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  1. Not letting ppl have their account transfered to another region if the changement is real and effective ( = its not a simple caprice or somethong ) is imho very lame. And that doesnt matter if they payed a lot of not, its still ( in somes case ) a lot of invested time.
  2. If you only consider stam interesting in 6v6, just keep stam for the 6v6 and set it infinite for the pve. its honestly just aid and absolutely useless in pve, whatever if its for questing, dungeon etc. there is just not a single added value to have a stamina system tbh.
  3. Apparently you missed the part where i said : a phantom stance with damage "really" reduced, And not necessary aviable h24 for more depending on the resources management ( so yeah aviable far more frequently ) than nearly entierly depending on the reload timer, damage -greatly- reduced but kit become more versatil like with the 2 others and the stealth. I like the idea of the 3rd spec, but the uber damage is imho a bit dumb as it limit greatly how much time to can use it, so his usage frequency, i dont get how they didnt made a more intelligent "balance"
  4. So, i've play since a moment with that 3rd path. its sure very effective once you enable the phantom and spam all skill to have a big burst, but in a way its also a bit desapointing the phantom stance last so little time, meaning you will only use it fto spam all skills, -once- for somes, and go back to the waiting room during the next 40ish sec It has a new resource management which is nice, but at the same time that resource ( twilight stack & phatom mark ) turn to be pretty useless as the time it last vs the reload ( even if twilight strike reduce the reload ) ma
  5. at this point stam is totaly useless. Even if i always considered it as a useless -setting- as dungeons building and maps movement freedom in general + mobs setting never allowed to have game breaking glide usage. And sprinting never allowed to totaly ignore mob agro... So... yeah... I personaly really see no reason to even keep stam in the game.
  6. I really dont understand why that game still has that, or, unless i'am not at that point a purple quest give you infinite stamina. somes maps like moonrefuge have infinite stamina and it work like a charm, and, so far i'am aware doesnt allow you crazy game breaking things, and it wouldnt be different everywhere else. If ppl want skip [whatever], in the worse case, need to waste some time waiting stam regen. In the world, stam neither offer anything interesting beside just spending more time for no particular reason "walking" once we run out.. any changement planed
  7. nvm* just read about the "unleashed" change. But do it mean the bonus from the tiger bracelet will not work as its supposed to be trigger once the continum effect is active ?
  8. nvm just noticed we can get one at moon refuge
  9. Oh thoses that's thoses requiered dungeons to have the +25AP, good to know i would never had the idea to check the achievment thing. got it for the soul shield... hum on my sin i have the Virulent soul shiled ( apparently that's the lastest one from the main quest, but for somes reason i miss 1-2-3 ( that's where i could run Nighfall centurary or Eternal temple to get the missing part ? ) And the preview one was the scarlet shadow.... dont really know where to check for the "generic name"... thanks again for the advise
  10. Hello, so on my KFM i only have the phoenix bracelet, strangely on my 2 others characters i play i have all 3 bracelet, so unless i messed up and deleted the 2 others on my kfm, i might have leveled like last years when her 3rd spec was release and maybe the main quest reward was different and i dont have the 2 others. So, as i finaly dont play the 3rd spec but the wind one, is there an easy way for me to get, at least the tiger bracelet ? ( in the mean time i get the next accessorie set ) thanks
  11. dont worry that's clearly not my first mmo, its just that i will only play BnS to spend the time i want to spend, and progress at the path i will progress without looking to be efficient. But i'am still curious to know what path is interesting to take ^^ Apparently yes it seem that event are interesting to progress, what's the "dawnglory" ? i have the stage9 weapons you get with 35 martial token ( forget the name ) I have no idea what's the " RT / ST and TSM, could you translate that in a profane way ? xD btw, regarding the soul shield, which one should i l
  12. Note i just came back to BnS after a long time not playing, so i'am just at the end of the main story, and didnt really grinded any gear or thoses badges things, its to take into consideration regarding my "opinion" i know its an old post , but do its still worth play something else than the 3rd spec ( for pve ) ? For the 3 class i like to play (BM / SIN / KFM ) the 3rd spec seem just totaly over the top compare to the "old ones", but when it come to the kfm, i dont like that wolf thing transformation, and the wind spec end to be the one i have fun with, is it worth to sti
  13. apparently for the "poison sin" forgot the specialisation name, there is not all RMB-F combo in various situation like it doesnt work when stealth, and doesnt work when using the poison area thing unlocking another skill to combo with RMB. could be nice to have everything
  14. I kinda disagree as the game has now new windows a bit over the place, there is not a single central "menu" to have everything displayed ( like BDO did ) there is no way to click on a item to know where the trader is for exemple ( and there is 3648951 different trader all over the place because the game as 6524 different currency ) And you also have a dragon express. You dont have centralized and handy wait to have a good overview about all the various currency / trader / where they are etc... there is no information on a lot of tool tips, there isnt a central "wik
  15. thanks, well i'am kinda lost still with all the dungeon name, badge and stuff xD, but i will keep that to read. Oh i dont plan to be hardcore grinder, for now its just that i want to play that game for a moment, and just curious about which path to use to still progress as with ~1200 AP i cant really go anywhere as everything have changed "so much" Oh so that's the botting point ? grind to get more AP ? i assume its because you will earn hongmoon level ?
