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  1. Mossphlox, chesnya and Sushi Fu :) lmk if you want my Blade Master's pic xD
  2. This happened too me recently. about 3x. It's probably due to overheating, I checked for viruses, checked all my fans, I even limit the amount of programs I use while playing bns. ever since last weeks maint patch my FPS has been dropped and my laptop has been overheating a lot,. ( this doesn't happen at all when i play other games like TERA, AION, LoL)... T_T
  3. Literally me, I missed out on a run of supply chain because I DCED at loading screen at the portal to enter... sigh
  4. when can we get large bulge sizes for men?
  5. I don't have anything Razer on my win10, atleast not from what I could find and i'm still crashing/dcing alloooooot. -=-
  6. LOl yeah that's whats happening here too. sort of funny. XD
  7. Hellooo! So I tried to edit my profile on the forums ( like the about me section, ect) and the only thing I can update is my signature, it's saying I can't update anything else, here's the error code: Error code: 2C138/3 Maybe It won't let me do anything until the official launch??
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