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  1. Well. it's a DDOS, you can find out what's happening just by checking GW2/Wildstar forum/twitter. Blade & Soul Ops @BladeAndSoulOps We’re aware of connection/latency issues caused by external attacks on our services, and we’re working to mitigate their impact.
  2. I'm stuck in login screen "Connecting..." and nothing happens. No dailys, no nothing. Good job Ncwest ! At least they could tell us something...
  3. Looking for a response on HM skills.

    This is by far the dumbest decision they ever make... Wtf is wrong with them, they are destroying their game. What's the point to buy premium or duelist bundle now ?
  4. HM Lv10 in 8 days!!!

    When i want to lvl fast, i kill mobs in frostscale basin, 500+ xp /snake. Also when u have premium 4+ u get from daily's 100k + xp. So 100k harvest, 100k frostscale, 2 x 100k xp charms from daily's. U can still make 600k xp/day easily. Not to mention the trial arena that gives u a lot xp and the rest of quests/CS reset. But u need to spend a lot of time...
  5. How To Fix Computer Running Slow

    Ya,ya,ya, more like - buy a new pc = problem solved -
  6. Changes in market are terrible!!!

    Besides the problem with the market. The font is blurry, i can't see properly and damage my eyes. In dragon express tab i can't see how many pieces i need for a item, because the font is too small and red.
  7. They will not change anything and it will be the last game that i'm going to play from ncsoft, just mockery. By the way, we still have "log in priority", we can use it wisely. lol "Free to play app/game" and we, people, are the product, they don't give a *cricket* about us. Just like they said in livestream...
  8. KR new costumes!

    Damn! These costumes looks totally gay on male jin, ugly as *cricket*
  9. Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

    Haha, so true. Ssp was not designed for melee's (just middle finger for them). As a melee the struggle is real to get a chest.
  10. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    And who said it's a new game ? I'm talking in general about the mmo's games nowadays, all of them have problems. Even worse for ncsoft considering that this game should have already be optimized a long time ago, and don't tell me it's all about the servers and our dynamic IPs because this game looks like it's in a beta state.
  11. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Nowadays they make good looking games, but for what good ? We can't play them, they release unfinished games and the servers are crap. I have 29 ms and jumps in a second at 300 ms, when i'm trying to spam some skills the lag is there and i can't do a proper dps. And imagine playing with a melee...
  12. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Can you create an option to change the font size and color for NPC list of items ? The font is very small and red, many times i find this the most annoying thing, i can't understand how many parts I need for an item.
  13. Is SIN easier to play like FM?

    In terms of pvp i find kfm and sin the hardest one in the game, the amount of combos that require to do "some" damage is beyond what you expected to be, it takes time to master a sin. In pve, if you have a good ping and a good pc, you can play with a sin, but you will face hell in ssp even with that. If you want a happy life go with a fm (pew pew pew - easy game). I have all 3 classes and Fm for me is to boring, but in ssp i find it as a "must have". In the new dungeons you can't really solo because bosses have/will have true sight. So it's up to you to decide which one suits you the most. ( Fun fact : you will not get bored with a sin )
  14. Tower of Summonity!

    Savage ! True that, when i'm facing a summoner in this tower i know i'm screwed, even in training session they are annoying as f*cricket*.
  15. This game requires that prices to be fixed, like in BDO. I mean, right now the prices are to damn high. There is not a single chance for a new player to upgrade weapon or accesories, even if u want to craft them it's to damn expensive and hard. It's going to be a pay 2 progress game ffs, they milk the remaining players with shit events and so on.