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Outfit location question.


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Hello, i didnt found that outfit in the wardrobe. And in the CBT2 i saw it in the dragon express ( from what i remember, you could get it with the blue "valor stone" )



But, do that outfit is still in the game ? how do you get it ? ( since actualy, that the only one i really want :O )


thanks :)

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30 minutes ago, Fai said:

The one in the cash shop is http://bns-fashion.com/blue-porcelain/  Blue Porcelain.


The one from OP's link is actually a different one called http://bns-fashion.com/blue-bird/ Blue Bird. 


It was in the cash shop during Beta but taken out for launch, so chances are it'll be in there in the future. Just have to wait for it to be rotated in.


A bit offtopic but not really, do you happen to know the name of this outfit (from CBT):

It's no longer in the store or wardrobe, and I can't remember what it was called for the life of me. (Not on the site you linked either I: )




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