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  1. It was unrefined bracelet so I exchanged my tranquility emblems for it before the update. And now it says tranquility emblems so I wasted all my tranquility emblems and unrefined bracelet is useless?
  2. I have saved enough Hong tokens on my alt to exchange a unrefined bracelet before the update. Now I finally have enough cores to get the Box. However I cannot find a way to open it with the unrefined bracelet anymore. Can someone help me?
  3. I agree with you on exchanging old cores for new ones. However, I believe top-tier cores (Sovereign Cores) should remain obtainable only from dungeons because they are not bound to account while lower tiers are. Imperial Cores on the other hand is perfectly fine for this change: if the imperial acc (e.g. Gloves) is not BiS, this change makes it faster for players to obtain them; if the imperial acc is BiS (e.g. belt), players need to run the corresponding dungeons 100 times anyway.
  4. In addition to the change of Imperial Gloves, I also would like to see M'ao Gloves added to the Den of the Ancients merchant for 5 or 6 Alpha Emblem.
  5. Unfortunately we didn't get the changes in the recent patch and the new raid is probably months away. I agree that the imperial ring may need to stay as it is but I cannot see any reason not to adjust Imperial Gloves.
  6. I am referring to Psyches from easy mode, namely dungeons up to TSM. Those Psyches are outdated and very few people are running multi on those outdated dungeons to a point that it is impossible to find multi-run groups. This can be especially helpful for alts and new/casual players who would like to give psyches a try but cannot get higher-tier psyches (no-life-players' AP-CritDmg ones and whales' legendary ones). Please consider this suggestion. Thank you.
  7. I have noticed several times that during autofishing sometimes the fishing resulted in failure and then the autofishing stopped. I have wasted multiple nights standing there doing nothing. Does it occur to anybody else? please fix this issue.
  8. I understand it is hard if not impossible to avoid all kinds of bugs or flaws. And even if XML edit is totally banned later or the whole game is encrypted, I still believe most players don't expect a perfect game with no bugs at all. But what's more concern to me is that we have unclear/nontransparent polices against players who abuse/exploit the bugs. NCSoft/NCWest is losing the trust of this community as some if not most of players think NC will be tolerant with whales. All we need is a promise that NCSoft/NCWest: Will (not may, not probably) ban all accounts that ever abused bugs, reg
  9. For Dragon Trader Union Junsorei, Replace Imperial Ring and Imperial Gloves with Wrathbringer Myth Ring Chest - Stage 1 and Skyreach Gloves - Stage 1 respectively. Replace the 100-run achievement with 10-run achievement. Change the number of Imperial Cores required from 250 to 200 or 100. Those were the typical changes to Hellion Accessories when Imperial Accessories were introduced. And when new earrings and belt are introduced same thing should apply to Imperial Earrings and Imperial Belt.
  10. Consider in next patch Skyreach is not BoS anymore and M'ao Gloves does not drop very often (imagine doing this on multi-alts for an non BoS item) yet we still need 2 of them. Please consider add M'ao Gloves to Merchant for like 3 or 5 tokens. Thank you. And if possible make tokens bound to account as well.
  11. As it has been out for quite a long time, please consider reduce the costs of imperial necklace from 25 tokens to 6 like Hong Bracelet. Thanks.
  12. Please consider free exchange from other legendary badge to pink ones (new coming ones). Or at least consider (one old legendary + pink badge) exchange for (pink legendary + whatever left from the old one). Thanks.
  13. I appreciate that 3 new titles with effects came with this patch, may I ask for more? Of course I am not asking for effect on every title but for ones require time/hard-working (e.g. Tycoon, windstrider, farming master) and ones that are memorable (e.g. lauch of B&S title, anniversary events title). Thank you.
  14. First point yes. Second point, as far as I know from CN server, the ring will buff both Dragoncall and Dragon Helix for WL. Now you see what I am confused about?
  15. Now I am really confused... There will still be two types of elementary accs for each class? What is the point to switch elementary accs since the only difference now is for example earth dmg vs. wind dmg but they will both become "elementary dmg"? So no difference at all after 3.13 You may say the new modifier. But from what I have seen in CN server, all elementary accs have two modifier (one for each specialization). So BnS NA/EU is trying to separate them to two types of elementary accs? I am really confused...
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