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  1. I originally played in alpha/beta, and for a long while after that... But I fell out, joined again for Warlock, then got distracted by some stuff in life. I'm back again and really enjoying Gunslinger (and still very much enjoy Warlock). However, I have no friends in the game and a lot has changed since I used to play- I have absolutely no idea what's going on as far as raiding, gear, any of that even goes. I was hoping to join a guild that was fairly equally just social/friendly, but also raid and grind oriented. All the changes are a bit overwhelming alone. I did join a 'social
  2. Don't really care if you're Crimson or Cerulean! I am Cerulean at the moment but can switch. I've been gone from the game since about March, I think. I made a Warlock when it was released, got to 36. Then life, etc etc. I've only just come back in the last few days and am trying to re-learn my rotations, skills, and everything else that's been changed. I'm down for both PvE and PvP, though I have not participated much in PvP before, it seems very fun. That's mainly all I'm looking for- an active guild who is pretty easy going and just likes to have fun. My
  3. I don't think i'll be editing her too much more, if at all. Made her temporarily in-game to test out some of the outfits to make sure body sliders were good too.
  4. Hi Drevas! If you check out my post just a little bit up on this page, there's the info you need to find the RP Community :)
  5. Hi all. To clarify: Yes, Jiwan was voted as our unofficial RP server and it still is, for NA. For EU, it is Ebon Hall. Our website is located at http://bladeandsoulroleplay.enjin.com/ and I welcome you to join us! We have those forums, an on-site chat, as well as a Discord (voice optional). Edit: Oop! Looks like Valtiere beat me to it. Thanks Val!
  6. I know some things in the cash shop are limited time, but I want one or two cosmetic items for a future Warlock. Is it possible for me to buy, say, the Gangplank hair and just leave it in my mail until I can make a warlock, then claim it on the warlock? Or how would I go about doing this? Thank you
  7. There is no officially labeled RP server, but the RP community had a vote on which to use. For NA, unofficial RP server is Jiwan, and there are some RPers on EU, on Ebon Hall. We have a community website if you'd like to hang out sometime. http://bladeandsoulroleplay.enjin.com/
  8. Probably will be implemented for summer.
  9. Hiya! It's Soulmate, just added to the cash shop like.. yesterday I think.
  10. Yes! I'm kind of mad.. It's such a wonderful costume and I want it so badly haha, but I'm a stickler for detail in drawings and that outfit is such a pain in that context ;-;
  11. Thank you both! I appreciate it!
  12. I just noticed the fan section somehow, lol. But I drew my Yun BM a while back. I think sometime during CBT3. I have more pics planned 'cause of commissions, so I'll post more soon. (Sorry it's so big ;-; )
  13. Hello! I wanted to post my Yun... Hopefully I can remake a lookalike as a Jin when Warlock comes out ;n;
  14. Not sure. But if you are on Jiwan I have an extra Lycan Bangle (not Lycandi) I can send you.
  15. You are not able to change gender or race, from what I was informed.
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