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  1. in a few weeks NCsoft will release the new "NC-Store" coupon, for $20-$30 this coupon will give you access to the new NC-Store that will allow you to get N-coins and other purchase in 6 hours instead of the 12 hours currently. So get your wallets ready !!! With the new "NC-Store" coupon all your NCsoft games will appear to be made after the year 2010.
  2. In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Nerf" coupon, for $60-$70 this coupon will place a counter on a particular class, when said class receives 1000 tickets a nerf will be applied to the class for the entire region. Show how you feel about class imbalances and strike down the classes you cannot compete well against !
  3. In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Shared Wardrobe" coupon, for $30-$40 this coupon will allow you to attach another character on your account to a shared wardrobe. 1 Coupon per character attached. So 3 characters will require 2 coupons. I cannot wait for this !!!! So excited to spend more money.
  4. Not really a criticism, but you might want to edit yer title and include the word Spoiler.
  5. Agree with you 100% Too bad NCsoft is acting like amateurs.
  6. HUH ? ? ? ? ? ? Umm there are bots all over the place beyond level 10, the chat spam will be exactly the same as it is now. If i am wrong i will make a video of sucking a lemon and post it.
  7. Huh ???? Did you even read what i said in the OP ? How can i communicate in FACTION when nothing can be read over the chat spam... Please read the entire post before you reply.
  8. I kid you not, 2 days ago the spammers hit faction chat with a vengeance, i filled my block list, and decided all those in it were over a week old. So i unblocked all of them.... i then proceeded to block/report all the new faction chat spammers.... I said Eff this after i got to 36 spammers and the chat was still filled with spam.
  9. So umm not sure how this does not get added with the 2 other anti-spammer initiatives. Does the player community need to color you pictures with rainbows on how bad the idea of only allowing 50 blocks is ? In fact this should have been implemented prior to those other 2 (chat level limit and reporting level restriction). Your band-aids are too small for the massive hemorrhage that is the gold seller spam. Maybe go ask Arena-Net how they are doing such a better job at containing this ? They do have the same Publisher right ? I mean sure an occasional goldseller gets
  10. Edit UI and move it to a less obstructive place. That's what i did. I think it is Shift+F1.... might be wrong on that shortcut.
  11. Umm seriously, making any character on the most populated server is just absolutely NUTS ! I am on a smaller server, well it was til F2P, and i am telling you the mobs for questing are harder then crap to get because of the population... Just makes ZERO sense to want to be on the heavy pop server.
  12. Umm i really hope no one is making new characters on Windrest or Mushin.... nice Faq though...
  13. Hime you have a neat one, why cant we add or change ours ???? There a reason for this ? Just an oversight ? Will be added in the future ?
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