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  1. +1! Please change this quickly if possible!
  2. Well, whether they change it or not right now, I think the important thing is to try. Perhaps by having all your friends post regarding an issue, we can be heard (or at least loud enough not be ignored). So definitely keep posting! I definitely agree--I think the drops of dungeons need to be substantially buffed. Scales and gear and items all! Community team, please consider this!
  3. Indeed, this would be a good change. Please do so, community team !
  4. I think this is a great idea! I also think allowing us to exchange old cores (e.g. draken) for new cores at a certain exchange rate would be nice. :) Thanks for thinking of this suggestion!
  5. Update: Thank you team for adding lighting rod into SB simple mode! My burst is now 4.7 mil instead of 3.3 mil. That's awesome!
  6. Update: Thank you NC team for fixing the allegiance soul badge!
  7. A) Some quality of life stuff. Please put the dps meter back in easy mode! It's a simple thing that is often used. It is already in hard mode dungeons and raids, so why not easy mode dungeons? Please consider giving us a normal mode. Players need something in between easy and hard, something between no-work dps and soul-crushing wipes. We need something for practice and also something with better drops! Easy mode drops are notoriously bad, with legendary drops not even showing up for some people in 150+ runs. If you won't place normal mode in the game for us, consider increasing those drop
  8. Blade and Soul community, things are dire. Morale is low, dissension is high, and problems run rampant. Yet all is not lost! We as the community must come together and bring suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism to help the publishers and developers understand what we want. We should work together, consistently bringing up issues and assenting to each others' feedback to make it apparent to NC how we feel and what the game needs. Games are won or lost by the community, and now is the perfect time to step up and help each other. This is not merely a morale raiser, it's a plug fo
  9. Primarily, some quality of life ones. Here is a small list for starters: a) Fix the allegiance soul badge. It does not refresh mine toss as it should. b) When in a dungeon and a boss is killed, resetting all skills, please switch shadow sin skill toolbar back to decoy mode. They often get stuck in stealth mode, causing problems at the next boss. c) Please fix bug where close shave does not keep opponents staggered. Also please fix the bug where close shave will end you up in front of the enemy instead of behind. Especially when frozen in place. d) Please fix the bug where your teleport
  10. With the new patch, we now also receive notifications about "unbinds available" even if we can't do anything about it. Please give us the option to not see those notifications! (it gets pretty annoying for ocd people) And while you're at it, please also allow us to hide other notifications that may bother us, like mail or such if needed. Thank you!
  11. So with the last patch, lightning sins got nerfed, somewhat substantially. We are no longer able to animation cancel, and so can put out far less lightning rods than we used to, causing our dps to drop, in some cases severely. In return, simple mode has been buffed slightly. However, simple mode does not reflect the standard skills used, especially in soulburn. We can slightly fix this by disabling death from above, but we cannot add things into the simple mode rotation. In light of this, I suggest one of two things. This is under the assumption that the devs do not want to give us back ani
  12. But I love lightning sin! The super stealthy gameplay and fast moment speed are nice :) And I do enjoy the difficulty of the class. Nevertheless, I think it's both far more sensible and also more convenient for the class to have it's damage boost activated by something in stealth so it's both simpler and less people being like "why lightning sin" xD
  13. TL;DR : Please change legendary bracelet skill activation for lightning assassins to be a skill that can be launched from stealth for fairness and lessened dps loss from lightning to shadow. This would be a huge quality of life improvement for lightning assassins and would be greatly appreciated! :) Long version: Lightning assassins are in a hard place. Already a small subset of the population by being an assassin, we're also considered to have the hardest PvE rotation in the game and without proper ping and skill face a huge dps loss when compared to other easier classes and playstyles.
  14. Hey, At the suggestion of the support team, I am placing a possible suggestion for future improvement of blade and soul here. :) TL;DR: it would be awesome to be able to keybind mouse buttons to skills for greater player comfort, utility, and capability. If you can, please allow us to do so! Long version is a follows: Binding mouse buttons to keybinds has several useful benefits. 1) Player comfort of not having to contort left wrist to hit all the skills or perform certain dps rotations. Being able to place the harder to hit buttons in an ergonomic placement just off of the r
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