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  1. +1 for reverting back, nerfing things just to promote cash shop solution never is and was a good idea. And giving less by requesting to play more for "nothing" will certainly never give incentive, its will just be the opposite, but sure, if you want to motivate your players to not come back to the game, guess go ahead .
  2. its still doesnt change what i've said regarding BnS ( and i know they changed a lot of things to speed up the progression of the early level, i know BnS since a lot of time ^^, i even played on a private RU server before it even was finaly confirmed for the west ) Still, imho the issue with this game compare to most mmo, is the no open world, so even with the full story you never go back to the old map because there is no reasons to, the whole game is build like a SP linear game. back in time you just was running somes old dungeons because of upgrade mat but that's it. m
  3. Guess one of the main BnS issue is that this game, even if offering one of the best combat gameplay i ever played, also offer a pretty too straight foward world... Its not a real open world, many map are tiny and are used only to pass by only for the story,and you end up spending the rest of your life in the multi server thing dungeon queue. And indeed spaming the same dungeon XXXX time for a drop tend to be very quickly annoying that's personaly the main reasons of why i'am not that much into BnS anymore and just playing here and there, despite really loving the class ga
  4. imho BNS always had a very bad optimization when it came to world "streaming" there is so much freeze hip cut, slow down a bit everywhere that's pretty awfull.. ( and i dont even speak when you are with a lot of others players like in mushin, that's insane ) But yeah since that time i started played that game, and now, even with the different gaming computer, the game still pretty [moderated] regarding the performance ( but sure i have way higher framerate in general ) in general = nearly doesnt matter your spec, the issue come from the game / engine itself. I also noticed the
  5. Bonjour, la daily n'est plus présente depuis un bon moment malheureusement. Il serait très plaisant de la voir réactiver, je n'ai pas envie de devoir aller pvp pour, pouvoir avoir la tenue.
  6. Would be nice to have that daily back -_-" I dont want to have to pvp for that outfit.
  7. So the smooth camera i like to set at "1" to have the cameranot totaly fixed behind the character reset often in various situation where the game "freeze" sometime to load.. -no idea what-. Or it sometime happen after somes skills, or somes enemy hit, i've hard time to find any patern to when / why it keep sometime reset. And its pretty annoying to have to open the option, set the cursor on 0, apply, then back to 1 and apply again. Its like that nearly since the start of that game, and it would be nice to after all thoses years have a fix to have that option stick like i've se
  8. there is another bug with the talent where counter is supposed to reset the cooldown on the right left dodge, but it do nothing at all
  9. I dont like thoses "talents" either only for the reasons that it group skills change together, while before you could individualy change "each skills" according to your like. The previews simplification where all skills trees disapeared in favor of less choice was "ok", but now, its honestly pretty disapointing. Lets me individualy change each skills with option like i want :/
  10. after a look at the "incoming" 3rd path, that's fun how its like what they originaly wanted to do with the "phoenix wing" where you could do range attack. that path still is a bit strange because considering how it totaly change everything, but the skills effect look really nice. And i'am not sure i really like that "ultimate skill thing"... it feel a bit too much like somes random mmo with the ultimate nobrain op skill. meh
  11. Same here, i'a at chapter 4, and no daily at all to get into that dungeon. That bug ( and i hope its one ) is annoying ^^ hope its going to be fixed.
  12. That's a shame NCsoft succeed to kill their game so fast. But its not hard to figure what's wrong in 5min - For EU they provided si crap server that its impossible to play correct ( high ping, personaly i had like 150+ even if in ALL other online game i never go over around 30-50, no need to say that in thoses condition its impossible to perfectly enjoy the fight mecanic... ) Just that, its a game joy killer. - Super pay to win buisiness ( all rng box selling mat to make ppl pay very rich in game, so progress very fast regarding gear ) No need to say that if y
  13. LOL ! I hope for that guy its a troll, otherwise, that the funniest rage quit i ever saw.
  14. they server would be still as broken even without any bots. That's NCsoft or BnS team fault for setting up such dumb f# idiotistic server setup.
  15. That's so true, and funny thing, no one look to note the biggest issue of that game.
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