  16. Guess i will now need to do all orange quest and purple ones ( dont remember to have saw thoses one >< ) afk farm ? how do you auto combat oO seems like i missed that and what do it bring you to auto combat ? if you could after be more precise about that I already do 5 daily for now ( 3 dungeons + mushin & moon refuge ), seems like i will need to also start outlaw then ( the entrance is in mushin tower right ? ) No it wasnt me ^^ But thanks for the answer and the tips ! ( well i will go pretty slowly as i at least like to play my BM & SIN
  17. So i finaly finished the main quest with one of the class i play ( so got the gear given by the main quest ), but since everything is new to me, i dont really now where to start and what to "focus" as i'am around 1k2 "power" for the daily i'am limited to 3 dungeons & 2 quest any advise on what to do regarding the progression ? thanks !
  18. Oh i see, never was to the point to get thoses upgrade things always wondered how it work, thanks for the tips. But i only have 10 boodstone fragment, so... i guess i will do nothing with it for now ... ^^ And indeed found the naksun badge, Warrior token, exhange, you get nothing now from it, i just exhanged thoses i had left and deleted the rest that game has became such a mess with all thoses material / currency / exhange oO it could use such a huge clean up & new organisation to make all that more clear
  19. Hello so i didnt played BnS for a pretty long time, just reinstalled it, but in my storage i have a lot of items that might have no use at all anymore since a lot of things have changed so could anyone tell me what should i keep ? or if somes still is worth to keep for.... ( as BnS become pretty messy with all thoses items, all that still might have no use at all but still in the game, and no real clear list / explanation... so.. yeah ) thanks ! So here the list : - faction insignia - essence of blackwyrm - drake core - Hellion core - Lesse
  20. +1 for reverting back, nerfing things just to promote cash shop solution never is and was a good idea. And giving less by requesting to play more for "nothing" will certainly never give incentive, its will just be the opposite, but sure, if you want to motivate your players to not come back to the game, guess go ahead .
  21. its still doesnt change what i've said regarding BnS ( and i know they changed a lot of things to speed up the progression of the early level, i know BnS since a lot of time ^^, i even played on a private RU server before it even was finaly confirmed for the west ) Still, imho the issue with this game compare to most mmo, is the no open world, so even with the full story you never go back to the old map because there is no reasons to, the whole game is build like a SP linear game. back in time you just was running somes old dungeons because of upgrade mat but that's it. m
  22. Guess one of the main BnS issue is that this game, even if offering one of the best combat gameplay i ever played, also offer a pretty too straight foward world... Its not a real open world, many map are tiny and are used only to pass by only for the story,and you end up spending the rest of your life in the multi server thing dungeon queue. And indeed spaming the same dungeon XXXX time for a drop tend to be very quickly annoying that's personaly the main reasons of why i'am not that much into BnS anymore and just playing here and there, despite really loving the class ga
  23. imho BNS always had a very bad optimization when it came to world "streaming" there is so much freeze hip cut, slow down a bit everywhere that's pretty awfull.. ( and i dont even speak when you are with a lot of others players like in mushin, that's insane ) But yeah since that time i started played that game, and now, even with the different gaming computer, the game still pretty [moderated] regarding the performance ( but sure i have way higher framerate in general ) in general = nearly doesnt matter your spec, the issue come from the game / engine itself. I also noticed the
  24. Bonjour, la daily n'est plus présente depuis un bon moment malheureusement. Il serait très plaisant de la voir réactiver, je n'ai pas envie de devoir aller pvp pour, pouvoir avoir la tenue.
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