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  1. And please note that in Decembers top 500 in KR, summoner is the 2nd least played class (FM is least). Also in last years Worlds, 0 summoners in final 16. Summoners have a lot of abilities early, compared to other classes that need to be 45, so this lets them seem to be OP in the silver ranks when you often go up against other folks not yet at 45. Get to the upper gold and above, summoner becomes a totally different story.
  2. Glad it helps, esp with MWT prices down to 6g
  3. I refuse to play KFM because I flat out know I am not good enough for the class. Know your limits and work around them I say.
  4. Umm, don't pick up everything, or salvage everything, shrug.
  5. You can make 11g a day off the cash rewards alone from dailies. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eIPgnqdXrTcZptpLxXAqulNkNndlrc7EyPbTbrkrGXM/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true
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