP. If you like having Fun, this is a great Clan for you. If you like dirty jokes, this is for you. This guild is NOT for those that want to just play PVE. If you cant take a joke, you probably will NOT fit in. If you are butt hurt easily, you WONT fit it. This is an ADULT guild. 18+ years old is HIGHLY recommended. Send me a message in game, or post here if you are interested. There is no level requirement. IGN: Zecarn
  4. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    Wait, is there blues overwheling every server or something? On mine the reds seem to be trying to take control (even number of faction members on both sides supposedly). But, if you need to do your pvp dailys..and someone is stalking you.......do them with a PARTY. Not solo.
  5. @NCWEST - Proposed change to pvp system

    I agree on having pvp turned on 24/7. But, to combat the "i went to the bathroom and got killed" scenario...there would need to be a town in every area (viridian coast, cinderlands etc) that is a pvp-safe zone so people could vendor items, buy fro mthe marketplace and all that without getting slaughtered every 2 seconds.
  6. Better class for Open World PvP?

    KFM is pretty decent in OWpvp, can be a bit of a pain tho once you start going 3-4 vs 1 tho. But in 1v1 and 2v1, KFM will be able to usually come out on top. Summoners can rip apart a destroyer if you spec skills to heal you back up, that way you can laugh at them if they grab you. Assassins can do some serious dmg if you can chain cc properly and never get hit, but once you take a hit, your basically dead. Blade Masters/Dancers dont seem to be very prevalent (on my server) so I havnt had to pvp them much. And the ones I did were really bad so I cant give you an accurate account of the classes themselves. Force Masters...i dunno, but I havnt seen any that could kill another player yet in OWpvp.
  7. I think this would be a GREAT idea, but only if they made it so that PVP is ALWAYS on, even if you didnt have the faction uniform on. IMO, 1 town per area (viridian coast, cinderlands, etc) that was a no-pvp zone, but any other place was 100% pvp on.
  8. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    Well, then get some clan members to do them with you, you do have multiple ways of doing the quests given to you. You dont HAVE to do them all solo. Its not too terribly hard to do misty woods pvp dailys if you have a party. But tbh, im guessing we are going to have to agree to disagree on this point (about the pvp dailys at least) As far as the pvp etiquette goes for the server I restarted on, there seems to be a "no-holds barred" type of deal going on, and everyone has seemed to silently agreed to that. Gangs of reds roam around constantly, 40s - 45s from both the reds and blues (not many 45s on the server atm) go arounds and slaughter any lower lvl that they find walking around. If you met up with another player that is red to you, and were typing out anything to say you wernt going to attack them, you would be dead by the time you stopped typing. Everyone here always finishes off their opponent since they do not want to be stabbed in the back once the other person heals up. Honestly, i dont see the need for any pvp etiquette since your just putting yourself at a serious disadvantage on the field.
  9. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    @SinNoAria This is a pvp game...trying to exclude yourself from pvp to do a pvp quest is just ridiculous. If people dont like pvp, then dont play the game, its as simple as that. If they need to get those pvp quests done, and cant cause of they keep getting ganked, level up a few times, then go back to em. Same thing I had to do on my server just so I could get the quests done. You can easily get those faction quests done once your a higher level since you can 1-2 shot the npcs, run up, grab the stones, prisoners, etc....and if someone who decideds they just want to jump you cause your red to them, just hit em once and they die. They usually leave ya alone after that. Most people see that your a much higher lvl and leave you alone regardless, makes it easy to get the quests done. Saying that PVP should be revised because people dont have time to do it is foolish. If they dont have the time to put into a game, they shouldnt be playing the game in the first place...or they should go back to WoW and have everything handed to them on a silver platter.
  10. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    I run around with my faction uniform regardless of were I am. And im blue..so being outnumbered is a regular for me. IMO, kill anyone who you can, granted, i wont kill anyone who is 10ish lvls below me unless they start it first, then its all out, and I will keep killing them untill they learn not to attack me. But, when it comes to anyone my lvl? Easy, Kill or be killed.
  11. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    OR, you could learn how to pvp..since this is a pvp based game. Even me, working 70+ hours a week, can EASILY learn how to pvp..its not that hard. If you have your faction uniform on, that means you are ready to PVP. If you do NOT want to pvp, then dont wear the uniform.
  12. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    +1 Will confirm, does work IRL.
  13. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    +1 to OP This is a PvP based game. If you run around with a uniform on, you are ASKING to pvp. You will win some, you will lose some, you will be gang-banged sometimes....welcome to open world PVP. Personally, i love open world pvp...i got no problem wearing my uniform around places. I win most...but even I get slaughtered sometimes ^.^ And i welcome that, makes you learn how to deal with that issue in the future....like having an assassin sneak up behind ya out of no-were..and just throw ya around..and then realize he is 3 lvls above ya and has 5k hp more and you basically have no chance other than to hope for an opening that you never get :P And then after you rez..you turn around and do the same thing to him...and its fun..specially if your opponent and you come to an understanding of each others skill playing that particular character. But, back to crying about dying cause you wear a pvp uniform...take it off. Simple as that. Stop whining about getting killed because of it. Edit: I joined the Blues specifically because there are more reds to kill :P need more reds to slaughter on my server! they seem to slowly be dissapearing :(
  14. A buddy of mine ran it over 300 times before it dropped lol...im guessing getting it on the 29th run is pretty good ^.^
  15. Crimson cerulean fight

    If people are wearing their faction uniform, they are literally ASKING for a fight. People have the option to take it off whenever they want, many keep it on cause it "looks cool" but thats just plain stupidity. People need to understand that if you are wearing it, you are welcoming any person of the opposing faction to kill you. Granted, I dont go around and try to kill low lvl players, but I will if they are spawn camping my faction ofc. Just put your faction uniform on when you are near the quest givers, and while doign the quests...then take it off right after you turn them in.