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  1. A number of summoners are going away from using X to get 5 sec of iframes now and instead spec it for the 20% of pets health heal.
  2. For open world pvp it could be considered P2W
  3. I really shoulda made the topic "Currency Exchange - Not Pay To Win, but def Pay To Max Equipment" Cause people have been able to buy dragon soups all along (200% combat xp), but now you can buy gold with nccoins and max out your pve gear
  4. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    Well, now you can sell nccoin for gold via currency exchange, so gold is no longer an issue.
  5. Note: Nowhere did I say this new feature is a bad thing. Its not PTW in the arena, just in open world pve/pvp you can pay to have max gear
  6. Other MMOs stores are cosmetic or maybe some xp boosters This allows you to have max gear on your char almost instantly. <shrug>
  7. So they put in the currency exchange now. And while you cant insta level to 45, you can now buy all the soulstones, moonwater transformation stones, etc you need now. So its not pay to win, but once 45, no reason you can have maxed out gear if your wallet will support. Luckily that doesn't matter in arena, but wow.
  8. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    You know you can make 20g a day right now without trying hard (soulstone sales and some dailies)
  9. yes summoners respect, at least high gold+ do or they lose a lot. And they cant heal if their cat is dead, and if they are healing their cat, they cant damage you, and if cat is crouching, it isn't being healed unless you hit it.
  10. I know some will say its OP this or OP that, but often those same people don't even consider having more than one build and swapping based on melee or ranged or summoner or destroyer, etc. You can even have multiple builds prebuilt in your book (up to 4 right now) though you have to get that store training book item.
  11. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    BM's are hard at the current level and available skills, they need 50 and their level 50 hongmoon block skill. Its why there is 1 in the top 50 of NA and 4 in EU.
  12. Best PvP class now and at 50?

    Summoners are easy at the start in bronze and silver, then get to gold and realize they actually have to learn their class and learn to play. That's where you lose a lot of the FOTM rerollers.
  13. Hacking in 3v3 PVP?

    NCSoft is not the developer of the game. They are the distributor. Yes KR should be fixing the game, but never put fixes on NCSoft, they have 0 capability to change game mechanics other than requesting that KR take action.
  14. Nerf Summoners FOR GOD SAKE!

    He means nerf us in pvp. Summoners were nerfed HARD in pve. (Well, KR calls it "fixes" for the cat taunt and the doom and bloom heal)
  15. Nerf Summoners FOR GOD SAKE!

    Side note to your threads topic - God doesn't care.