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  1. I won't be playing for a few months,can i collect 3-4 week long weekly rewards along with season-end reward later on or do they have any expiration time if i dont get them asap?
  2. i also have 20-30 ms higher than i did before patch ,becomes a lot more noticeable when i ani cancel my ping to LoL is still same and stable so i dont think it s my isp.
  3. i actually have friends who got over 150 crystals from investing on trove with hongmoon coins,no real cash spent. Please dont judge other people based on how you perform in the game. I myself have 2 hepta gems too and only time i spent real money on this game was 400 ncoins to unlock mail feature.
  4. it s the worst when u see people under 20 runs getting in under 300 gold they are trying to ignore it by saying "legendary stuff shouldnt be easy to get" but it IS easy for people with good rng while one with bad rng will NEVER get something out of all those runs, That's not called "hard" to obtain, it's called gambling.
  5. the nerfs werent really noticeable at all,they still do too much damage for a supporter class with absurd amount of heal for party. they should just nerf their sunflower till it s useless other than trash mobs and they have to only use bees for everything else. maybe a %50 damage nerf :3 Or completely remove stealth mechanic if they wanna keep the damage of class(rework their counter in a different way)really it doesnt make any sense at the firstplace for them to have stealth. also there is a difference between success and taking up 8/10 of top ladder ,obviously a dumb class with hope
  6. I did 1000 runs for my red mask in last 2 days,some dude got it in 10 runs. This game is purely rng,from outfits to material drops,tower of infinity or 6v6 matchmaking even. The way koreans like it sadly,deal with it.
  7. if someone farms for their gear and progress ,they are nolifer if someone pays for their gear,they are whales.
  8. I already told you,a casual player shouldnt care about +6 ap from a hepta gem which only helps u clear like 3-4 second faster,it would be really stupid for everyone to have heptas. I farmed hard for my gear and i personally dont accept anyone to "catch" up to me without spending real money or nolife farming like i did.
  9. u're not farming efficiently then None of those gems are hard to obtain for a f2p player.
  10. I said i only have 1 hepta gem,and others normal,my friend who spent a lot on this game with full hepta gems has 20-25 more ap than me which i dont really care about. What are you exactly catching up to? 5-10 second shorter clear on bosses with 20-25 ap from some hepta gems?
  11. Your class is pretty braindead to burst down people with,so get used to people running away from u. Sins 100 to 0 takes 20~ seconds while destroyer can kill people in 5 seconds,plus u have the most broken 2nd escape in the game.
  12. as someone who only spent 5 € to this game (just for unlocking mail feature),i have all ap gems and even an hepta aquamarine just from using currency exchange and buying trove keys with hmc. I fail to see your drama. Casuals having every gem would make it pretty unfair to people who farms a lot/ spend real money to this game. I also find it funny for a "casual" player to want those gems so much.
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