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  1. Well. it's a DDOS, you can find out what's happening just by checking GW2/Wildstar forum/twitter. Blade & Soul Ops @BladeAndSoulOps We’re aware of connection/latency issues caused by external attacks on our services, and we’re working to mitigate their impact.
  2. I'm stuck in login screen "Connecting..." and nothing happens. No dailys, no nothing. Good job Ncwest ! At least they could tell us something...
  3. This is by far the dumbest decision they ever make... Wtf is wrong with them, they are destroying their game. What's the point to buy premium or duelist bundle now ?
  4. When i want to lvl fast, i kill mobs in frostscale basin, 500+ xp /snake. Also when u have premium 4+ u get from daily's 100k + xp. So 100k harvest, 100k frostscale, 2 x 100k xp charms from daily's. U can still make 600k xp/day easily. Not to mention the trial arena that gives u a lot xp and the rest of quests/CS reset. But u need to spend a lot of time...
  5. Ya,ya,ya, more like - buy a new pc = problem solved -
  6. Besides the problem with the market. The font is blurry, i can't see properly and damage my eyes. In dragon express tab i can't see how many pieces i need for a item, because the font is too small and red.
  7. They will not change anything and it will be the last game that i'm going to play from ncsoft, just mockery. By the way, we still have "log in priority", we can use it wisely. lol "Free to play app/game" and we, people, are the product, they don't give a *cricket* about us. Just like they said in livestream...
  8. Damn! These costumes looks totally gay on male jin, ugly as *cricket*
  9. Haha, so true. Ssp was not designed for melee's (just middle finger for them). As a melee the struggle is real to get a chest.
  10. 24m - Nightshade Harbor and Bloodshade Harbor Well, right now these are like a ghost town, maybe they can change it to 10/8/6/4 players party - using cross-server party finder It is so hard for beginners to evolve their weapons and accessories, this game is no more progressive It feels like they cut a good part/area of this game after they released Silverfrost Mountains...
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