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  1. Changing Forum Avatar ??

    Hime you have a neat one, why cant we add or change ours ???? There a reason for this ? Just an oversight ? Will be added in the future ?

    So umm not sure how this does not get added with the 2 other anti-spammer initiatives. Does the player community need to color you pictures with rainbows on how bad the idea of only allowing 50 blocks is ? In fact this should have been implemented prior to those other 2 (chat level limit and reporting level restriction). Your band-aids are too small for the massive hemorrhage that is the gold seller spam. Maybe go ask Arena-Net how they are doing such a better job at containing this ? They do have the same Publisher right ? I mean sure an occasional goldseller gets through but it is very small amount compared the the non-stop cesspool of spam the chats have all turned into. Please continue to give us better tools to combat this epidemic of ass-hattery. 20 days until Black Desert Online Beta2 hits, i need to decide which game i prefer, if this game fixes this horrible spam issue then i am fully determined to support it.
  3. Ncoin 12 Hours?

    in a few weeks NCsoft will release the new "NC-Store" coupon, for $20-$30 this coupon will give you access to the new NC-Store that will allow you to get N-coins and other purchase in 6 hours instead of the 12 hours currently. So get your wallets ready !!! With the new "NC-Store" coupon all your NCsoft games will appear to be made after the year 2010.
  4. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Nerf" coupon, for $60-$70 this coupon will place a counter on a particular class, when said class receives 1000 tickets a nerf will be applied to the class for the entire region. Show how you feel about class imbalances and strike down the classes you cannot compete well against !
  5. Whining too much, NCSOFT; money?

    In a few weeks White Knights will be able to purchase a new "White Knight" costume, for $60-$70 the knighted player can wear a fashion statement showing off their ability to be a "Champion of NCsoft" Player must have 100+ posts on the forums supporting NCsoft in order to qualify for the purchase of the "White Knight" costume.
  6. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    So true. And so sad. I truly had high hopes for this game in the first week.... but umm it has taken a really bad turn for the worse.
  7. WARDROBE (isnt Bind On Account?)

    In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Shared Wardrobe" coupon, for $30-$40 this coupon will allow you to attach another character on your account to a shared wardrobe. 1 Coupon per character attached. So 3 characters will require 2 coupons. I cannot wait for this !!!! So excited to spend more money.
  8. This game is actually pretty good

    In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Talk to a support person" coupon, for only $20-$30 this coupon will allow you to send one message to a support person and the support person will reply with information you might want. I think there was a disclaimer about weather those replies will be automated or not... did not read the fine print.
  9. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    The V-day outfit will go for $40-$50 in a new V-day "Gift Box" you buy the box and have a rare chance to get the exclusive V-day outfit. I cannot wait to spend more money !!!! WOOOHOOOO !!!!!
  10. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    So ? Go buy them on the Hongmoon store then. . .
  11. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Umm you forgot that they sell "Keys" that give you what your class needs from a chest. Pay close attention to the word SELL. RNG will never leave when it comes to getting class specific items that are required to progress in the game.
  12. Bought Character alteration

    Yes just like on FoxNews when they take quotes out of context the person they are quoting can look foolish. but hehe sex is hilarious.
  13. Like they are not already planning crap like this, at least you know i am being sarcastic.... other threads people think its a real thing... which is sad considering how this has become so common they accept it. LOL even you did above ;) But i won't think bad on you, the game was great fun until NCsoft showed there true colors.
  14. Bought Character alteration

    In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "Refund" coupon, for $10-$20 you can purchase this coupon to get a refund for the race change coupon, transgender coupon, or appearance coupons. One refund coupon per refunded coupon.
  15. In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "When were they on last" coupon, this along with the "Clan enhancement pack" will be available in the Hongmoon store, each for $20-$30. SO EXCITED !!!
  16. Bought Character alteration

    Just wait, in a few weeks they will release the race change coupon, you will be able to use that along with the transgender coupon and the appearance coupon to completely alter your character, but they will all be sold separately and to do a complete change all three will be needed. Pretty sure the coupons will only be like $20-$30 each, so yeah that's a super bargain ! I am so excited about this.
  17. LOL look up how you can get fabric in this game...Now that is a cash grab if i ever saw one.
  18. Probably deleted, it was going to ruin the release of the "Clan Enhancement" coupon.
  19. Umm in a few weeks they will release a "Clan Enhancement" coupon that you can buy in the Hongmoon store. It will include all the basic guild management tools most other games give you for free. Isn't that exciting ? I cannot wait.
  20. Pretty sure if they can monetize it, they will. This is getting worse then Allods Online.
  21. Bought Character alteration

    Umm in a few weeks they will probably offer a Hongmoon sex change item. So just hold onto that appearance change item you will need it when they bring out the transgender coupon. Just wait for it and you can pay for anything eventually in this game, isn't that great ?
  22. Just to clarify it is level 15+ that you get the 7 day wait. I bet in a few weeks there will be a Hongmoon store item you can buy to skip the 7 day wait. Just you wait.
  23. I would go buy a Black desert Online starters pack for $30 Then you will have a game you won't feel ripped off in.
  24. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Was it ? No i am serious was it really said they won't release RNG boxes ? To be honest i pre-purchased B&S when they first release the founders packs... then i kinda forgot about the game till a few days before early access.
  25. NCsoft, you are ruining the economy.

    Well as i have stated over and over, this release is a flat out cash grab in attempt to fleece as much money as they can before all the 2016 releases come. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2016/01/26/2016-video-game-release-schedule.aspx Umm lets not even dwell on the MMOs that are coming this year... just can't imagine players will linger here with the amount of flat out ambivalence the devs have towards the players.