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Patch just now (10pm EST 1/16/16) prevents logging into game


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3 minutes ago, Archaegeo said:

In my folder the only thing updated on 1/16 was Game Guard....


The only files that were modified with this most recent patch were:

  • local.cfg
  • Client.exe
  • aegise2.ncl
  • aegisp0.ncl
  • Version.cfg


EDIT: There actually were 2 GG files changed, npgl.erl and npgm.erl, however I still believe the issue is the client. Doesn't matter anyway, because I can't do anything about it.


I can say with a 99% guarantee the issue isn't with Gameguard itself -- it's a communication issue between the client and Gameguard. In any case they'll get it worked out soon I'm sure. 

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1 minute ago, KiraShadow said:

SO do we have favorite toons yet ?

My Destroyer is amazingly fun. I like playing warriors who can pull off fast combos and at first I thought Destroyers would be pretty sluggish compared to other classes and that would be their downfall, I was completely wrong.


My favorite thing to do is grab random mobs and bring them to people as a present, that or when there is a boss I can pick it up and run away from everyone with it on my back lol.

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Same here for me. So guess just got to wait. Happened to ArcheAge when they did some patches and the game just started under background while I waited patiently for it to actually launched but no luck.

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2 minutes ago, NomadMorlock said:

Tried the Kung Fu Master.  The block time was so short and so many mobs attack at different speeds, it was just too annoying.  Re-rolled a Blade Master as I need to be able to tank.

Gotta use the elbow smash, you can counter and attack at the same time

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16 minutes ago, Syrrius said:



I've been playing this since Alpha and this is the first time this has happened. I would say be patient and let them work it out. Obviously it's an authentication issue, and will be rectified asap. I'm currently in game and I have a friend who wanted to join us, bought the pack and is having the same issue as everyone else. If  you're in game, don't log out, otherwise they'll have it fixed in a bit. Staying logged in for the rest of the night. Good night everyone, and I hope it's resolved soon. Other than this, it's been an amazing experience with the game so far.



I hope your game crashes. Going afk and holding up slots others can take.

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Welp , I just came out of a 6hours queue from Mushin. Game got stuck in the loading screen after the queue was over. Result I had to close the game. Now with this, I have to wait for the fix and probably another 6hour queue after that. RIP! xD

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9 minutes ago, Leo422 said:

Absolutely. We paid for head start not for their issues.

Oh please youre acting like a entitled brat. If youre a veteran to MMO's youll know by now that issues with launches happen, they happen ALL the time. Every single game has had their share of issues on launch. If youre new to MMO's, well, now ya know.

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