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  1. Mossphlox, chesnya and Sushi Fu :) lmk if you want my Blade Master's pic xD
  2. This happened too me recently. about 3x. It's probably due to overheating, I checked for viruses, checked all my fans, I even limit the amount of programs I use while playing bns. ever since last weeks maint patch my FPS has been dropped and my laptop has been overheating a lot,. ( this doesn't happen at all when i play other games like TERA, AION, LoL)... T_T
  3. hunty boo boo, you will be missing out on maybe 4 ish soulstones if you don't do the PVP ones, legit MOST of the faction quests are PVE , and if you can't handle 1 opposite faction while on your way to soulstone gathering then you need to stick to Pokemon... PLEASE stop whining.
  4. The game is actually not even bad, the graphics are far better than most MMO's. also, it's mostly because they don't take the time to actually do the PVE/PVP content properly, and do it half-assed like most of their reviews so they don't get the whole picture, BnS is by far one of the best MMOs released in the west.
  5. I had to use about 30 gold total to get past 2 of the awakenings on my staff, needed 2 stones, and 4 gold total ( the cost of awakening) stones prices varied. I should have gotten into soul wardens earlier! lol
  6. IT's kinda always been about that, OW is just an EXTRA, you never really see a lot of OW pvp videos for BnS it's mostly arenas.
  7. This is exactly how it is on Soha .. crimson are like termites.
  8. Literally me, I missed out on a run of supply chain because I DCED at loading screen at the portal to enter... sigh
  9. This is still the 1st week it's been officially launched for all players. give them a chance. omg
  10. Archage also is in debt so have fun on that game before servers shut down . bbyeeeee Why the heck are you sooo mad LOL
  11. I'm lvl 30 and um pvp isn't broken? not even arena's ... maybe you're just bad LOL plus new content is coming and a new class is released to NA/EU so like what kind of salt u on? Sea salt or iodine?
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