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  1. You do realise those 2 features are easiest things to add to a mmo right? like wouldnt take more than an hour of maintenance on a reasonable company. I just cant stop but laughing if u think this shows devs care about game
  2. You said people should just leave without "ranting" which means you don't like them,can you at least act reasonable?
  3. This is a feedback forum,if you don't like seeing them YOU should just leave.
  4. Imo 3 hours maintenance was made just to turn marketplace off,considering nothing else changed with the patch.
  5. Bosses should have better ranged only attacks ( like pulling them from distance on manes etc) so ranged classes will require more than 50 iq to get a chest.
  6. It's basicly seen like this " x player gave x amount of gold to a player" "x player sent gift to a player" so no they won't ban you for using a basic game feature,this is not going to be an official trade,more like giveaway. On the other hand it's all you taking risk ,don't expect them to ban other guy if he doesn't send the premium after you pay as he didnt have to at the first place. to summarize : you wont get banned or the other guy regardless of what happens.
  7. Amount of white knights blaming people for bad performance. Stop lol,everyone knows this game is one of the worst optimized,look at recommended settings " Phenom II X4 805 , Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz " i doubt anyone uses something below that.
  8. Don't get amd,switch to intel (coming from someone using amd phenom 1055t) Amd is pretty good when overclocked for CURRENT games and all but when it comes to really OLD DX9 games with 32 bit clients,single core performance is what it matters(this game uses 2-3 cores at best).so go with intel. I would get MSI h110m motherboard( around 50 bucks) i3 6100,i5 6500-6600 depending on your budget (120~200 bucks) and a 8gb ddr4 2133 mhz ram would be enough ( 30 to 40 bucks) If you have more to spend ofc you can get an overclockable motherboard and go with an intel K cpu,but i personally
  9. this game has the most pathetic gathering system tbh,putting gather locations into map and make them spawn in same time ( every 1~3 hours) whose idea was this xD
  10. 5 ~ years wait for eu/na release just to get crappiest entry client from old servers. ^ But it's okay people still pay to this game ! lol
  11. wait till wednesday patch,might solve maybe. MAYBE
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