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  1. I originally played in alpha/beta, and for a long while after that... But I fell out, joined again for Warlock, then got distracted by some stuff in life. I'm back again and really enjoying Gunslinger (and still very much enjoy Warlock). However, I have no friends in the game and a lot has changed since I used to play- I have absolutely no idea what's going on as far as raiding, gear, any of that even goes. I was hoping to join a guild that was fairly equally just social/friendly, but also raid and grind oriented. All the changes are a bit overwhelming alone. I did join a 'social clan' from the new menu, but nobody talks in any of them. IGN GuroCurls
  2. Don't really care if you're Crimson or Cerulean! I am Cerulean at the moment but can switch. I've been gone from the game since about March, I think. I made a Warlock when it was released, got to 36. Then life, etc etc. I've only just come back in the last few days and am trying to re-learn my rotations, skills, and everything else that's been changed. I'm down for both PvE and PvP, though I have not participated much in PvP before, it seems very fun. That's mainly all I'm looking for- an active guild who is pretty easy going and just likes to have fun. My character name is Hiimemiiya, overall account name is Niyau.
  3. I don't think i'll be editing her too much more, if at all. Made her temporarily in-game to test out some of the outfits to make sure body sliders were good too.
  4. Every single time I switch maps or in some way encounter a loading screen, about halfway through loading I get a "Disconnected from Server" error. I know the server itself hasn't crashed (Jiwan), because everyone else I know doesn't seem to be disconnecting. I realize there probably is no fix just yet or anything since everything is just now going live, but I wanted to report it regardless.
  5. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    Hi Drevas! If you check out my post just a little bit up on this page, there's the info you need to find the RP Community :)
  6. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    Hi all. To clarify: Yes, Jiwan was voted as our unofficial RP server and it still is, for NA. For EU, it is Ebon Hall. Our website is located at http://bladeandsoulroleplay.enjin.com/ and I welcome you to join us! We have those forums, an on-site chat, as well as a Discord (voice optional). Edit: Oop! Looks like Valtiere beat me to it. Thanks Val!
  7. I know some things in the cash shop are limited time, but I want one or two cosmetic items for a future Warlock. Is it possible for me to buy, say, the Gangplank hair and just leave it in my mail until I can make a warlock, then claim it on the warlock? Or how would I go about doing this? Thank you
  8. Which are the PvP/PvE/RP servers?

    There is no officially labeled RP server, but the RP community had a vote on which to use. For NA, unofficial RP server is Jiwan, and there are some RPers on EU, on Ebon Hall. We have a community website if you'd like to hang out sometime. http://bladeandsoulroleplay.enjin.com/
  9. Release Cobalt Captain

    Probably will be implemented for summer.
  10. I just noticed the fan section somehow, lol. But I drew my Yun BM a while back. I think sometime during CBT3. I have more pics planned 'cause of commissions, so I'll post more soon. (Sorry it's so big ;-; )
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Hiya! It's Soulmate, just added to the cash shop like.. yesterday I think.
  12. Yes! I'm kind of mad.. It's such a wonderful costume and I want it so badly haha, but I'm a stickler for detail in drawings and that outfit is such a pain in that context ;-;
  13. Thank you both! I appreciate it!
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Hello! I wanted to post my Yun... Hopefully I can remake a lookalike as a Jin when Warlock comes out ;n;
  15. Help with Lycan Bangle

    Not sure. But if you are on Jiwan I have an extra Lycan Bangle (not Lycandi) I can send you.
  16. Appearance change voucher.

    You are not able to change gender or race, from what I was informed.
  17. Someone was telling me that the difference in story is massively different. I don't know Korean, so I don't know any of that and I was just curious about it. They told me that in the KR version we are actually the bad guy and that the mark of the black rose was something Hongmoon put on us to "keep us in check" and that we're experiencing some sort of weird path of the Sith Lord thing. I don't mind spoilers. But I'd really like to know. Thank you!
  18. For Treefellers, the location of the Cedar Sap in Lycandi Foothills is incorrect. It says it is located south of Lilystalk, but it is West, just across the bridge.
  19. costumes. we need costumes.

    The game's been out for like a week and we have 5 years of content to catch up on. Just be a bit more patient, we'll have plenty of them soon enough. A good chunk of them are seasonal too (IE: Swimsuits for summer).
  20. Is there much rping?

    There's been some RP but most of our users on the RP site have been just leveling and figuring out their characters now that they have a chance to get a better grasp on the lore and all that. I'm pretty sure it'll pick up soon. Best bet would be to join our website and our discord, we usually announce and ask one another there. :D Happy trails!
  21. They do it already with the current limitations. I don't really see how it'd be any different. Block the spammers if they bother you.
  22. Yes, please, for the love of god.
  23. You don't actually get the quest until a certain point, I can't recall what level. Mid to late 20s iirc. There are two quests. The first one requires the Dragon Bone Inscription which drops from the Golden Deva Wheel. The quest that comes after that requires a Serpent Calling Bell, which can drop from literally any mob on any Cinderlands map.
  24. Outfit location question.

    It is called Red Flower. The details on it never mentioned how to get it though, so I'm not sure if it'll be cash shop or something else.
  25. Outfit location question.

    The one in the cash shop is http://bns-fashion.com/blue-porcelain/ Blue Porcelain. The one from OP's link is actually a different one called http://bns-fashion.com/blue-bird/ Blue Bird. It was in the cash shop during Beta but taken out for launch, so chances are it'll be in there in the future. Just have to wait for it to be rotated in.