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  1. Hall of Ogong rip

    omg i didnt know that
  2. FPS issues after wed. maint.

    Sigh.. yeah... this is exactly what happened about a month ago when everyone whined about fps drop.. hopefully they do somethign about it..
  3. Hall of Ogong rip

    my luck.. 1st time even doing this dungeon i happen to get the box right below the portal.... kms sigh.......... not doing this dungeon again it was easy but still...
  4. Sooooo before the update today my fps was perfectly fine, now it's literally unbearable.. i can't even turn my camera without my client freezing... might go back to aion until this resolves.....
  5. Is the server having hiccubs again? xD

    check your internet o. o
  6. I'd buy 1 yr membership if they did this, just to reward them. like honestly we need this.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Mossphlox, chesnya and Sushi Fu :) lmk if you want my Blade Master's pic xD

    I'm just commenting this: I didn't read anything not even the 1st word, Saw all that and was like nah. but im 100% sure it's something to do on how incompetent you are. WHO KNOWS
  9. Allow us to turn off IP Confirmation

    and i'll give you a moment to cry more, I read them, not my problem you use that.
  10. Summoner in new patch

    hello from the otter siiiiiiiideee
  11. Wth is wrong with you ??? Are you that incompetent????????????????? Please leave and never come back. JESUS CHRIST you sound like a customer who's trying to get 200 dollars worth of grocery's free because the BLOODY RECEIPT PRINTER RAN OUT OF INK. PLS LEAVE GOD.
  12. Allow us to turn off IP Confirmation

    uh what. Just press " save my I.P" when you login, i've only had to do this like 4 x total over 3yrs from AION to BnS
  13. People with bad ping

    All ya'll are salt af. you all need the lort, leaving bad reviews on many websites because your ISP is crap is stupid and you should uninstall and leave. bye
  14. FPS

    I use to only have a problem with BW now I have an issue with any major boss in PVE instances i.g Poharan, or mystery man T_T it's terrible. I freeze now.