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  1. Took 15 runs for me,did 5 everyday when i was bored and had all 3 pieces xP I don't even use them anymore tho,on the other hand i spinned around 1300 deva wheels and got 70 outfits 90-100 adornments and a 0 headpiece,it's all rng lol
  2. i also made a post about this a while ago,noone seems to care tho,as a sin with 3.4k crit it s giving me headache sometimes lol.
  3. i remember getting costume in my 5th run and whole set in 10-15 runs lol drop rate isnt low imo it s just pure luck. (Tho i was doing 10-15 runs everyday for 2-3 days) i suggest doing the same since it would be frustrating to to 50-60 in 1 day and not get anything.
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